Happy 5K– “results”

Remember that virtual Happy 5K race that I signed up for back in March?

Well, I have “completed” it. Smile


Why the quotations around “completed” you ask?

Well, I am still working on it. . .

I decided to use the race as a way to push myself to work on increasing speed while doing my short 30 minute runs during the week.

Sidebar: I usually run longer on the weekends because there is just more time to get it in. Luckily I have an awesome husband who knows how important running is to me and lets me get in a 30 min run on Tuesday and Thursday in between getting Luke home and dinnertime.

I did really well, doing a 5K twice per week since the day I signed up and increasing my speed each time. My runs were all done on the treadmill so it was pretty easy just to push the up arrow a little more each time.

And then I went to WY. I kept running while on vacation – every day putting in 5 miles in fact, but with the altitude my speed was just gone. . . And then, I came back and instead of being way easier getting back to flat MN, I found myself struggling to run as fast as I was before the trip. So, I took a step back and I have been slowly getting my speed back up there again. So, while yes, I have this nice sparkly medal hanging on my medal holder now


. . . and some cute pink shoelaces to show for doing the race,


am I going to stop? Nope.

I am going to keep working on increasing my speed during my weeknight runs. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I plan to take Luke out in the jogging stroller more. There is a nice 5K loop around the local university here that is perfect for a quick 30 minute or less run before dinner.

I don’t know what my ultimate time goal is. . . and I am not even sure what I am capable of. I just know that I haven’t reached it yet!

Remember the race tag line – “Have a purpose. Push yourself.”

And I am going to keep trying. . . because it makes me happy. And isn’t that what it’s all about??? Smile

Do you do speed work?


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16 Responses to Happy 5K– “results”

  1. I love your medal holder! I usually do a tempo run once a week but haven’t for the past few months while I was marathon training (ran my marathon 2 days ago!) so I look forward to doing that again =)
    Anna recently posted..THREE TANGENT TUESDAYMy Profile

  2. good for you. altitude changes are tough.
    kendra @ kennygump recently posted..i can’t believe it!My Profile

  3. Altitude changes are the worst. When I worked out in Utah over Christmas break, I thought I was having a heart attack/lost all of my athletic ability overnight. My brother-in-law so kindly reminded me that it was most likely the lack of oxygen at that altitude 😉 I’m trying to improve my speed too but don’t really know how. Do you do interval/speed runs?
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..2013 Kentucky OaksMy Profile

    • KT

      I don’t do a whole lot of interval runs. . . sometimes to mix it up. That would probably be a good way to mix up my weeknight runs too!

  4. Congrats on your Happy 5K finish, especially on the treadmill. Running fast on the dreadmill just plain hurts! Now that it’s warm enough, I love to do my speedwork at the local track. I’m trying to go every week. I love how efficient track workouts can be. You can get in a decent amount of miles and the time just flies.
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..The Liebster AwardMy Profile

  5. I think that’s such a great idea! I love your medal holder too, so cute! I need to keep working on speed…maybe focusing on just 3 miles would be easier.
    Sharsti@theblondehairblueeyedrunner recently posted..PRO Compression Giveaway!!My Profile

  6. I love your medal holder! Did you make it yourself? I never knew what to do with my medals…I think I will go to the craft store this weekend and make myself a medal holder.

    I’m just getting back into running. I’ll check in and see how your 5K runs are coming along. Love the tag line “Have a purpose. Push yourself.”
    Marnie @ supersmartmama recently posted..Happy Dance: First Run in DenverMy Profile

  7. I used to avoid speedwork but now I love it! I love tempo runs and I also do Yasso 800s. What are your favorite workouts?

    • KT

      What are Yasso 800s? They sound tough. I love a good run and I also really enjoy teaching body pump!!

  8. Here’s a link: http://www.runnersworld.com/race-training/yasso-800s

    Essentially you do 800s at marathon goal time (i.e., if you are going for 3:40 your half is 3:40 with 3:40 in between). I started them a year-ish a go and think they are a great workout. I am all about routine though!