Hello from Colorado!

Yesterday, after working all day long, Scott and I headed out on our week-long road trip.

heading out!

Dinner! Trail mix with raisins, m&ms, cashews and peanuts. YUM. 🙂

Just missed the "Welcome to Iowa" sign

flat Iowa. . .

pretty sunset and me!

chocolate on the pillow at the Omaha Marriott

We made it to Omaha last night about 10pm. We pretty much  headed to bed to get ready for our long drive to Denver today.

good way to start the day = caramel macchiato

road trip day #2!

yummy snack while Scott cleans the windshield


11 hours to get to green grass. . .

our day was filled with lots of cows

more cows. . .

Scott taking a picture of the rumble strips (he is a traffic engineer but still. . . )

getting ready for lunch

yummy turkey and pepper-jack cheese sandwich, made in the car!

my sandwich - the same turkey and pepper-jack


Beautiful day for a drive!

car snacks

pile of clothes that keeps growing the further south we drive

using my Colorado book from my last trip to Denver!

7 hours later. . . Denver! and Mountains!

1st view of the Rocky Mountains!

Getting closer. . .

Mountains!!! Can you tell I am from flat Southern MN?!?

the view from our hotel room

Now we are headed out to downtown Denver to wander around “LoDo” (lower downtown Denver) and eat dinner at the Denver Chophouse and brewery! Hope you are having a great week. 🙂


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