How I learn BODYPUMP

So, you guys know about my love for BODYPUMP, right?

And how I became an instructor about 1 1/2 years ago?

And, you may or may not know, BODYPUMP is a Les Mills class that has specific choreography and moves with it’s own music.

And they have new releases that come out every 3 months. So, every 3 months, I get an exciting package in the mail with a new BODYPUMP DVD + music.


And then, I have to learn everything on that DVD and get ready to teach my class. And so today, I wanted to share with you the steps that I do to learn new choreography every 3 months. . .

#1. Listen to the music. Like all the time. In the car, on my runs, hanging around the house.

#2. Do the DVD Master Class. ‘’


#3. Do it again.

#4. Listen to the music and review the choreography. x 10 (I love to run on the treadmill while reviewing choreography –> BP music is great to run to AND it is easy to look at the choreography while running.)


#5. Do the master class again.

#6. Prepare notes for class.


At the YMCA where I work, we are allowed to use sheets on the floor in front of us to help in case we have a mental break. I know not all clubs will allow you to do that. ..  otherwise, I would keep the notes book by my music and take a quick glance at it before each track.

#7. Practice. I teach the class (by myself) using my notes and my music. Figure out which counts I am still having a problem with.  .  . sometimes watch/do the master class DVD again to help work through those trouble spots.

#8. Final class run through.

#9. Teach.

#10. Teach again. I usually teach the new release at least a few times in a row so I really get comfortable with the music, timing and teaching.


And then, start again when the new music comes again in 3 months! Smile


Want more BODYPUMP posts? Check out my BP page!!

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8 Responses to How I learn BODYPUMP

  1. Tracy

    The music is great! After doing a release for awhile, I’m so addicted to the music that I add it to my running Playlist on my Ipod.

  2. BodyPump is the next certification I want to teach. My only issue is I get really bored doing the same thing over and over, so I don’t know if I could teach it more than once a week, but it’s such a great certification to have because everyone loves the class and you can only sub it if you’re certified!
    Monique @ Burpees to Bubbly recently posted..A Summer Cantaloupe Salsa RecipeMy Profile

  3. Chris

    Body Pump is such a great workout…always 800 reps guaranteed. Fun music, different tempos = hitting all the muscles! Can’t wait to release 91 this fall!

  4. i absolutely love bodypump! i am totally addicted to the class, the music and the moves. Learning the routine must be tricky – i am happy to be part of the class, getting told what to do when 🙂

  5. Everyone I know who does Body pump loves it! I think they have it at my gym, but never at a time I can go. I think I’d work way harder on my lifting if I were in a class setting!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..Life with Captain the kittenMy Profile

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