How to get stronger in BODYPUMP

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday. I am guest posting on Daily Cup of Kate about BODYPUMP today. . .. the basics, your first class and what to expect.

But, if you have been doing BODYPUMP for a while. . . you might be wondering, now what? How do I increase my strength and continue to challenge myself in my 60 minute BODYPUMP class.


And that’s what today’s post is about – exactly how to get stronger in ‘pump.

And it’s pretty simple –>

add more weight.

duh, right?

well, it really is that easy.

you know those little 1kg weights? add those. Winking smile


Ok, but seriously, let’s break down on exactly how to increase your weights. . .

1. ask your instructor for  help. that person who teaches bodypump for you has been specially trained. and they can be a wealth of knowledge for you. also, if I know that someone is trying to add more weight, I am going to pay specific attention to their weight selection and form during class (of course, I watch everyone’s form during class), but if I know you are trying to get stronger and better and are open to critique and help. I am going to give it you! So ask!!


2. don’t do too many tracks at one time. So, you decide, yup, I want to increase my weights. Now what? Pick 1 or 2 tracks to focus on increasing. Say squats and biceps. Increase those. But. . .

3. Either don’t change or back off on other tracks. If you are really pushing yourself on squats, you probably don’t want to go hard core on the next track (chest), so either stick with your normal weight, or if you are really tuckered out, go a little bit lighter. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your strength in chest just from going down in weight for a class or two. . .


4. Ok, so you increased your weight in the squat track and now it’s the middle of the song and you are dying. . . it’s ok to use the break in the middle of the track to take off that extra weight. You are now stronger than when you started that track because you used a heavier weight for at least part of the song. Good for you. Now, in the next class, see if you can squat that heavier weight for even farther into the song. Remember, it’s always form first. So, if you feel you are really struggling and your form is suffering, drop that weight. And try again next time. Slowly you will get stronger and be able to squat the heavier weight through the whole song.

5. You added more weight, got thru the song, had awesome form, now what? Add more weight to another track – maybe chest or back. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Until you have added weight to the whole workout. Then, start again. That is the awesome thing about bodypump, the workout is 100% customizable depending on what weight selection you put on the bar and you can always be pushing yourself to the next level.


Be strong my friends. Smile


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14 Responses to How to get stronger in BODYPUMP

  1. As a newbie Body Pumper, this post is so helpful!! I’ll be saving this for when I feel I can actually increase my weights 🙂

  2. Man, I wish my gym would offer body pump so I could take it. I’m really bad about increasing my weights in my normal workouts, so I’m guessing I should push myself a little more!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..Taco salad and a pumpkin spice latteMy Profile

  3. The first time I went into a bodypump class I was intimidated because I didn’t know how to set up anything and the moment I stepped inside everyone was taking equipment! I kind of followed along like I knew what I was doing; so if you’re new to body pump I suggest going early and going with a friend that knows what she’s doing.
    Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy recently posted..September Wrap Down & August Wrap UpMy Profile

    • KT

      I 100% agree – my guest post on Daily Cup of Kate is ALL about that first class and those two tips are included!!

  4. Fiona

    Love this post! Last year I really wanted to try to up my weights but found doing the whole class at a higher weight was too much. I talked to my instructor and she said try two body parts a class. So Mondays I started upping my weights for chest and shoulders, Wednesday biceps and triceps and then Friday (depending on how I was feeling-legs!! ) This was so helpful and now I’m working on increasing weights in one more track each class! I have noticed a huge difference in my strength even three classes in!

    It can take time to see changes but it’s worth it!

    Great post!

  5. Interesting approach on adding on weight! I don’t do BP consistently enough, but luckily I lift enough and can usually gauge how much I should be lifting based off of that.
    Monique @ Burpees to Bubbly recently posted..Weekending: Moving, moving & more movingMy Profile

  6. Ok ok, I think I am going to need to try a class 🙂 I read both posts today and am interested!
    Christina recently posted..The Doing and The DonutMy Profile

  7. Great tips! I agree with making sure not to add too much weight to too many tracks at once…that is like setting yourself up for failure (in a bad way)! And yes, everyone who is new, TALK TO THE instructor first!! It helps calms nerves. So many new people have told me that–it calms them down when they actually get to talk to the instructor and recognize we’re all on the same team <3

    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..PUMA Fitness {Performance & Fashion Comfort}My Profile

  8. Thank you for posting this! I’ve been doing Body Pump for 2 years now, and I always know when certain tracks are getting a little too easy. I think it’s time to go up again soon… (but I don’t waaaannnaaaaa) 😉
    Emily @ Sweets and Beets recently posted..WIAW – Mucho Meal PrepMy Profile