I did it!

I ate breakfast!

A good and yummy one too. 🙂

I had some leftover cooked barley in the fridge, I mixed that with granola (the best EVER from the Mankato farmer’s market – which BTW I am so happy is starting again this weekend!) and some Justin’s Nut Butter – Almond Maple.


Now, I am at work and my tummy is full and happy. And I made my own latte at home – saving $$ by not going to Caribou AGAIN! Don’t get me wrong, of course I l-o-v-e Caribou, but it can get pretty expensive so it can’t be an every day occurrence.

I realized while I was eating breakfast this morning that I almost always get to work early to catch up on paperwork, read blogs, and have a few minutes of silence before the busy day starts = perfect time to eat breakfast. I just have to do some planning in the morning/evening to figure out what to bring with me!

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