Mom’s need to be creative sometimes. . .

I had my first challenge with this last week.

Luke started using his jumparoo.


Unfortunately, it can only hang on trim over a door. So, we put it in the doorway from the entry off the garage into the kitchen. Nice idea, right? – he can hang in there while I make dinner or do stuff around the kitchen. . . Yup, it was, until I realized the door frame is too narrow and when he gets excited and whips himself around, he is really good at smacking his little head on the side of the door frame! So, I needed to figure out what I could put on the door frame at the level of his head that he could hit and not get hurt! And something that wasn’t too permanent and wouldn’t leave any marks. So, I wandered around the house trying to come up with something. . .

And something I did!


Diapers! The sticky tabs are perfect to stick to the trim and perfect amount of padding for his little head!


And now we are all smiles! Smile 


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