Just what I needed

It was Wednesday night after work.  .. I was on my way to pick up Luke from daycare. I had just had a pretty challenging and tiring day at work. I was looking forward to getting home and getting my run on for some much needed stress relief.

But first, I had to get Luke from daycare, get him fed, bathed and off to bed. Scott was working late at an open house and wouldn’t be home until 9pm. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but after the day I had, I wasn’t in any hurry to pick up my *usually* fussy baby from daycare. ** He is normally just on the edge of fussy around 5:30 when I pick him up, because he is hungry and getting close to bedtime.

Thankfully, my little Lukie knew just what Mom needed. . . a smiling, happy baby. From the minute I picked him up from daycare, he was all smiles and laughs. We had a great time together that night.

It was just what needed after having a hard day at work. How interesting that I thought the thing I needed most after work was a run, when really it was my smiling baby! I love how life just gives you what you need sometimes.. . I did get my run in after he went to bed (5 miles!), but that was just the icing on the cake. Winking smile

Here are some pics from our evening! Smile







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