Liebster Award II

Katie looking forward tagged me as part of the Liebster award. . . basically a survey to learn more about me and to check out new blogs. I did one Liebster survey before, but Katie asked some new questions, and hopefully you can learn something new and fun about me.  Smile

1. What was the first blog you read? I first started reading Peanut Butter Fingers and still do!

2. Where do you go to get your favorite lunch? Panera. I love their strawberry poppy seed chicken salad.

3. How long have you been blogging? 2 1/2 years! My blog-versary is on February 21st!

4. What is your favorite beverage? Probably just water. I drink it all day long. In my pink camelbak.


A close second would be my daily caramel skim latte. Sometimes drizzled with extra caramel. . .  Winking smile


5. When did you last workout? I just finished teaching 2 aerobics classes back to back. Cardio Strength Interval and BODYPUMP. I am tired!!

6. Where is your favorite place to relax? on the couch, watching TV, runner up –> in my bed!!

7. When do you usually write blog posts? I usually write on the weekend and then update them at night during the week before I publish.

8. What time do you usually go to bed? Between 9:30-10. . . I like to get a lot of sleep as well as a 15 month old who likes to get up early!


9. Do you set New Years Resolutions? If so, what was 2013′s? I wrote some goals for 2013. And I updated them in the beginning of July!!

10. Planning or Spontaneity? Based on my planner and colored markers. . .I would be a planner.


11. What is your favorite song right now? 50 ways to say goodbye by Train. This song is also in the newest release of BODYPUMP 86 for the triceps track
–> and it is a killer.


Now it’s your turn. . . answer your favorite question!!


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14 Responses to Liebster Award II

  1. Love that Train song! And I also love all of your colored markers–too funny.
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted..Discover New BlogsMy Profile

  2. You look like me with that planner and those markers. I always get so excited when school supplies come out in stores even though I am not in school anymore ;).
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..WIAW: July 31, 2013My Profile

  3. I just got those color pens!!!!! I have a BODYPUMP notebook and I use the fun colors to decorate and write down choreography! 🙂
    Holly @ recently posted..Cyclist?My Profile

  4. I love that salad from Panera! It’s definitely one of my favorite lunch places. I’d also say I’m a big planner. I love my lists!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs for Food recently posted..Eating My Feelings….Is Butter a Carb?!My Profile

  5. Ahh julie was one of the first blogs i read, too, and i still love to enjoy her posts each day 🙂 totally agree with the couch and tv and/or a book as the best way to relax…definitely what i love to do at the end of the day!
    Caitlin recently posted..Who Would Have GuessedMy Profile

  6. That’s a really interesting way to write all your posts! I like it! I’ve been having a lot of luck with getting up an hour early to blog–nice little jumpstart to the day. And I just bought that exact same Camelbak! I’m having a little trouble getting used to the bite-down mouthpiece part, but it’s really nice for use on the treadmill!

  7. Your favorite ways to relax sound a lot like mine!!
    Kate @ Quarter Century Southern Living recently posted..Life on a BudgetMy Profile

  8. Planning! I forgot we were planner twins! 🙂 Loved learning more about you 🙂 recently posted..My Day ~ and a Hidden TalentMy Profile

  9. OMG!!!! I love peanut butter fingers! Julie’s blog was the first blog I started reading. I also read blondeponytail’s blog also. Julie’s blog is what made me want to start blogging. I literally just started a blog this week 🙂 Anyways…. I stumbled upon your blog today when I was looking for other healthy living bloggers in mn.
    Alex recently posted..The beginningMy Profile