Life with 2 kids!



The end. Winking smile

No, for real, it’s been really good so far. #boymom


Luke is old enough to do a lot of things on his own – get dressed, use the bathroom, play Legos, etc. which makes it a lot easier when I have both hands full feeding/changing Jake. Luke is also very thoughtful and caring, which makes him a great big brother.


He hasn’t seem to mind that Jake is taking some of Mom and Dad’s attention away from him. He’s full of hugs and kisses for baby brother.

He LOVES including Jake in any activities we can. . . putting him on the table in his bouncer during family dinner, having him in bed with us while we read books before bedtime. I’ve also caught him checking on Jake or he will go and get a few books from Jake’s room and then “read” them to him.


Heart melting.

It’s not all roses. There have been some melt downs and we’ve been extra attentive to Luke to make sure the transition goes well for all, but overall, (knock on wood), it’s going well.

It also helps that Jake is (so far) a pretty laid back baby. He hasn’t been a big crier yet. . . only when hungry or with diaper changes. He’s a decent sleeper, 3-4 hours at a time at nighttime.


And the biggest help of all, the fact that Scott is home with me for a month.


I’ll definitely do an updated post when Scott goes back to work and then when I go back to work after three months.

It’s all about adjusting to a new normal. . . Jake has only been here for a little over three weeks, but I already can’t imagine life without him in our family.

We are so blessed and thankful for our family.


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  1. So glad things are going well! Luke reading to Jake is the cutest thing ever. Love how sweet he is being!
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