Making baby food

So, those of you who don’t have kids, just tuck this post (or pin it!) in the back of your mind for when you do!


I am so happy that my friends encouraged me to make my own baby food. I like to do crafts, and to save money, but really (really!) only when it is super easy or fun. Thankfully, making baby food was both. Seriously, it was way too easy, and way cheaper than buying baby food. Now, I don’t have anything against store bought baby food. I have fed some to Luke on occasion. But, it is expensive, and when you compare the color of my homemade peas (bright green!) to the peas you get at the store (green/brownish color), you just have to wonder, what exactly is in there.

It is super simple. All you need is a good blender or food processor. My friend had a baby bullet that she was done using, so I used that, but really you could just use a blender.

Just buy some fresh or frozen veggies or fruit. Steam in the microwave til soft. Blend away. Add breast milk/formula/water to thin out to the consistency that you need. Thinner for younger babies and thicker as they get older.

Now, you can buy special container to put the baby food in. The baby bullet came with these cute little containers. But I found that ice cube trays worked the best. Put the food in, freeze, then pop them out and keep in a Ziploc bag. Then, you can pull out 1 or 2 at a time, however fast your baby is eating.

I would make a bunch at a time. Peas, green beans, carrots, pumpkin, berries, apples, peaches, pears, etc. And as they get older, you can start to combine flavors too.

IMG_1883 (2)

Super easy, right? Smile And Luke approved.



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  1. I loved making baby food for my girls. Last fall I stocked up on winter squash at the Farmet’s Market. Super easy to bake, puree & freeze! Agree that gross color of commercial baby food is a bit disturbing! I often mixed my green veggies with baked apples to make smoother & sweeter. My girls gobbled everything up!

  2. ah baby food. i haven’t thought about that for a long time. i probably did about 1/2 homemade and 1/2 store bought just for the sake of convenience. the easiest was always just a mashed banana, avocado or sweet potato. but i did the ice cube tray thing too. worked great:)

    luke is such a little doll.
    kendra @ kennygump recently posted..i can’t believe it!My Profile

  3. Love this post and love that last pic of Luke! Adorable! One day when I have babies of my own, I will absolutely be making my own baby food. I need to know exactly what is going into baby’s little belly!
    Melanie @ Beautifully Nutty recently posted..Insanity Week 3 Complete: Push YourselfMy Profile

  4. That is so awesome that you made your own baby food! I am definitely going to do the same when I have kids!
    Kate @ Quarter Century Southern Living recently posted..Blogging>ChoresMy Profile

  5. No babies for me yet but I love those Baby Bullet containers. They are sooo cute! I will be all about making my own food in the future with my vitamix.
    Holly @ recently posted..BodyPump Instructor Training!My Profile

  6. I made quite a bit of food when Andrew was a baby… I fell out of that habit when Gabe was born. That picture of Luke smiling is priceless. recently posted..Running faster and there’s a tree growing out of my head!My Profile