MN Food Predictions for 2014

Hey! Happy Monday. Man, what a weekend! We have been painting non-stop. I will hopefully have time tonight to put together a weekend recap with some pics for a post tomorrow! I’m excited to share the progress and colors with you all!

But for today, I have a fun post filled with things that I don’t normally ever think about. . .

Did you know that there are people who make food predictions? Specifically predictions for the “food scene” in Minnesota?

Isn’t that crazy? Mark that as one of the jobs I didn’t know existed. .. however, if any of them are hiring for taste –testers and happen to be reading this blog, please email me! Smile 

Cub Foods recently polled Minnesota-based chefs, culinary experts, food critics, bloggers (but not me!), and food enthusiasts for key food trend predications for 2014. And, as you can imagine, grocery stores pay quite a bit of attention to the new food predictions and make sure their stores reflect what the consumers need. And Cub Foods is no different. They want to make sure that their stores are doing everything they can to meet the needs of their customers. Cub Foods recently contacted me to see if I was willing to review some of the new food trends for 2014 and make sure that their stores are keeping up.

What? You want me to go grocery shopping at Cub Foods <– of my favorite grocery stores in town?Ummmm, ok!

Luke was on board too. *as long as there are snacks. Smile 


Here are a few of the trends that I am most excited about for 2014:

Handheld and Healthy. Handheld, transportable meals and snacks will take new shape as people will seek healthier items with quality ingredients that they can tote along with them. From portable breakfast foods to lunchbox-sized items to fun and nutritious snacks for the whole family, on-the-go is the way to go.

Some of my favorite portable snacks are:


And did you know that Cub sells single serving (well, ok there are 2 servings in that container, but I would totally eat it by myself) Panera soups?


And The Laughing Cow Cheese  spreads – yum!


And of course Wild Harvest Animal Crackers. <—seriously, have you had these? You must buy them ASAP. so good. And just a tip: hide them from your husband and kids. You’re welcome. Winking smile 


And I would love if Cub would start to stock these:

how cute and perfect, right?

Purple Pride Veggies. Several experts cited increasing interest and demand for purple vegetables such as purple green beans and purple carrots. Perhaps a fresh start for the Minnesota Vikings this year is driving the increased interest in purple veggies? <—so I think you know what I think about this – GREEN all the way. GO PACK GO. BUT, I would love to try purple green beans, carrots, potatoes, etc. I looked at my local store and didn’t see any purple veggies right now. . . maybe this summer?

Superfoods. Ancient grains, kale, and greens will appear in more dishes. So, I think that Healthy Living Bloggers are way ahead of MN food trends. And I am all about incorporating more of these foods into my daily intake.


And I think I am going to start with using more quinoa and trying out this recipe and this one and this one for kale in green juice.

Mini Ham & Cheese Quinoa Cups. Addicting, but healthy!

Self-preservation. The home also becomes a food factory as more people experiment with emerging preparation techniques such as quick pickling, canning and smoking. <—I have never done any pickling but would LOVE to try it. Who wants to come over this summer and pickle with me??

And don’t forget to enter my Cub Foods gift card giveaway! Ends Feb 12th!!

What do you think about 2014 MN food trends? What do you think is going to be a big food trend for this year?


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13 Responses to MN Food Predictions for 2014

  1. Very interesting! I have always wanted to try making pickles 🙂
    Christina recently posted..Park or a Stream?My Profile

  2. Great post! It looks like you had a fun time with your little helper at the store, too! And don’t even get me started on the animal crackers. There’s a reason the word “crack” is in them—so crazy addicting. =)
    I have a feeling quinoa will continue to be a big hit this year as well as gluten-free foods in general.
    Melanie @ BeautifullyNutty recently posted..Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Pizza CrustMy Profile

  3. I’ve never heard of this before – if you find out where to sign up to take that poll let me know! 🙂
    And I agree…MN is way behind in any sort of good “food trend,” but we’re slowly making progress and getting healthier options in our grocery stores, so that makes me happy!
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted..scenes from the weekend 2.10.14My Profile

  4. I love seeing more handheld and healthy snacks around! I’m a big snacker, so any way I can be healthy (and not have to do any prep work) I’m all for it.
    Can’t wait to hear about your house progress!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..Wine tasting, girls night, and relaxation- weekend recapMy Profile

  5. I dont know what I would do without my laughing cow wedges for real!!
    sara @ fitcupcaker recently posted..Things I’m Loving Lately: FebruaryMy Profile

  6. Come work in retail! We do food predictions along with fashion and decor and toys and beauty on a daily basis 😉 How scary is it that I dictate what goes into stores?!?! Mwahahahaahahhaah! I definitely think that juicing along with flavored dark chocolates will continue to boom over the next 8-12 months along with the whole GF trend 🙂
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Red Thai Curry StewMy Profile

  7. I would love to start making more of my foods, like jelly and granola. I think it feels so fun and almost retro if that makes any sense at all 🙂
    Kate @ Quarter Century Southern Living recently posted..Afternoon CoffeeMy Profile