Moving to a new town {10 tips}

As you know, a few months ago, I moved from Minnesota to Wisconsin for a new job. Thankfully, I knew quite a bit about the new town I was moving to – I went to undergrad here and my sisters live here. . . but there will always be a period of adjustment when you move to a new place. . . and I thought I would share a few (10!) of my tips on moving to a new town or checking out a new place. . .

1. get involved.  are you a runner? join a running club. Like to cook? check out cooking opportunities or new to you grocery stores. Try out the free week long memberships to the fitness clubs in town. If you have kids, find the Children’s museum or the YMCA programs.


2. try new things. Cross Fit was something new for me and it gave me an immediate new group of friends in the new place.


3. find new favorites. check out the local coffee shops, or even the local store of your favorite chain. There are two Caribou Coffees in town, and you bet those were one of the first places I checked out. I’ve also been taking Luke to check out the local coffee houses in town and that’s been fun too.


4. keep your routine. don’t change too much at once. that can be super overwhelming. With a 3 year old, it’s been pretty easy to keep a routine. Morning routine, school/work, dinner, play time, bedtime, repeat.


5. ask for help. co-workers, that person next to you in BODYPUMP class, your new neighbors. Don’t be afraid to get suggestions. Their favorite pizza place or take-out Chinese in town. Where they get their dry cleaning done or what they are doing on Friday night.


6. don’t feel like you have to figure it all out at once. take your time to check out everything, because it can be super overwhelming at times. but, remember there is no rush to find everything all at once. enjoy the time finding new places.

7. make it feel like home. I already have my favorite chair at Caribou, know where I like to park at Target, and put up Luke’s art work on the refrigerator. Whatever home means to you, do that!

8. go outside your comfort zone. starting cross fit was totally outside my comfort zone, but it was hands down the best decision I made when I moved. You never know until you try and it is a great way to try new things in a new town.


9. freebies. you know those free magazines and newspapers (usually found at the grocery store) – grab those each month and look for new activities or events to check out. a great way to get a feel and experience your new town. love that the splash pad in town is free!


10. stay home. yup, so get out there and do things, but take time to enjoy your new place, and having some down time to adjust is just as important, so remember to take care of yourself and enjoy some quiet time.


Have you ever moved to a new town? Tips??

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  1. Moving to a new town is scary but so exciting – and I try to focus on the new part. When you meet new people it’s kind of like a fresh start. No, you don’t need to change who you are – but you do get a clean slate with everyone which can be refreshing if you were in the last location for a long time. Right now my husband and I live near the town we grew up in so we run into people a lot that knew us when we were kids. It’ll be nice when we can move and have a fresh start!
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  2. oh see THIS is a topic I know! I have moved a LOT. Not like an “army brat”, but I was back and forth to boarding school for high school, moved to GA from MA for a year of college, moved to MN for a year of rehab, moved to Boston for 5 years for undergrad, moved back to MN for 2 years of grad school, and then moved to CA. And within each of those big moves, I had at least 2-5 little moves to different neighborhoods, apartments, etc. I agree with all of your suggestions! I also find that I want to get out and walk/run/bike a lot more often than drive places. I get to see WAAAY more of my new city/town via foot or bike than when i’m in my car.
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  3. Great tips! I especially love the one about asking people around you for recommendations of their favorite things.
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  4. These are all awesome tips! I’ve only moved away once for college but I know my husband and I will be moving in the next few years and I will definitely need these. I always go out of my way to help new neighbors or co-workers who recently moved to my town because I know it can be so hard.
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  5. this is such a great list, I love it! I might borrow this idea for a blog post if you’re ok with it! I’m moving next month, trading in the california sunshine for some seattle rain 🙂 but i’m originally from chicago, a midwest girl like you!
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  6. Moving to a new area is so hard! I definitely agree with the getting uncomfortable – It’s so much easier to meet people and feel like you belong after the initial awkward phase passes 🙂
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