My AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Tips

Today marks the start of my second full (24 day) AdvoCare challenge. You can read more about my first one here.

Going into this second one, I am SO excited. I feel more prepared, knowing what will be coming my way over the next few weeks and SO ready for trimming down, having more energy and kicking my fitness up to the next level.

Thinking back on my last challenge (and my 10 day challenge in July), I’ve put together a list of 24 tips for your 24 day challenge. Whether this is your first challenge (Yes!!) or your 16th challenge, there are some good reminders and tips for everyone. So make sure and pin this post for encouragement, reminders, and tips throughout the whole challenge. And good luck!! Smile

#1. Plan your meals. Being prepared and having your breakfast, lunch and dinner plans figured out will set you up for huge success. We all know there is nothing worse than getting to meal time and not being prepared. And just because you had planned on a specific thing for dinner, doesn’t mean you have to eat it. When I meal plan, I grocery shop and get food prepared for 3-4 meals and then I can finish preparing/baking/cooking whichever one sounds good for dinner. Here’s a post with some great meal ideas.

#2. And then plan your snacks. I bring a bag to work with me everyday with 3-4 snack options, because, you never know what you will be hungry for or what your body might need. Some days I eat all the snacks. Some days, I don’t. It’s about listening and fueling your body.


#3. And finally plan for surprises. Ok, so you can’t always be prepared for everything, but I almost never leave home without a packet of spark and some sort of snack – cashews or an apple are my favs and fit great in my purse.


That way, if I find myself out of the house for longer than expected or something comes up, I don’t have to succumb to whatever is available, I am prepared!

#4. Remember, the fiber drink + spark are totally counted in your daily water intake

#5. Reach out to your distributor. <– they are your best resource

#6. Be active in the Facebook group <– ask questions, look for recipes, read success stories

#7. Ask questions <– really! Everyone wants you to be successful, so if you aren’t sure if a certain food or product is recommended while on the challenge, ask! Or if you are looking for a really good recipe or substitution, ask!

#8. Think about post-challenge. Day 25. What’s your post-challenge plans? Discuss with your distributor and be ready.

#9. Find your favorite spark flavor – try them all.


#10. Don’t just drink SPARK in the morning – great for afternoon pick-me up or before a workout


#11. Make sure you get catalyst. It’s called “liposuction in a bottle” for a reason. Winking smile


#12. Work with your distributor to build your best 24 day challenge with the Advocare products – just because they have a 24DC bundle – doesn’t mean that all the products are right for you and your lifestyle.

#13. Consider doing the challenge with someone else. . . this could be the same time as your distributor or convince a friend to do it with you. Support is everything!


#14. Take before photos and measurements. . . I know, you don’t really want to, right? But in 24 days, you will want to have those to show off your amazing progress and change.


#15. Don’t cheat. Not even once. Because if you do it once, then it sets the mindset, that it’s ok. .. and then it’s a slippery slope. It’s 24 days, commit to it.

#16. Timing is everything. Don’t do the 24 day challenge during Christmas, vacation or your sister’s wedding. It will make it much more manageable if you try to avoid big events.

#17. BUT don’t wait for the “perfect” time. There isn’t one. You will always have something going on at sometime, so do you best to avoid the BIG events, and plan ahead for the other events you have during your challenge and remember tip #15.

#18. Drink MORE water. Like even more than you think you should. Especially during the cleanse phase days with the fiber drink.


#19. Don’t skip meals/snacks/spark drinks. Even if you aren’t hungry, at least have a little something. And make sure you have a good balance of protein in your snacks. <– you’ll have more energy and feel better with that balance.

#20. Buy extra SPARK. Because you are going to love it and want to drink more. Fruit punch is the best flavor. Smile


#21. Think about becoming a distributor. If you like how you feel, and you plan to continue using Advocare products, even if it is just to drink spark daily, it is worth the $79 to join and get 20% off all products. Talk with your distributor for more info – but it’s a great deal!!


#22. Get cooking! Try out new recipes on the Pinterest page. Don’t just eat chicken breast and steam broccoli the whole time. . . this is about a lifestyle change, not a diet. Use this challenge to change things up – for you and your family! Love this one!!


#23. Exercise! All that extra energy you will have – use it. Smile


#24. Don’t give up. You can do this. 24 days to a better you. Yes, you can.


Have you done the 24 day challenge? What tips did I forget??


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10 Responses to My AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Tips

  1. Wow – Awesome tips!! I don’t think you forgot anything! I definitely agree with the buy more Spark tip… It always goes so quickly 😉
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Yay for the internets!My Profile

  2. I have never done (or heard of before you) Advocare, but I think a lot of your tips can be applied to a general healthy lifestyle, so I am all about it. Good luck, and I am sure you will do very well 🙂
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday- Vegetable and Sweet Potato CakesMy Profile

    • KT

      Agreed!! All of these tips can be applied for a healthy lifestyle and that’s one of the things I love about AdvoCare. . . it’s all about building a healthy life!!

  3. You are so ready for this challenge! Now I’m curious what this “liposuction in a bottle” stuff does.
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..A fun-filled weekend in WilliamsburgMy Profile

    • KT

      Ahhhh Kelly it is amazing. It has BCAA (branched chain amino acids) that basically help to show off your hard work in the gym. It helps the muscles the shed the extra fat layer so it shows a more toned you! It’s one of my favorite thing – especially if you spend a lot of time in the gym = show off all that hard work!!

  4. Great tips!! I think you covered it!! I felt really tired the first 10 days, so I lightened up my runs and did more cross training, but the last 14 days were great!! So much energy!
    Leslie @ Life Begins @ 30? recently posted..Weekend RecapMy Profile

    • KT

      YES!! Good thing to remember for the cleanse phase. . . but that energy spike in max phase is a-maz-ing!

  5. Great tips! I did the 14 day challenge with Becky. I wish I had taken before pictures. The measurements and pounds down in 14 days blew me away! 🙂
    Christina recently posted..My Happy PlaceMy Profile