National Women’s Health & Fitness Day {Adora Calcium giveaway}

Ummm happy National Women’s Health and Fitnes Day?

Ya, I didn’t know that was a day either.

But, as a general rule, I am a fan of women, health and fitness. . .  so why not celebrate. Smile

I am partnering with Adora Calcium supplements to help “celebrate” the day. You might not know this about me, but I don’t drink milk unless it is in latte or milkshake form. ..


I just don’t like the taste. . . so, it is super important to me to get in my calcium every day. I love cheese and yogurt and ice cream, so I’m not too worried about it, but as a doctor, I know how important calcium and vitamin D are to bone health! I really really really don’t like taking pills and love love love eating chocolate so Adora Calcium supplements are perfect for me.


I love to eat one after dinner for a little treat – because who doesn’t love to end their night with chocolate, right? And you guys, they are SO good, you won’t even know that you are getting all your daily requirements of calcium and vitamin D. Win. Win.

And get this – they are made by a chocolatier with over 130 years of experience, plus each serving is only 30 calories and has no GMOs.

AND I had a giveaway for you guys!!

Adora has generously offered to send 1 (US residents only) R4C reader some Adora Calcium supplements!

Awesome, right?

There are 4 ways to enter. Please make sure to leave a separate comment below for each entry.

1 –> leave a comment below telling me your favorite way to get in your required daily calcium intake.

2 –> Follow Adora and Running4Cupcakes on Twitter.

3 –> Follow Adora and Running4Cupcakes on Facebook.

4 –> Tweet the following with a link back to this post:
I want to win yummy chocolate calcium from @AdoraCalcium and @runs4cupcakes *insert link*

The contest closes at midnight on October 3rd, 2015 and I’ll announce the winner shortly after.  Good luck!


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26 Responses to National Women’s Health & Fitness Day {Adora Calcium giveaway}

  1. maggie

    I get my calcium in through yogurt and milk! Growing up we always had a glass of milk with dinner and it has stuck with me into adulthood!

  2. Amy

    I get calcium daily with cheese consumption pretty much. These supplements sound good though!

  3. Lorie D

    I love milk and get my calcium from a glass of milk each day. But I would love to try these supplements!

  4. I definitely need to add more calcium to my day. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Alexandra @ My Urban Family recently posted..How to Survive Feeling Like You’re StuckMy Profile

  5. Kendra

    I drink a protein shake w almond milk every morning. And usually eat a Greek yogurt bowl mixed w dried fruit/nuts and cottage cheese later in the day.

  6. Tori

    I love getting mine through greek yogurt!

  7. Tori

    Follow both on twitter @torikom20

  8. Katie M

    Yogurt (and ice cream!) is my fav way to get my daily calcium, especially with flavors like coconut cream pie and strawberry shortcake 🙂

  9. Katie M

    I follow Adora and Running4Cupcakes on Twitter.

  10. Katie M

    I like Adora and Running4Cupcakes on Facebook.

  11. I need to get more! I don’t eat dairy, but I do eat foods with calcium like kale, broccoli, and oatmeal.
    Kelsey @ Chatterbox Blog recently posted..WIAW – meal plan for one!My Profile

  12. DJ

    I get my calcium through Greek yogurt and milk, daily.

  13. DJ

    I am following you and Adora Calcium on Twitter.

  14. DJ

    I am following you and Adora Calcium on Facebook.

  15. marie

    Yogurt is my current favorite, but that could well change once I try those Adoras!

  16. marie

    I Twitter follow Adora & R4C

  17. marie

    I FB follow Adora & R4C, too.

  18. steph

    liked them

  19. steph

    followed you

  20. steph

    i love all the cheese 😉

  21. manda

    I like cheese and keifer.

  22. Jordan D.

    Greek yogurt and tofu pudding are my go-to calcium sources, but an excuse to have a piece of chocolate every day would be nice!