Road Trip–2013–Jackson!

We’re here!


We arrived yesterday afternoon after another 5 1/2 hours in the car.

South Dakota_2013 003South Dakota_2013 004South Dakota_2013 005South Dakota_2013 007

Luke was very helpful getting ready to leave the hotel.


Car trip survival items. . . Scott and I are both sick with colds right now. .. it is no fun to not be able to breathe out of your nose –> and what is with getting sick on vacation??? 1st Marco Island and now this trip too? Boo!

South Dakota_2013 002South Dakota_2013 001

And Abby had her 1st Starbucks too – a “puppy cup” – basically a small cup filled with whipped cream.  .. she loved it. Winking smile 


Thankfully, we had another sleeping baby and a puppy who just pretended not to sleep. (old photo from before she had to share the backseat with Luke!)


And my view from the backseat while trying to entertain Luke during the last hour of our trip. . .

 South Dakota_2013 008South Dakota_2013 009

We met up with Peggy, Brian and the kids.


I got my run in! Nice workout room – but only 1 treadmill. And seriously, running in the mountains is no joke. I did 5 miles but it felt like 15!


Pizza for dinner. . .


And some walking around – not too much though because it is freezing here!


10 degrees. Colder than home –> what was I thinking planning this trip to a place that is colder than home??? Brian has already said that next year we are going to the beach! Smile Sounds good to me Brian!!!

Breakfast this morning. . . with a Starbucks coffee run!


And then a long search for internet. The website for the place that we are staying promised Wi-Fi, but it is not a good connection (i.e. non-existent!). So, Peggy and I went to a coffee/bagel place. . . only to find out their internet wasn’t good either.


Finally, we ended up at the Jackson Public Library! Hopefully, I will be able to get back here a few times this week to update you on our adventures! Hope you are having a great Monday. Smile


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9 Responses to Road Trip–2013–Jackson!

  1. Looks like fun! Well, except for the cold and not being able to breathe. Cute kid, though.
    Aunt Jenny recently posted..real loveMy Profile

  2. Ah, I am so jealous!! A puppy cup sounds like a fantastic idea!! My dog would be all over that!!

    Running at elevation is TOUGH!!! I’m from Colorado and whenever I go home I feel like I can’t breathe for like a solid week.
    Logan @ Mountains and Miles recently posted..Race Report: Marine Corps 17.75kMy Profile

  3. Glad to hear you made is safely!! I totally agree with you, running in the mountains feels 100x harder than running when there is lots of oxygen in the air 🙂 You’ll be so in shape by the time you get back to MN!
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Peanut Butter BlossomsMy Profile

  4. i remember running in hawaii. that took some getting used to. i don’t know exactly how it was different, (sea air?) but it was all i could do to move my legs. breathless.
    kendra @ kennygump recently posted..hard work pays off.My Profile

  5. I love when dogs fight sleep and try to stay sitting up while they’re dozing off. I’m sure they’re thinking that if they have already slept for 20 hours of the 24 hour day it would be embarrassing to sleep more!
    Glad you arrived safely… love the road trip pics! recently posted..Fast For MeMy Profile

  6. I feel that we have a Starbucks bond! Andy Abby’s puppy cup is just precious.

    I think you may be a little crazy to go somewhere COLDER! Haha, glad you all are having a good time 🙂
    Beth Sheridan recently posted..Chicken DivanMy Profile