Running Tips for dressing for the weather

Any other runners out there having a hard time with figuring out what to wear in this weather? 


I don’t know about you but it’s been cray cray here in MN over the past few weeks. 60s and sunny then 30s and windy. And I don’t know about you but a big factor of how successful my run is depends on how I am dressed. Too hot or worse, too cold. . . forget about it, I’m turning back early. 

So, on my last run when I dressed way to warm and had sweat dripping thru my long sleeves of my thin layer coat, I figured out my top 5 tips for dressing for the weather and then promised myself to follow them. . . 

See. . . I have a hard time following them because I hate being cold and that’s my first tip. 

1. you should be a little chilly when you first step out the door. if you walk outside and think “hmmm this is ok” and you feel comfortable in the current weather, turn around and go back inside and take a layer off because trust me, when you start running and heating up, you’ll be happy you did. 


2. that being said, my second tip is to dress in layers, so that you can be a little warmer at the start and then when you heat up, you can take the top layer off. 


3. gloves + hats. so easy to put on and take off and can make a huge difference especially when it is warmer temps but still has a chilly wind.


4. Wear clothes that are adjustable. Think sleeves that can be rolled up or down, jackets zipped or unzipped.


5. Alter your running route to include loops, so you can drop off extra layers, or your hat and gloves if you need. or push your 3 year old in his stroller and use that to hold your extra layers. Winking smile 


Do you have any tips for running in crazy spring weather? I suppose there is always the option of moving to Florida where it is either hot or really hot. Winking smile 

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4 Responses to Running Tips for dressing for the weather

  1. Great stuff! I want to start walking more and perhaps running a bit again (my sister-in-law did the Corktown St. Patrick’s Day 5K this year and I may want to join her next year). I do find that weather is a big deterrent for me. I forget that it can be fairly manageable!
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  2. Gina

    How would you dress for a relay Marathon? I can’t dress in layers because I don’t know where to put them unless I run with a napsack on (really don’t want to do that) .. any suggestions?

    • KT

      Yes! You have a couple of options. #1. Wear a layer that you feel comfortable throwing out. I have a bunch of old race shirts that I keep around just for that purpose. #2. Wear a layer you feel comfortable tying around your waist #3. Wear something that can be unzipped, sleeves rolled up, etc. #4. Gloves and hats are easy to take on and off and hold in your hands or just tuck into your waistband #5. Remember that it’s ok to be a little cold when you first start running, you’ll warm up! Good luck and have fun!

  3. I have a few different weighted vests, and they make all the difference. For minnesota you really can’t go wrong! Plus, they make the easiest place to store keys/phone.
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