Spinning with Dara Torres and Koss Headphones!!

I had a super exciting opportunity 2 weeks ago! I was invited to attend a spin class with Dara Torres (5 time Olympian and 12 time medalist!!! in swimming) and to check out her new Koss FitBuds headphones. #Fit4Life


These are new headphones with the tagline “designed for women. by women.” And Dara herself had a hand in designing them!


They have smaller ear buds just for women (with 3 different cushion sizes), they are sweat resistant, durable, and lightweight. We were able to check out the headphones while taking a spin class from the Olympian herself!!


She was so cool. like, seriously, so. cool.


I was able to attend the event with my good blend, Melanie. . .


We met up at the studio (CycleQuest in Eden Prairie), and we were given a gift bag with 3! shirts, a pair of headphones and a super cute note from the Koss Corporation. .  .



Do you think they saw my fruit pizza recipe or maybe Special K bars? Winking smile 

And then we headed to the locker room to change and get ready. .. and we were just hanging out and in walks Dara. She was super sweet. She introduced herself and then proceeded to take off her makeup in anticipation of sweating it out during the class. And complimented me on my workout top. Smile 

We hung out for a while, chatting and getting our bikes set up and ready to go – this was Melanie’s 1st ever spin class!!


And then it was time to spin!! Dara said that she was there to get a good workout and she was going to go hard and challenge herself, but reminded us to go at our own pace. And then she said that she just had knee surgery 10 days ago! Crazy!!


We started the class with a few leg drills, concentrating on the right leg for 60 seconds then the left leg for 60 seconds, back to the right for 45, etc, all the way down to 15 seconds. Then, the class started. We had a good mix of climbs, flats and standing runs. I was a sweaty mess by the end middle. Winking smile

Dara was super funny during class, she kept asking the sound person to turn up the music and she wouldn’t even wait for him to do it, she would reach over to the sound board herself and crank it. She also sang and danced to some of the songs that were her favs.

The ear buds suction to your ears so the sound really comes through super clear and fit really well. I have never used over the ear headphones like this before so I wasn’t sure how they would fit for me, but they stayed in place the whole time and I didn’t have to mess with them at all. The only issue was because they suction in your ear so well, you can’t hear outside noises, so when Melanie tried to talk to me or ask me a question during the class, I couldn’t hear her! I would definitely use these in the gym or on an airplane (and I did on my way to Vegas!),


but I would be nervous about using them outside on a run because you can’t hear outside noises, like cars or people, very well.

Then, after class, Dara just hung out with us and we had a chance to chat her up.


I asked her where she keeps her medals. . . She keeps them in a safe at home, she used to have them out, but her Mom was worried about someone breaking in and stealing them, so she keeps them put away now. But, she says it is funny because her Mom has one of her medals and it is totally on display on the mantle at her house. So cute. She also said that she used to take the medals with her to events with kids and show them around, but then after one event, one got dropped and dented (can you believe that!), and now she only takes them out occasionally, mainly to her kids schools.

She was just totally laid back, nice to talk to, and super ripped! Winking smile 

My 2 winners had a great time too. Katie from Katie Looking Forward was there on Tuesday with me.


And Sara drove all the way from Ohio with her Mom and 5 month old to attend the event!


It was a really fun time and a big thank you to the Koss Corporation for the invite and letting me try out these new ear buds and an extra ginormous thank you to Dara for being so awesome to hang out with and for giving a great spin class. Can’t wait to do it again sometime!! Smile


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13 Responses to Spinning with Dara Torres and Koss Headphones!!

  1. Holy cow this is SO AWESOME! I giggled laughed when you mentioned your fruit pizza 😉 She seems like such a cool person and basically a rockstar!! Spin class 10 days after surgery??? Dang!
    Alisha @ Alisha’s Appetite recently posted..5 Life Lessons Blogging Taught Me (1st Blogiversary)My Profile

  2. This sounds like such a great time! I’ve actually never done a spinning class before, but I’d certainly love to try it. Those headphones look great. I’m going to have to consider buying pair of those!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Guest Posting for I am Meg And So Can YouMy Profile

    • KT

      You should check out a spin class at least once. .. the only problem is that it takes a couple of classes to get your butt in shape. 😉

  3. That is such a cool opp you had! WOW!

    Dara is such an incredible athlete–I would love to meet her!

    • KT

      It was super cool! And since I swam in high school and college, it was especially cool to meet her AND workout with her!!

  4. Super jealous of you and my other blends who got to attend this awesome event! Dara seems like such a down to earth person- would love to meet her someday!
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted..September RecapMy Profile

  5. Wow, what a cool opportunity! I get kind of star struck so meeting an Olympian would tongue-tie me for sure!
    Natalie @ Free Range Human recently posted..TV JunkyMy Profile

  6. That’s so cool! I’ve never been a huge fan of spinning, but I would totally pretend and take that class if I got the opportunity!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..Healthy Road Meals and a RunMy Profile

  7. That sounds A-MAZING! So happy you were given this opportunity. Very cool, Katie 🙂
    Stephanie recently posted..Wordless Weekend Wrap Up {3}My Profile