Sunshine award

Becky was super awesome and nominated me for the Sunshine award this week. Basically a fun set of 10 questions for us to learn more about each other! Which I thought would be a perfect post for this Friday!! BTW Happy Friday!! Any fun  plans for the weekend? We are headed to the MN State Fair this afternoon with Scott’s brother, Adam and his girlfriend, Ashley. Saturday is a hanging out day. Going to try to fit in a long run. Sunday is more of the same, maybe try to clean the house (boo!) and go to Brynn’s 2nd birthday party! Smile 

Sunshine Award

The Rules:

  1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award.

1. What is your first memory in life? I can’t remember my very first memory but I have very fond memories of going up to Madeline Island (on Lake Superior) every summer for the 2 weeks before Labor Day. We stayed at the same place every year. Spent lots of time playing in the super cold water, building fires, chasing sand crabs, and hanging out as a family before school started. Flashback photo from before Scott and I were married, when the family went on a day canoe trip.  .  .And Abby tipped the canoe with Dad and Jenny in it. The funniest part was the fact that Abby was able to stay in the canoe while Dad and Jenny both fell out. We were only about 5 minutes into the trip. Abby just looked at them in the water, like, why did you guys get out? Those of us in the other canoe, laughed our butts off. Winking smile 

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2. What has been the best vacation you have even been on and what vacation are you looking forward to in the future? I loved our road trip to Colorado a few years ago. Scott and I had a super fun time, got to see my Colorado friends and I saw Mount Rushmore for the 1st time –> super cool! I am looking forward to our trip to Coco Beach this winter. I think Luke will be the perfect age for the beach.


3. What is your preferred type/brand of coffee? Caribou – duh. Large caramel skim latte. Winking smile


4. Flowers or chocolate? Both? I guess I would have to choose flowers because they would last way longer than chocolate in my house.

5. What is your normal bedtime and wake up time? We go to bed super early, like 9:30. . .we both really need sleep and Luke tires us out! We get up between 6 and 6:30 depending on work schedules and Luke.

6. When going out, do you wear your hair up in a pony tail or down? I have my hair in a pony tail 90% of the time. When I am trying to look nice (i.e. date or meeting at work), I will wear my hair down.

7. Favorite form of exercise? Running and BODYPUMP.

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8. Favorite place to shop? Super Target. It is the best place and has everything. I wish there was Super Target in Mankato. When I was going to medical school in Des Moines, I lived less than a mile away from a Super Target and it was the best thing ever.

9. Do you have a favorite cuisine to eat when dining out? What is it? Probably my favorite thing to get is pizza delivery. I like to go out, but I really like to stay in, have my PJs on, get comfy on the couch and eat in.

10. Broccoli. Yay or nay? I like broccoli. I don’t love it. But my favorite is probably roasting it in the oven until the edges get a little crispy. And cheese. Cheese makes everything better.

My questions. . .

1. What is your absolute favorite food?
2. What was the 1st blog you read?
3. If you had a be on a reality TV show, which one would you be on?
4. What is your catch phrase?
5. Where and when is your next vacation?
6. Football? Yes or No?
7.  If you could only watch one TV show or movie for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
8. First thing you did this morning?
9. What goal are you currently working towards?
10. What is one thing that your readers might not know about you?

And my nominees. . .

1. Emily @ The Good Era
2. Katie @ The Daily Cup of Kate 
3. Erica @ for the sake of cake 
4. Kim @ my healthy nest 
5. Ashley @ Cupcakes n’ Crunches
6. Kait @ Chickadee Says
7. Jackie @ Nacho Average Runner
8. Shannon @ Wisconsin Dachshund
9. Caitlin @ Chasing Chels
10. Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama

Now, if you wouldn’t mind, please answer one of my questions, whichever one you want, so we can learn more about each other!! Happy weekend. Smile 


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14 Responses to Sunshine award

  1. I loved reading your answers! I would much rather eat pizza on my couch too! I love football, it’s pretty much the only sport I get excited about. Go Redskins!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..Funny FarmMy Profile

  2. Aww thanks for the nod love 🙂 that makes my friday!! Your lake adventures sound like so much fun and very similar to the summers i spent on long island with my fam!
    Caitlin recently posted..Fun Facts FridayMy Profile

  3. Thanks so much, lady! So sweet!!

    I also go to bed at 9:30am and I am 25 and childless, so, there’s that. Just call me Grandma 😉
    Emily @ The Good Era recently posted..Treat Yo SelfMy Profile

  4. Such a fun survey!! Pizza delivery is the ultimate. Zero work, and sooo delicious! 🙂
    Brooke @ Running In Heels recently posted..Running Inspired Jewelry GiveawayMy Profile

  5. Yay, thanks for the nomination 🙂 Love your answers to the questions. Have fun at the fair– my fiance Scott went last night and texted me: “1 beer, a chili cheese dog, corn on the cob, and a strawberry malt will feel great on my run tomorrow” My response– “you didnt get any of Marthas cookies?!”
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted..A Moment of WellnessMy Profile

    • KT

      Good text response – mine would be very similar, I am sure!! Would you believe that we didn’t get any cookies this year??? We are trying to eat all teh sweets that are frozen in our freezer before we move so decided that we couldn’t buy any. . . it was terrible!! 😉

  6. What a great post! 🙂 I always love learning more about my favorite bloggers…
    My favorite cuisine is Mexican for sure. I’ll take Italian 2nd every time!
    Enjoy your weekend and your long run. We have soccer tomorrow so I think I might have to push my long run to Sunday again. We’ll see! recently posted..Food and Great APPS!My Profile

  7. I have a cruise to the Bahamas planned for my hubby and I in feb as a graduation present from my parents. I graduate from nursing school in December!!!!
    Alex recently posted..Ragnar Relay (first 12 legs)My Profile

  8. Totally agree with the ponytail, but mine would probably be 99.99% of the time 🙂
    Amy @ crazysweatymommy recently posted..Partner W.O.D.My Profile

  9. Awe, thats for the nom! It will be up on the blog on Monday! I agree, Super Target trumps all others for shopping. FYI, I discovered the Cartwheel app by Target..Amazing. Do you use it?

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