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Friday Favorites–Goodr, Zella, Spark

Happy Friday. . . of Labor Day weekend <—seriously, how??

We are headed to the Lake. . . looking forward to fruit pizza, swimming, and family time. Smile

I thought I’d pop in today to share a few of my recent favorites. . . Friday favorites are always my favorite posts to write and read!

Ever since my previous running sunglasses decided to take a swim in the lake. . . I’ve been looking for a new pair.  .. that won’t break the bank. I’d love to splurge on a pair of Oakleys. . . but I just can’t do it. Thank goodness, a friend told me about Goodr running sunglasses! They were sold out when I first heard about them, so, I preordered these cute pink ones!


Cherry spark. OMG you guys. It’s like drinking a cherry popsicle. While I don’t think anything can beat fruit punch as my favorite flavor, this is a really really close second!


Zella leggings. So, in my closet, I have lululemon, Athleta and Fabletics leggings. And to be honest, I love them all. But, I have another pair to add to the list. Zella are comfortable, figure flattering and cute! I snagged two pairs at the Nordstrom sale.


S’mores blondies. These are the ultimate summer BBQ dessert. I have made 3 batches in the last month. So good.


And super easy to make. And do yourself a favor and buy the box of graham cracker crumbs vs making your own. Total game changer. Smile

This book. <—but only if you want to cry big alligator tears


Hope you have a great weekend!! What are you up to??

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Weekending. . .

How it is Tuesday already? I have a crazy busy week this week so here’s to things flying by!

But first a quick look back to share my weekend with you. . .

Pumping it up. Love that shirt – “show your body who’s boss – Les Mills”


woke up to a winter wonderland on Saturday. thankfully it quickly melted.


errands on saturday. grocery store and Sam’s Club. Including spotting this water pad at Sam’s


– they were the water toy to have on the Lake last year. . .but I’m not sure if it would be worth the price. . .

Finally painted the extra upstairs bedroom! Big shout out to my husband who did most of the work. . . Winking smile


Right now it’s just an extra bedroom with all our extra furniture. . . but it looks much better with a fresh coat of paint!


Luke requested “carrot juice” – basically because he loves putting the carrots into the juicer. And he is SO careful when doing it.


And then he sucks down his glass faster than either of us and then proceeds to drink ours too. #toddlerproblems

family date to panera. and Luke wanting to show off his belt.


and Target. where Luke wanted me to take pictures of all the toys he wants for his birthday. dream big kid.



*not shown are the 17 other pictures I took for him. . . if he could have picked up the entire Paw Patrol section for the picture, he probably would have!

treadmill run + reviewing choreo for BP85 this week.


and THESE. seriously. the best candy ever.


and #balance. a new blender bottle with fruit punch spark. pink for the win. and I just ordered the newest spark flavor – Limeade! Chris says it tastes like margarita and I’m SO excited!!


and OMG finished House of Cards season 4. and whaaaaat?? I cannot wait until 2017!?! for season 5. I hate and love that show all at once.

And now Scott and I need something else to watch on Netflix – suggestions??

And now off to work! Have a great one!


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AdvoCare: Day 25

Wow. Just wow.

I am loving all the messages/texts/pictures about how awesome people are doing with the latest huge group AdvoCare 24 day challenge. It is so inspiring! (Psst- want some amazing results for yourself? Check out the 24 day challenge information here or shoot me an email at running4cupcakes@gmail.com!)


But the most common question I get when people are towards the end of the 24 day challenge is: “now what? what happens after day 24? how can I keep feeling amazing/keep going on my weight loss/keep this high energy?”


Here’s the thing, the 24 day challenge doesn’t have to end with day 25. You can keep going. Forever. Um, yup. You can keep feeling amazing for-ev-er.

AdvoCare has put together an amazing page to help you customize what Day 25 and beyond looks like for you, depending on your goals. Check it out here.


Interested in AdvoCare, but not sure where to start? I’m here to help! Shoot me an email. We can chat about your specific goals (weight loss, energy levels, health and nutrition, fitness and athletic performance) and how AdvoCare could help you achieve them. Smile

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My beauty favorites

So, the disclaimer on this post – I am super low maintenance when it comes to beauty products. I hardly ever wear make up and I tend to stick with what works for me in skincare. But I love getting a peak into what other bloggers use, so I thought I would share a few of my beauty favorites. .


1. Deodorant – DOVE. Soft, smooth and smells good.
2. Body lotion – LOVE Bath and Body Works. Thick, creamy, moisturizing and smells amazing.
3. Perfume – Daisy by Marc Jacobs. My go-to fragrance for the past 5+ years.


4. Shampoo. Fakkai shampoo (in love after I got a sample thru influenster a few months ago) alternating with Head and Shoulders. I love love love the way Fekkai makes my hair feel and smell. It is spendy – $20 for a bottle, but glorious. I alternate with Head and Shoulders to help a bit with price and MN winters are super drying for my scalp.
5. Conditioner – Herbal Essenes in a humongous bottle from Sam’s Club.
6. Skin cleaner – SYS facial cleanser (from AdvoCare) Love this stuff. Smells amazing. Leaves my skin beautiful.

7. Skin cleaner II – I think the key to my best skin is the SYS cleanser + this clarisonic cleaner (the MIA 2). The combo leaves my skin glowing and clear.


8. Face moisturizer – Mary Kay timewise. It’s never too early for age fighting moisturizer, am I right? And this one is not oily, but gives my skin the moisture it needs – especially in winter!


9. And a shout out for hand washing (important all the time but especially in the cough and cold and flu season). I am in love with this “Tis the season” scent from Bath and Body Works. And I LOVE the foaming hand wash – so fun. Smile I know, I am super easy to please.

What’s your favorite beauty product??

Linking up with Becky for TYT. Thanks for hosting!!


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Friday Favorites: 10/10/14

Whew. Friday. Thank goodness. Right?

Looking forward to a weekend with a short to-do list and time to recover from the week!

Here are my favs from this week:


**Trying new recipes – Hummus crusted chicken and butternut squash soup – both delicious and super easy and challenge friendly. win. Smile


**My immersion blender.


Bonus points because it’s pink and my sister, Jenny, gave it to me (thanks Jen!). The butternut squash soup recipe called for me to put it from the crockpot into the blender. Ummm heck no, I just put my immersion blender right in the crockpot and woosh = soup. <love>

**Fun tags on Instagram. Danielle tagged me for a #widn (What I’m Doing Now) and so I snapped this picture.


Dinnertime in our house. Luke “helping”, pants optional. Winking smile

**Making protein balls. And trying a new to me protein powder from Protein Milk Shake Bar (<– how cute is that name?).


I love mixing up protein balls for a quick snack before my workouts. Usually, I use AdvoCare’s post-workout recovery (in chocolate!), but they were nice enough to send me a sample to check out and try their chocolate mousse flavor.

I just mix drippy almond butter, protein powder and unsweetened shredded coconut together.


You want them to seem a little dry, the more you mix, the softer they will become until you are able to shape them into balls.



I often use my hands to combine all the ingredients and that tends to be easier and faster. Add in a little more almond butter if you need more “liquid” and more protein powder if you need more dry ingredients.

I’ll admit that I am partial to the AdvoCare post workout recovery – their chocolate flavor is super delicious, but I liked the Protein Milk Shake Bars chocolate mousse flavor too, it was a bit more protein powder-y. . .but I really want to try their cupcake batter, that would be right up my alley!

**This package from Fabletics.


Don’t worry, I’ll share pics and my thoughts as soon as I have a chance to check them out!! Smile

With the assistance of my husband – aka the random number generator –> the winner of the Krusteaz giveaway is ..  . lucky #2 – Becky!


And don’t forget to enter my Rese Activewear giveaway for a pair of awesome capris!!

What are you up to this weekend? What made you smile this week??

Linking up with Heather and Claire this week!

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5 everyday things

We are all creatures of habit, right?

I recently realized that there are 5 things that I do every day without fail.

And I just thought I would share them with you. . .

#1. The very first thing I do EVERY morning. Wipe away Abby’s eye goobers. Crazy, right?

oh and kiss her on the head. 🙂


#2. Before Scott and I go to bed, we always go into Luke’s room and watch him sleeping for a few minutes. He looks so peaceful and sweet, which some days this is the only time those two things happen. Winking smile


#3. Drink spark. I used to drink a caramel skim latte every morning, until Advocare. . .


#4. Tell Scott “I love you.” Usually right before falling asleep.


#5. Scroll through instagram. Obsessed. Love it. It’s usually the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning before getting out of bed.


Do you do any of these things? What do you do every day?

And I’m linking up with Becky because these every day things are how I treat myself everyday. Especially IG <– seriously, obsessed.


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Friday Favorites: 6/20/14

Friday! Where have you been all week?

I have been a day off all week long, so I am SO happy that it is finally actually Friday.

And I am super excited for this weekend. . . because we have NOTHING planned. I love going up to the Lake and getting together with friends, but there is something so wonderful about a weekend with no plans.

But of course, I don’t actually have no-plans. .. on my to-do list – running (8 miles planned on Saturday!), Farmer’s Market (for the first time this year!), trying to make homemade lara bars (wish me luck) and lots of Lukie snuggles and playtime.

Here are a few things that made me smile this week. . .

**Luke playing guitar with Grandpa


**Advocare success texts


**Early morning alarms to get a run in before work


**Braving the wind and rain to teach Monday night BODYPUMP


**Lukie falling asleep holding onto his loader


**Finding a new tasty (chocolate!) protein powder from Advocare


**This girl – being my Advocare buddy, blend, gchatter, and just a great friend. I am so thankful to have her in my life.


**Update on last week’s Friday Favorites. .. I told you about the Honest company and how you can get free samples + cost of shipping. . . Well, I did that. And the samples came. 5 small bottles of a few different items. Nothing too exciting. BUT then, I re-read my initial email after I signed up to get samples, and you are automatically enrolled in their monthly subscription service when you sign up to get samples. That is SO irritating to me. I hate when you automatically get signed up for anything. . . But, what really annoyed me was the fact that to cancel, you had to CALL. You couldn’t just go online and cancel. I had to sit on the phone waiting to talk to an operator for 20 minutes!! Time I could have been spending with Luke playing or reading books. . . So, needless to say, I will never be ordering anything from the Honest Company again and I just wanted to share with you my experience and hopefully save you some time and money as well. <end rant> Winking smile

What are you up to this weekend? And what made you smile this week??


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Spreading the link love by linking up with Heather and Claire again this week.


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Weekend Update: 6/9/14

Happy Monday.

Did ya have a good weekend?

Were you drooling over all the pics of people having a blast at Blend too?

Next year, I’ll be there. Roomies Becky?

But, I had a great weekend hanging around at home. I had to work, but it wasn’t bad. .. and managed to get quite a few things crossed off of the to-do list and celebrate our 6th anniversary!

But first, Luke and I celebrated the weekend with a trip to get fro yo. ..


Then, Friday morning started with BODYPUMP 90 and Caribou (after Spark, of course. Winking smile)


Then, quick lunch = trying out vanilla meal replacement shake. I mixed mine with bananas, milk and a little bit of almond butter. It was a bit too thick – so I think sticking with water and some frozen berries would be perfect next time. But it kept me full for-ev-er.  = win!


Scott kicked off our anniversary with the most beautiful pink roses (my fav!) Luke didn’t quite understand “anniversary” so he kept telling me “Happy Birthday Mama.” <—too cute.


Family run after work = 5 miles.


Then DQ blizzard = cookie dough + resse’s peanut butter cup.


Saturday morning Luke and I whipped up some Krusteaz muffins – Almond poppy seed,


with some extra chia seeds mixed in.



Super yummy. Loved this flavor. And Luke approved too.


Sarah and Brynn came over for a play date.

Luke and I went on a 4 mile run.

Then, Luke took an almost 4 hour nap! Brynn, you can come over anytime. Winking smile 

And then, it was date-night to celebrate 6 years of marriage.

1st up – furniture shopping. .. looking for a new couch, coffee table and stools for the island.


Then, dinner.


And an after dinner treat – picking up ice cream (or Bryers Raspberry Cheesecake gelato) at the grocery store.


And then presents. . . Scott is super good about sticking to the traditional gifts, so 6th anniversary is candy + iron = so I got lots of candy and a new iron 9×13 pan.


And I gave him this cool license plate sign. . .


Sunday morning started with grape spark and a quick trip to work.


Then, a 4 mile run with Luke. . . followed by some sunshine time.


Sunday afternoon was typical – baby nap time = get stuff done.

Ironing = my least favorite activity. . .


Sunday evening was family time, getting ready for the week and some relaxing on the couch.

What were you up to??


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Advocare Update: 1 month post-24DC

One of my biggest questions before doing the 24 day challenge, was “What happens after?”


And so I thought I would do a few updates, answering that very question!

Here are a few of my thoughts about 1 month out from my first challenge.

–> Post challenge, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be (except for Memorial Day weekend –> cupcakes = totally worth it). . . it’s all about balance.

Clean eating = 80% And getting pizza on Friday nights with Scott = 20%.


BUT it is still hard. . . and that 20% is super easy to slide to waaaaaay more.

I am still trying to figure out what the best balance is for me. Usually, we eat desserts on the weekends, and start on Friday night. . . however, I have noticed when I wake up on Saturday and Sunday morning, I don’t feel the greatest.

BUT, I think that life is about living and eating cookie and pizza and cupcakes and whatever makes you happy.

So, I am working on finding my perfect balance on the weekends. Enjoying those things, but eating good things for my body most of the time. And clean-eating 95% during the week.


–> I love that because I am eating healthy snacks Luke is eating more healthy snacks. celery sticks, peanut butter, apples, cashews, smoothies.


–> I have been able to go heavier in all my weights in body pump. I had pretty much been at a standstill with my weights for the past 6 months. And now, I have increased on every body part. Amazing.


–> I LOVE when people ask me about Advocare. I love talking about it, I love recommending products to people and I LOVE hearing how awesome people feel after they try it. I mean, it almost sounds too good to be true, right? Lose weight, more energy, feel amazing. Yes, yes and yes. All are possible with advocare. Their tag-line is #truth – “We build champions.”

–> 1 month out from the 24 day challenge, I am down another pound. And my pants fit the same as after the challenge.

–> So,what Advocare products am I using?

I am still drinking spark every morning.


I have had my caramel skim latte (or caramel macchiato from Starbucks) every once in a while – more of a weekend treat than an everyday thing now. And I am using O2 gold before long runs on the weekend. I also love SLAM for an afternoon pick-me-up.


Do you use Advocare products? Any favs?

Are you interested in doing a 24DC – next one is starting on June 9th – email me if you are interested!!



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Are you ready to take the challenge?

My Advocare team  has a large group challenge starting on June 9th and I’d love for you to join us!


A bunch of you have reached out with questions about the Advocare 24 Day challenge and now is a great time to jump in!

The 24DC will end just before the fourth of July and is a great way to help you kick off a healthy summer.


For the entire challenge (and beyond!), you’d have me for answers to questions, support and advice. You’d also be added to our awesome Facebook page for more support, tips, and tricks. Plus access to an amazing Pinterest page for tons of Advocare recipe ideas!!

Email me (running4cupcakes@gmail.com) if you have any questions. You can also find more specific product information here. And my first challenge recap here.


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