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8 years!




Today, is our 8 year anniversary!


The last year certainly had it’s challenges: new job, new houses, living in two different states, losing my Dad. . .


And I’m happy to say that we came out of it as a stronger team.


I’m going to get sappy for a minute and say that I cannot believe that I got so lucky to have an amazing husband, father and best friend in my life. And that I am looking forward to many more years together.


Recap of how we met, our engagement story and wedding day here!


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Weekend Update: 6/9/14

Happy Monday.

Did ya have a good weekend?

Were you drooling over all the pics of people having a blast at Blend too?

Next year, I’ll be there. Roomies Becky?

But, I had a great weekend hanging around at home. I had to work, but it wasn’t bad. .. and managed to get quite a few things crossed off of the to-do list and celebrate our 6th anniversary!

But first, Luke and I celebrated the weekend with a trip to get fro yo. ..


Then, Friday morning started with BODYPUMP 90 and Caribou (after Spark, of course. Winking smile)


Then, quick lunch = trying out vanilla meal replacement shake. I mixed mine with bananas, milk and a little bit of almond butter. It was a bit too thick – so I think sticking with water and some frozen berries would be perfect next time. But it kept me full for-ev-er.  = win!


Scott kicked off our anniversary with the most beautiful pink roses (my fav!) Luke didn’t quite understand “anniversary” so he kept telling me “Happy Birthday Mama.” <—too cute.


Family run after work = 5 miles.


Then DQ blizzard = cookie dough + resse’s peanut butter cup.


Saturday morning Luke and I whipped up some Krusteaz muffins – Almond poppy seed,


with some extra chia seeds mixed in.



Super yummy. Loved this flavor. And Luke approved too.


Sarah and Brynn came over for a play date.

Luke and I went on a 4 mile run.

Then, Luke took an almost 4 hour nap! Brynn, you can come over anytime. Winking smile 

And then, it was date-night to celebrate 6 years of marriage.

1st up – furniture shopping. .. looking for a new couch, coffee table and stools for the island.


Then, dinner.


And an after dinner treat – picking up ice cream (or Bryers Raspberry Cheesecake gelato) at the grocery store.


And then presents. . . Scott is super good about sticking to the traditional gifts, so 6th anniversary is candy + iron = so I got lots of candy and a new iron 9×13 pan.


And I gave him this cool license plate sign. . .


Sunday morning started with grape spark and a quick trip to work.


Then, a 4 mile run with Luke. . . followed by some sunshine time.


Sunday afternoon was typical – baby nap time = get stuff done.

Ironing = my least favorite activity. . .


Sunday evening was family time, getting ready for the week and some relaxing on the couch.

What were you up to??


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Friday Favorites: 6/6/14–6 years together

Tomorrow, Scott and I will celebrate 6 years of marriage.

On 06/07/08 at 3:45pm, we got married.


I simply cannot believe that we have been married for 6 years, together for 11, and now have a 2 year old. Life is amazing.

For my Friday Favorites this week, I thought I would share a few of my favorite moments from our wedding day.

#1. Waking up on the morning of our wedding day and going into my little sister’s room to lay in bed for a few minutes and enjoy the quiet of the day and talk about how excited we both were.

Katie Thompson 111

#2. While I was upstairs getting ready, Scott and his groomsman were out on the front lawn and dock taking some pictures. So, I got a sneak peak of him before he saw me. I don’t think I could have smiled any bigger.


#3. Seeing each other for the first time.


#4. Laura bursting into tears right before walking down the aisle because she was so happy for me.


#5. My best friend’s little girl walking down the aisle and her Mom crying because her little girl was so cute.


#6. My Dad walking me down the aisle.


#7. Being married.


#8. Our first dance.


#9. Our cakes – we had one on every table as a centerpiece.


#10. Dancing to “The Lime and the Coconut.” – we had a live band and they did a fun song/dance with the wedding party. I think of it every time I hear that song.


Here’s to many more years, Scott. XOXO.

And as usual – feel free to link up with your Friday post. Smile


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Weekend Update: 6/9/13


Abby just couldn’t wait for Luke to get up from his nap. . . she was just sitting in the hallway and doorway outside of his room all during his naptime.


5th wedding anniversary lunch at Panera! What a difference 5 years makes. Smile 


What someone thought of our 8 mile run on Friday afternoon. . . (new baby jogging stroller record!!)


Fun delivery from Chobani on Friday afternoon – Chobani bites!!


Headed to the cities on Saturday. . .sleepers in the backseat. IMG_4463IMG_4465

I dropped Luke and Abby off at my parent’s house for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. . .


A super fun get together with these ladies – Melanie and Becky! We met up at Caribou and spent 2 hours (that went by way too quickly) talking about life, blogging and everything. I am so happy that I have become “real life” friends with them!!


Then, we headed to Patisserie 46 for some of this.  . .


And to meet up with Teresa from Famiglia Meschini wines. She shared her adorable story how her family started their wine company. They make their wines in Chile and Argentina and import them here! She is also a busy Mom. She was nice enough to meet with us and share her story and info about their wines. IMG_4472

She, of course, brought some wine for us to take home! I snagged a bottle of their Torrontes Premium. Thanks Teresa!! IMG_4475

After a quick run with my Dad and Abby. I picked up Scott and we headed out for our anniversary dinner at The Bradstreet Crafthouse at The Graves Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. IMG_4479

I knew it was going to be a good meal, when the waiter brought us a pre-cocktail cocktail! Winking smile We each started with a drink, Tom Collins for Scott and a gin-fruit-thing for me. Their menu is all small plates and sandwiches so we got a bunch of different things and shared them all. The best thing was a chicken fried black cod sandwich with fresh house made pickles – yum! But we also had. . .

ScreenHunter_62 Jun. 09 15.27

The chicken and waffles was super yummy and Scott loved the caprese melt. The only thing that I wanted to get that we didn’t was the Becky recommended Lobster Mac and Cheese (so, we totally need to go there together, Becky!!) And we finished the meal with vanilla crème brulee. It was a really nice anniversary dinner! And I would recommend Bradstreet to anyone who wants a good place to go hang out and have some interesting drinks and fun food.

Luke had lots of fun hanging with Grandma and Grandpa Thompson while we went to dinner.


We headed back to Mankato on Saturday night. .  .

And Luke and I went out for a 4 mile run. PJs are totally acceptable jogging stroller attire on Sunday morning, right?


Then, it rained most of the afternoon. . . which was fine by me! Snuggled on the couch, catching up on TV time and blog work during baby nap time –> perfect Sunday afternoon. ..


And cookie cake helps too!


Hope you had a great weekend too! Up to anything fun/exciting/totally boring?


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Today is our 5th wedding anniversary!! Thank you to my wonderful husband for making the past 5 years wonderful, exciting, challenging, and perfect. Love you.

I thought I would share “our story” with you all today in honor of our anniversary! Hopefully it causes a few laughs, a few ahhhhs, and a few smiles!

The Internet connection
One day while I supposed to be studying in my college dorm room at UW- Eau Claire. . . I was watching Oprah instead. And she had on the show that day the founders of a new internet dating site called “Great Boyfriends” (which I don’t think even exists anymore. . . ). The premise of the site was that all guys on the site were recommended by other girls, either friends or ex-girlfriends who think they are great guys but it just didn’t work out for whatever reason. So, to avoid studying, and being a single girl, I got on my laptop and checked it out. After looking around for a little while, I noticed this cute guy standing next to a tree. **I thought he might be cute, it wasn’t the best picture, so it was hard to tell. . . On this site, you could email the girl that had put him on the site. So, I emailed his friend Beth, and basically said, is he really a good guy? Which, of course, she replied YES! And then I decided to email him. Best. Decision. Ever. Smile

The first phone call
We chatted over emails for about a week, everything from favorite movie to how many pillows do you sleep with. And then, I gave him my phone number and he promised to call the following evening. Oh my goodness, I was sooo nervous. His voice was deeper than I was expecting, but otherwise, he sounded like the funny, nice guy that I had come to know over email. I think our first phone call lasted over an hour. I have the biggest cheesy grin on my face just thinking about it!

Our first date
A few phone calls later. .. he asked me out on a real first date. I was going to home from school for Easter weekend and we made plans to meet up for dinner and a movie that Saturday night. He called a friend and asked for a suggestion for a nice place to go near my parent’s place. And we met up at the restaurant (Sunset’s). He brought me a single red rose. (so cute!) It was a nice but hard first date. We had talked so much online and on the phone, we had already covered all normal first date material. So, there were some awkward pauses and silences while we figured out what to talk about, but, it was still nice and comfortable. I had the fish and chips and he had a chicken Cesar salad. I only remember that because I was sorta embarrassed that he got a salad and I totally didn’t. . . Then, we had time to kill before the movie, so I suggested we head back to my parent’s house for a few minutes. I know how much my Mom likes the leftover fish from Sunset’s, so I wanted to take the leftovers to her. What I didn’t count on, was for her to be in her PJs already! Thankfully, Scott took it all in stride and was a perfect gentleman meeting her. Although, I think she was totally embarrassed! The other reason I wanted to swing by my house, was to change cars. He had (and still does, although he’s trying to sell it) a mustang cobra convertible.


And I wanted to ride in it! So, we drove together to the movie. Winking smile We saw “Phone Booth”, which I don’t think is the best date movie ever, but it worked! Afterwards, we headed back to my parent’s house, where my little sister promptly launches into her latest drama and get’s Scott opinion on it. At one point, I went into my parent’s bedroom to say goodnight and Mom says, so how’s it going? And I said, eh, not sure yet. He’s sorta dorky. Which totally makes me laugh now! We ended up sitting on the couch, we watched another movie – Risky Business – again, a sorta questionable first date movie. . . and then a goodnight kiss –> such a gentleman!

We talked on the phone the next day and hung out the next night. . .

We dated for 5 years before getting married. Except for the first 4 months of dating, it was all long distance. Scott went to school at Purdue University that fall after we started dating.


I finished at UW- Eau Claire and then moved to Des Moines for medical school. With school and everything, it just wouldn’t have made sense to get married any sooner than we did. And I am glad that we had that time to get to know each other so well and I think that has served us so well during the 1st years of our marriage. During that dating time, we covered everything – kids, money, jobs, family, likes, dislikes, pet peeves, food, music, movies, and everything in between.

The Engagement Story
We had gone out for the day, to celebrate Scott’s birthday. We went to the James J Hill house, which is on Summit Ave (one of my favorite running places!), for a tour.

After, we went to the St. Paul Cathedral to look around.

Originally we were going to try to take a tour, but they didn’t offer tours on the weekends. As we were walking out of the cathedral, onto the front steps, overlooking the capital and downtown St. Paul,

Scott says “Katie?”
“Ya, what?”
”Can you look at my hand?”
”Adam (his brother) and I were goofing around in the garage this morning and I cut my hand. I thought it was ok, but now it is really hurting.”
So, I am thinking, great, now we are going to have to go to the ER to get a tetanus shot and stitches, a great was to spend a beautiful spring day.
“When was your last tetanus shot?”
”Ummm, I don’t know.”
”Well, what did you cut your hand on?”
”A metal car part.”
At this point, I had grabbed his hand and dragged him down the stairs into the sunshine, so I could get a good look at it.
He had his right hand covered in bandage over the palm. (I have no idea how I didn’t notice the bandage all afternoon!)
I am giving him a hard time about having to go to the ER, how could he be so stupid, etc.
And then, the diamond in the ring catches the sunlight as I unwrapped his hand. 
And he got down on one knee. . .

Our Wedding Day
And we got married at 3:45pm on 06.07.08! Smile


It was a beautiful day. A little rain in the morning, but it cleared in time for pictures at the Lake and was a nice sunny day. Not too hot! And it was a great day. . . we had lots of friends and all of our families come out to support us and dance the night away.


I cannot believe it has been 5 years already! I am looking forward to the next 75 more!!

We are heading to Bradstreet Crafthouse for our anniversary dinner tomorrow night. I have never been, but the menu looks delicious!!

Check out our previous anniversaries here:
4 years
3 years


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Last Thursday on 6.7.12 Scott and I celebrated our 4th anniversary!

It started with Scott bringing home part 1 of my anniversary present the night before:


And then presented me with this the next morning:


We have both been keeping to the traditional wedding anniversary presents (like we did for year 3: leather) and year 4 is fruit and flowers.

I gave Scott this:

Delicious Fruit Design®  Dipped Strawberries in White Chocolate

An edible arrangement – with his favorite –> white chocolate covered strawberries!

We both commented that it seems like we have been married for a long time and short time all in one. We have been through so much in the past 4 years: new jobs, me finishing residency, buying our first house, having a baby. . . just to name a few! Yet, it seems like just yesterday we were doing this:


So, we left Luke with my parents and went out for an anniversary date.

We stated with a walk down Summit Ave. –> walked passed St. Paul Cathedral where Scott proposed!

Then, headed to dinner in downtown St. Paul at The St. Paul Grill.

Dinner started with a bread and cracker basket.


Followed by seared tenderloin tartare

Hand Chopped Choice Tenderloin seasoned and seared rare with Pickled Vegetables and Grilled Bread


Strawberry spinach salad

Baby Spinach topped with Sliced Strawberries, Creamy French Brie Cheese and Raspberry Poppy Seed Dressing

Filet Mignon with a bleu cheese crust –> seriously melted like butter!


Onion rings (the size of my face!) with jalapeno-lime mayo


It was a delicious meal and excellent service too and both Scott and I agreed that we would go back.


A great date night and 4th anniversary! Smile

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Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary. Smile 


We were married at 3:45 on 6.7.8 – ya I know, we’re cool! 🙂


It was a beautiful summer day. There was the threat of rain early on, but it cleared to a beautiful sunshine 70 degree day. We got married in a small town in Wisconsin – the same one my parents got married in! And just down the road, was my parent’s lake place = perfect for wedding pictures and getting ready.

When we were dating, Scott really enjoyed our weekends at the Lake and hanging out in the small town (especially the most awesome bakery!), so when we talked about where to get married, it just seemed right for us. I would not do it any other way, if I were to do it over again. I loved doing everything in a small town. Talking directly to Mary Kay who owns the bakery and who would decorate the cake, dealing with the town mayor who also owned the party hall, and of course, having my Mom help cause she grew up in the town and knows everyone! It was just perfect for us.

Here is our wedding day via photos!


















We exchanged gifts this morning: we try to stick with the ‘traditional’ wedding anniversary presents, so year 3 is leather. I gave Scott a leather picture frame with his favorite picture of us from our engagement photo session for his desk at work. Check out our engagement story here.


And he gave me a gorgeous leather Coach purse. He knows me so well! 🙂

After work, we braved the heat for a rough 2.5 mile run – so hot! It was well over 100 degrees here in Mankato today, even though our thermometer said 98 when we got back from the run, but Scott reminded me that our sensor is in the shade!




We then took Abby out for walk around the block. She loved it but was just as excited as us to get back to the air conditioned house.



Tonight, we are checked out a new (to us) place in Mankato: Dino’s. They are supposed to have good pizza and Italian dishes and have a nice atmosphere. And they did!



It was a really nice place with brick wall and butcher paper on the tables. I love when they have paper and crayons on the table. We almost always end up with a game of hangman and an anatomical drawing – complete with explanation to Scott! It makes the time fly until dinner comes.

Anatomical drawing. . .


Scott trying to figure out hangman


We ordered bruschetta with house made garlic pitas. YUM!


And for dinner we got 2 small pizzas: caprese with balsamic cream sauce, tomatoes, mozzarella and basil


The Dino with mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage and Canadian bacon.


We both preferred the caprese – such good flavors.

We also got turtle cheesecake to go – much better enjoyed on the couch watching an episode of Greek!

Off to enjoy the rest of my anniversary with my honey bunny – have a great night!


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