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Friday Favorites: 5/8/15

oh Friday. Finally!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Planning on hitting up a cross fit class – Saturday mornings are usually partner workouts and are pretty fun! Thinking about checking out the local farmer’s market, doing a few family runs, and enjoying the nice weather. And, of course, Mother’s Day on Sunday that hopefully will include a visit to the hospital to see Dad.

Here are the things that made me smile this week.


Dinner with my sisters.


Laura made nachos for dinner on Monday night. They were awesome. And it is so nice to be close to my sisters, especially right now.

Yasso frozen yogurt bars.


After seeing these around the blogosphere, I finally got to try them for myself! The company was nice enough to send me a few coupons for me to pick up 2 boxes. Salted caramel and cookie dough ftw. These fro yo bars are the perfect post-dinner snack. A little sweetness to end the evening. and only 100 calories. Winning.



Totally made my day. Thanks Melanie. XOXO

Good news. We heard this week that my Dad’s sister is a PEFFECT bone marrow match for Dad. So happy. . .

Grocery store helper.


He just L.O.V.E.S the little carts at the grocery store. And is so adorable with putting items in his cart and picking out things that we “have” to buy.

Le Tote. Have you guys heard of this? Basically for $49 per month, you have a personal shopper sending you items from your “closet”. You wear them, keep them if you want (for a discounted price) or else just send it back – no washing required, and then they send you another box with 5 more items to try out and wear. The company offered me a free month to check it out and I’ve just received one box so far (striped blazer and blue polka dot scarf), full review to come, but so far, I am loving it!


If you want to try it too, ou can use the code RUNNING4CUPCAKES to get 20% off!

Cross Fit. Still loving it. Smile


Whatcha up to this weekend??

Linking up with Friday fun with both Heather and Clare!

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Friday Favorites: 6/20/14

Friday! Where have you been all week?

I have been a day off all week long, so I am SO happy that it is finally actually Friday.

And I am super excited for this weekend. . . because we have NOTHING planned. I love going up to the Lake and getting together with friends, but there is something so wonderful about a weekend with no plans.

But of course, I don’t actually have no-plans. .. on my to-do list – running (8 miles planned on Saturday!), Farmer’s Market (for the first time this year!), trying to make homemade lara bars (wish me luck) and lots of Lukie snuggles and playtime.

Here are a few things that made me smile this week. . .

**Luke playing guitar with Grandpa


**Advocare success texts


**Early morning alarms to get a run in before work


**Braving the wind and rain to teach Monday night BODYPUMP


**Lukie falling asleep holding onto his loader


**Finding a new tasty (chocolate!) protein powder from Advocare


**This girl – being my Advocare buddy, blend, gchatter, and just a great friend. I am so thankful to have her in my life.


**Update on last week’s Friday Favorites. .. I told you about the Honest company and how you can get free samples + cost of shipping. . . Well, I did that. And the samples came. 5 small bottles of a few different items. Nothing too exciting. BUT then, I re-read my initial email after I signed up to get samples, and you are automatically enrolled in their monthly subscription service when you sign up to get samples. That is SO irritating to me. I hate when you automatically get signed up for anything. . . But, what really annoyed me was the fact that to cancel, you had to CALL. You couldn’t just go online and cancel. I had to sit on the phone waiting to talk to an operator for 20 minutes!! Time I could have been spending with Luke playing or reading books. . . So, needless to say, I will never be ordering anything from the Honest Company again and I just wanted to share with you my experience and hopefully save you some time and money as well. <end rant> Winking smile

What are you up to this weekend? And what made you smile this week??


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Friday Favorites: 5/16/14

Happy Friday!! What are you up to this weekend? Scott is planning to continue work outside on the retaining walls, I have to work, we have a get-together planned with a bunch of friends on Sunday, and I am hoping to be able to stop by and visit a friend’s new baby.

Here are my little things from this week that made me smile. . .

#1. Watching the trees get green. Warmer weather is coming!!


#2. Being smoothie buddies with Luke.


I cannot make a smoothie for myself without making one for him too. . . if I try, he wants to share mine and will pretty much drink the whole thing. . . “my turn Mommy.”

#3. Hanging with my sisters. We did Paint Night last week and it was awesome. I wish we got together more frequently.






Ladies – we should get our next get-together on the calendar!

#4. Luke’s new toy bucket. A super cheap, easy party prop for his construction themed party and now the perfect place to hold all of his tools.


#5. This AdvoBar snack – tastes like a milky way with 10 grams of protein.


#6. An early birthday present.


A new lulu top from my best blends (Becky, Melanie & Caroline)! Isn’t it so adorable? I wore it to teach bodypump on Wednesday night and loved it! Thanks again ladies. XOXO.

And now you tell me. . . what made you smile this week??


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Friday Favorites: 1/24/14

Happy Friday. Are you doing the Friday dance too?

Luke and I are going to kick off the weekend by heading to the YMCA – teaching spin/bodypump class this morning and then some ball pit action for Luke. We have another weekend with nothing planned. Well, that’s not exactly true – I’ve kept our schedule free, so Scott can spend lots of time working on the new house. So, Luke and I will do lots of visiting, playing and keeping the townhome in shape. Also, looking forward to getting in a few treadmill runs during naptime and meal planning. I know, it’s ok to be jealous of my awesome life. Winking smile 

Here are my favorites from this week. . . 

My husband.


He is working so hard making sure everything is going right with the house, spending lots of time on the phone with the builder and contractor. As well as he is spending evenings and weekends working on finishing the basement! I am so thankful to #1 have such a hardworking husband #2 to have such a handy husband who can finish a basement! #3 for his attention to detail because I know our house is going to be awesome because of it. . .

Active Accessories on-the-go hair bands – of course I love the pink color! (btw – do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your hair?)


and they have a super cute on-the go accessory pouch. Perfect for your phone, chapstick and gym card.


I was sent this products for free from Active Accessories for my review, but, as usual, all opinions at 100% my own on R4C. . . but also, the hair bands showed up at just the right time because I could not find my usual hair bands ANYWHERE. . . well, guess where I found them 3 days later. ..


I guess they needed to be used as cargo in the dump truck.

AND you all can get 25% OFF your purchase on their website with coupon code: Running4Cupcakes. It expires on Valentine’s Day!

Bringing my own coffee to work. #1. Saving $5 = awesome #2. I love my nespresso machine and it makes pretty great lattes.


Speaking of coffee. .. this sign in my office always makes me smile.


My 1st juice – carrots and apple.


After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I was inspired to try a fresh pressed juice. I don’t have my own juicer, so I checked out the one (?!? downside of living in a small town) place that sells fresh pressed juice. The verdict – LOVED it. Can’t wait to get my own juicer (hopefully soon, my friend Sue is going to let me check out one of hers!) and try some greens!

Google hangouts with my favorite blends (Becky, Melanie & Caroline). <good for my soul> Thanks again for the chat ladies. Smile 


Tell me some of your little favorites from the week? And weekend plans?

Please link up with any Friday post of your own – all are welcome!!



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Weekend Update: 8/11/13

Happy Sunday. Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was super busy and wonderful all at the same time. . .

On Friday, I drove up to the cities to hang out with my #blends, Melanie and Becky. It was bittersweet because this was the last time that we are going to hang out while Becky still lives in Minneapolis. She is moving to Chicago next weekend!!

I finally got to check out the sweet view from her apartment for myself. . .


After hanging out in her apartment for a bit and venting about the horrible traffic I ran into on my way up to the cities. . . seriously over an hour stuck in barely moving traffic with a fussy baby = not fun!

Then, we walked over to Spoon River.


Melanie and I actually got the exact same thing – the vegetarian plate special. It was super delicious. I especially loved the eggplant, which is super funny because I didn’t even know that I liked eggplant!



And then we walked back to Becky’s apartment – which was super fancy – look at these fountains in the lobby!


And we totally had a bar swap – my Special K for Becky’s chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars <—I know! She promised to share the recipe this week!


Thanks for another fun night ladies. .. can’t wait for Healthy Living Summit and to come visit Chicago!!


Then, I picked up Scott, the baby and the puppy and we headed out to the Lake for the weekend. Abby got groomed and even got a bow –> so cute!! And I love her paws after getting groomed.


I was super happy with the nice weather on Saturday morning and I got my long run in. . . 7 miles on my own, then Scott and Dad joined me for the last 3 = 10 miles total!!


Then, just hanging out time at the Lake. . .


You don’t chill in the sink with a sippy cup? Who’s the weird one? Winking smile


Grilling burgers and brats for dinner. . . and enjoying a margarita. ..


And sometime Saturday night, I decided that I needed to make and eat cookie dough. . . it was a very good decision. Winking smile


The cookies on the bottom right are my Dad’s, who loves burnt cookies.


And then on Sunday morning, we made breakfast for the family. I tried another Pinterest recipe for my #AugustPinterestChallenge –> Peach Cobbler Scones.


They were a little bit of work. . . but turned out really good. They were thick, fluffy and sweet. I am looking forward to leftover scones this week for breakfast on my way to work.

After we let breakfast digest, and took a boat ride around the lake, Dad, Scott and I headed out for a 3 mile run.

Then, it was time to get packed up and make the trip back home. . . now laundry is in the washing machine, baby is in bed, and we are watching Food Network Star Finale. . . and Abby looks like this –>


Hope you had a great weekend too.

What were you up to?  Did you make any Pinterest recipes??


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Weekend update: 7/14/13

Man, I had a great weekend. Lots of time with friends and family.


Started with a hot and sweaty 5 mile run with Luke. Then, date night with my husband, complete with a margarita!!


On Friday, I met up with Becky and Melanie at the Mall of America.


Of course we had to do some shopping at Lululemon. I still had a birthday gift card to use – 2 new running tops! Thanks Dad. Smile 


Then, I met up with Sue to go for another hot and steamy 5 mile run. We were matching pink twins.


Both Luke and I got new shoes. He took his off cause it was too hot, but I kept mine on. . . First time checking out Mizunos. First impression is good. . . full review after I put a few more miles in.



See, I told you it was the best weekend – running & cupcakes!!


Saturday morning we drove up to Le Sueur for the Crazy Days 5K. I just wanted to finish under 30 minutes with both the baby jogging stroller and the dog –> we totally crushed that and finished in 26.46!!


And we had our family picture in the online paper!!


Luke and Abby wanted to get more exercise in.  . .


Afterwards, I did some body pump. Abby was glued to my hip the entire time. It was thunder-storming out and she hates thunder. .. poor girl. IMG_4953

And then baking. Banana bread in mini muffin form. Is there anything cuter than mini muffins. *If you make this recipe, cook time for mini muffins is about 15 minutes.


Sunday was a fun day. .. 7.5 miles for my long run this week. It was almost perfect weather: warm, sunny, breezy, a little hot in the direct sun, but overall better than the hot hot hot runs that I have been suffering through recently.

And a 3 years old birthday party this afternoon. . .

And now we all feel like Abby and are headed for an early bedtime.


Hope you had a great one too. Smile What were you up to?


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