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Friday Favorites: Off to MN

Happy Friday!

We are headed to Minnesota this weekend after work today for some family time and a little bit of work. . .

Before I finish packing and head off to work, I wanted to pop in to share my favorites from this week with you – just the little things that made me smile. Smile 


Amazing meals. From Blue Apron. These pictures don’t do them justice. The chicken burgers on the right – SO good! Full review coming next week!


Little boy haircuts. He always looks so grown up afterwards. And his little mohawk – or “dinosaur tail” as he calls it – kills me.


Abby cuteness. And the view from our living room windows.


Chobani flips. YUM. The perfect little after-dinner snack.


Your turn! Favorites from the week? Plans for the weekend?

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Friday Favorites: smiles

Happy Friday!!

This was my first week back to work after having surgery, but thankfully it went well and the week seemed to fly by. . . now just to get through today and then on to the weekend. We don’t have any big plans – other than a 4 year old birthday party (her Mom makes the best cake!) and a trip to the Minnesota State Fair on Monday!!

Here are the things that helped me smile this week. . .


1. spark. Monday morning was t.o.u.g.h. but thankfully after I mixed up my spark, I felt ready to take on the day! #success


btw – next big group challenge is staring on September 8th, if you are interested in joining in, just let me know! Smile

2. bath time. love.


3. national dog day. cuteness.


4. rocksbox. loved this necklace from my latest box.


Unfortunately it was a little more than I would typically spend, but I had fun wearing it at work. Excited to see what comes in my next box. . . don’t forget to use the code running4cupcakesxoxo to get a month FREE.

5. Snack time.


So, I don’t know why I haven’t tried these almonds before. They are amazing. Super glad Influenster sent them to me to try out. They might be my new favorite afternoon snack.

6. Making energy balls with my favorite chef.


Cheers to a great weekend!! What are you up to??

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Life Lately. . .


How is it Wednesday already? This week is flying by..  .

My friend, Peggy, was in town until early Tuesday morning and I am still smiling from an amazing few days together.

Here’s a little recap of what I’ve been up to. . .

Back to teaching ‘pump = awesomeness.




Ice Cream time.


Snack time featuring some new to me Blue Diamond Almond flavors – salted caramel and blueberry.



Snuggle time while watching American Sniper <—whoa – good movie.


Morning coffee and reading.


Running at the Lake. . .


Rain at the lake = jump time.


Boat time.


Shark time.


Another beautiful run.


We finished the long weekend with the perfect ending – the most amazing fro yo I’ve ever had (from Yogurt Lab – seriously their birthday cake fro yo was amazing.)


Yesterday was all about laundry, grocery shopping, meal planning, making crockpot fajitas for dinner. . . and enjoying the sunshine.


So. . . what have you been up to??

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.


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Easy as Breeze Smoothie Recipe

This “Easy as Breeze” post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. For more “Easy As Breeze” recipes made with five ingredients or less, visit Almond Breeze on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

I don’t know about you but during the hot and humid days of summer, when it comes to food, I want something fast, easy and cold. That means lots of smoothies, salads, cereal, iced lattes, ice cream, fresh fruit and veggies.

So, when Blue Diamond offered to send me some of their chocolate almond milk, I was super excited to try it out.


And of course, I had to make a smoothie. Smile 


Quick, easy, cold and delicious. Perfect for summer time.

Just blend 8 oz Blue Diamond Chocolate Almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder, and 1 T of nut butter.


What’s your favorite thing to eat in the summer??


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Clean eating (no sugar!) oatmeal cookies

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk

So, you guys know I am in the middle of another 24 day challenge. .. and it’s going really well! But, the weekends are tough. That’s usually when we eat sweet treats – cookies, cakes, bars, etc. So, I was looking to make a little something to eat after dinner on Saturday night. I used recipe inspiration from a version that was posted on my AdvoCare’s group Facebook page (there are over 2,000 members!) and came up with my own version.


3 mashed ripe bananas
1/2 cup natural applesauce
2 1/2 cups oatmeal
1/4 cup Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk Original
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup raisins (optional)
1 t vanilla
1 t cinnamon

Mix all ingredients together. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.






Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday. This recipe totally qualifies. Smile


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Friday Favorites: 5/29/15

Whoa. The last Friday of May. Seriously? Where is the time going??

Looking forward to some fun activities this weekend – Cross Fit, Farmer’s Market, movie night, and some baking! And maybe if the unpacking gets done, some adult beverages on our new screened in porch! Smile 

Here are the things that made me smile this week. . .


Nut thins


Have you guys had these? Blue Diamond sent me two boxes as part of their Tastemakers blogger program. And I was totally going to take some cute pictures, paired with yummy cheese. . .. and ummmm, the next thing I know, I was finishing off the second box. They have been the perfect crunchy evening snack lately.


So, if you have more willpower than I do, pair with some cheese. . . otherwise, straight out of the box is awesomesauce too. Winking smile 

this sign from my gym that I shared on Instagram this week. #truth


this cartoon. 


My sister sent it to me after my blog post last week. Perfect, right?

View from our new dining room window. 


I just love the woods behind our house. We see deer and wild turkeys every day. And I saw a doe and fawn last week. Adorable.

Luke swimming in the cold lake. 


When we were at the Lake last weekend, Luke really really wanted to go swimming, but didn’t realize the lake was freezing. He basically clung to Aunt Laura for dear life. Hilarious.

Birthday cake. Oh ya. Those pink roses = so good!


stitch fix. yup, this is happening. hoping for some new jeans!


Laura and I are going to be starting a 24 day challenge with AdvoCare on June 8th – done in time for the Fourth of July! If you want to join in or more details, shoot me an email.

030 (3)

What are you loving this week??

And what’s up for the weekend??

Linking up with Friday fun with both Heather and Clare!

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Friday Favorites: 8/15/14

Hey! Happy Friday.

I am working this morning but then after lunch we are headed back up to the Lake (story of my life in the summer, right?) for a long weekend. Looking forward to a Friday night Fish Fry (WI staple), long run (11 miles) on Saturday and some time on the water. I’ll be back on Monday with the details.

But, here are the things that made me smile this week. . . because we all know that it is the little things that matter. Smile 

–> This adorable bookmark that I got from my friend Judy at Success School last weekend.


It was so thoughtful for her to bring it and so perfect for me. Smile 

–> My latest Jamberry manicure – loving the stripes.


–> Blue diamond almonds.


The latest flavors –> Honey Roasted Vanilla and Honey Roasted Chipotle almonds. Loving the new honey flavors.


And they are the perfect afternoon snack!

–> Peek <—have you guys heard of this?? It is super fun! “Get a peek into the mind of your users. See and hear a 5 minute video of a real person using your site. It’s super fast and totally free.”  



Your turn. What made you smile this week? And what are you up to this weekend??

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**This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds

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Friday Favorites: 2/7/14

Oh Friday. I am sorta happy to see you. You see, yes, I am super happy that it is the weekend. BUT we are planning to spend the entire weekend painting our house. And I am not looking forward to it. Silver linings: #1. We have quite a few people coming to help #2. Luke has a Grandma coming each day to hang out with #3. the floors aren’t in yet, the windows aren’t framed. . . i.e. it will be pretty easy to paint with minimal taping (which I think everyone can agree is one of the worst parts!) #4. we are saving quite a bit of money doing it ourselves. So, while I am not looking forward to it, I am hopeful that it will go faster and better than anticipated! Cross your fingers for me! And make sure to tell me what you are doing this weekend so I can live vicariously though you. Smile And if you are free, do you want to come paint? Winking smile

Anyway, I am off to the first of I am sure numerous trips to Home Depot for the weekend. . . so here are some of my Friday Favorites for you from the week.

Malt-o-meal cereal –> So, you guys know about my love for cinnamon toast crunch – well it is actually a love for cinnamon toasters. My husband loves cereal. It actually works out well that he loves cereal so much because he is
happy when I don’t want to make anything for dinner and he can eat cereal for dinner. Winking smile I didn’t eat malt-o-meal cereal before getting married, but since my husband eats it, that’s what we buy. For a while, I also bought cinnamon toast crunch because I thought it was better. And then one day we were out of the “real” stuff, so I was forced to eat malt-o- meal. And you guys, it is better. There is more cinnamon sugar goodness.


And same with frosted mini spooners (frosted mini wheat’s) – they have more icing.


YUM! I love eating cinnamon toasters for “dessert” after dinner during the week. Because in our house, my husband and I have the biggest sweet tooths ever and can’t stop after 1 cookie, we only eat desserts on the weekend. But sometimes, after dinner, you just need a little something, ya know? And that’s where cinnamon toasters fit perfectly into my life. **I can’t eat them for breakfast, because they don’t fill me up or keep me full. However, I do love to keep a bag of frosted mini spooners in my car and eat those for breakfast.


Quick, easy, delicious. And Luke loves to eat them too.


And did you know that malt-o-meal is made in MN? They have a factory in Northfield. And I had the chance to meet someone who works there and he said that employees have the option to take home 3 (three!!) bags every day if they want to.


I totally think Scott should get a job there. . . And no, I didn’t get anything from Malt-O-Meal to talk about their goodness – I just really love their cereal.

<—BTW I can’t believe that I just wrote all that about my love for cereal. Winking smile

Surprises in the mail. Almonds from Blue Diamond. <—which Luke thinks were for him. . . to help support the US Ski and Snowboarding team.


Cute Valentine’s Day card from Becky.


And the cutest thank you package from Ashley. <—thank you so much!!


I think I love and hate you all at the same time for introducing me to these almonds. Delicious and dangerous. Winking smile


Puppy noses.


Fresh juices.


I have enjoyed one as part of my lunch every day this week. My favorite combo so far is still apples, carrots and 1/2 lemon. YUM!

Now, it’s your turn. What was your favorite from the week?

And as usual feel free to link up with your Friday post!!

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HLS13–the swag

I have two more HLS posts for you: 1. the stuff and 2. my presentation recap <—coming later this week!! Smile 

Total blogger fail and I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the stuff. . .So a HUGE thanks to Hannah for some of these pictures. Winking smile

I was blown away. like, for. real. by the amount of swag that we got. I have never been so happy that I have lived close by otherwise there was no way that I was getting everything home.


Upon checking in, we received a bag full of products, samples, coupons. I mean, that thing was stuffed. Here is Caroline’s pic of everything. .. 


Most amazing was that there was a full size Nature Box –> which I have always wanted to check out. ..

hls swag 2

and a kona kase box. ..which was nice to see because I enjoyed my 1st one so much!!

hls swag 3

In addition to that bag, our sponsors, basically set up shop outside of our conference room, and were so happy and gracious to share their company and products with us.


At first I was a little nervous to approach them, but they were all so nice and welcoming, I had nothing to be nervous about! I usually explained what R4C is about, made sure to give them a business card, and then chatted about their company, and then they would make sure that I got lots of products to check out.

The “gold sponsor” of the HLS13 was Wild Harvest


They were ah-mazing! They were all super nice and down to earth, very easy to chat with. . .and most importantly (to my husband), sent me home with 2 bags of animal crackers. Smile 


Sargento Cheese was there handing out cheese sticks and these super cute little cheese stick holders. ..


Almonds from Blue Diamond –> so many good flavors. I had never had these single serve packs before. . . they are so so good!! I have only tried a couple so far – but the coconut is awesome.


Ninja Kitchen was there and telling everyone about their newest blender – the Ultima Blender. Whoa. that blender is amazing. And yes, I am holding the blender because it was that cool. And they were handing out superfood snack bars. <—holy deliciousness.


and Driscoll’s Berries. <—which you guys already know how awesome they are and how I am totally going to turn into a berry because of how many I have eaten. And total fail because I haven’t done anything with them except for eating them, because they are just so. darn. good.


A huge thank you to ALL the sponsors of HLS13 –-> can’t wait to see you again at HLS14!!


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