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Weekend Update: 2/9/14

Whew. What a weekend. I can pretty much sum it up in one word: painting.


We got it done. 2 coats of paint on every wall in the upstairs.

We couldn’t have done it without all the help we had. On Saturday, Scott’s parent’s – Way and Lee came. Lee helped at the house. Way watched Luke and brought sloppy joe’s for lunch. Scott’s brother Adam helped. And 2 of Scott’s friends from work – Matt and Zak were there too. On Sunday, my parent’s came down. Mom watched Luke and made hot beefs for lunch. Dad helped paint. Matt and Zak came over for day #2, as did Lee. And another friend of ours, Matt came over in the afternoon.

We knew at some point we would be painting the upstairs, but didn’t realize it was going to be the past weekend, until Monday night last week. So, it was a pretty quick decision making to figure out all the colors, and with the short time frame, we didn’t even have the chance to test out colors on the walls to make sure we liked them. We totally lucked out though, because we LOVE all of our colors!

Luke’s room. .


Lunch. . .


Things got a bit crazy when we had to paint the area over the stairs..  . thankfully there were no trips to the ER this weekend!



The master bedroom. . .


Mom was super nice and brought me Caribou on Sunday morning.


And she completed the survey so I can get $1 off my next coffee – how sweet is that?



The finished product of the kitchen/living room area.


And now they can start to put in the flooring!! Wood floors in the kitchen/dining room and hallway. Carpet in the bedrooms. Tile in the mud room and bathrooms.

I am still SO tired – what a long weekend. Looking forward to being in Maui next week!!

So, what were you up to this weekend? Hopefully something way more exciting than my life! Winking smile


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Weekend Update: 12/1/13

Hello hello from Cocoa Beach, Florida!!

But let me back up first. ..

My weekend started on Wednesday night with teaching BODYPUMP.


And puppy snuggles. ..


Thanksgiving Day was just spent with Luke, Scott and Abby. We hung out, worked on packing, ate leftovers, and checked out the progress on our house.


Friday, we headed to the cities to my  parent’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving #2!

Luke helped Grandpa make some pies.


I finally was able to check out Famiglia Meschini wine! We tried the Torrontes. . . . full review coming soon!


And of course, I had to put on some new Jamberry nails for my upcoming trip. They totally remind me of Minnie Mouse – unfortunately we aren’t headed to Disney on this trip. . .


And then it was bathtime and bedtime.


We had a very early wakeup call for our flight on Saturday morning. Caribou was very helpful.


We were super nervous about how Luke would do on the 3 hour flight, but overall he did pretty good. There was a time or two that he wasn’t really super excited to be confined to Mom and Dad’s lap, but then I would pull out a new toy, and he would be ok.


KIND bar for a snack. .. it needs to be like 6 times bigger because I had to share with both Scott and Luke because it was so yummy.


Luke isn’t quite sure what to think about the beach yet. . .


More vacay details tomorrow. . . off to check out the beach this morning. Smile 

Hope you had a great weekend!! What were you up to?? Have you ever been to Cocoa Beach? Any suggestions?


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Staying awake for it

So, you all know how much I love Caribou Coffee, right? They have super good caramel skim lattes, the staff is always really nice and helpful – the regular ones in Mankato know my order and ask about Luke. . .actually I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing – my husband would say that I totally go there too much! Winking smile

Anyway, their logo is “Life is short. Stay awake for it.” And then their follow up to that is “What do you stay awake for?” Such a good question! Here are some of the things I stay awake for. . .

Baby snuggling

013 (2)

Early morning body pump classes –> when I am subbing for the 5:30am class!


a good book – my most recent good read – the “Uglies” series by Scott Westerfeld

play time with Abby – her puppy energy continues even at age 8!

Dessert with my husband … and good cupcakes!

Marco Island 2013 063

What do you stay awake for?


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Weekend Update: 1/13/13


getting into mischief!


Play time. . .


Running errands. .  .


Drive to the cities for BODYPUMP training!

photo 1

Hanging out with Jenny and Ellie on Saturday night. . .

photo 2

Up early Sunday morning at Caribou going over BODYPUMP choreography. . .

photo 3

And the highlight of the weekend – I passed my body pump certification class!!! More details coming later this week about the whole class. Smile Hope you had a great one too.


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Friday Favorites: 12/21/12

Happy Friday. Happy “not end of the world day”! Smile 

I am looking forward to this weekend. Lots of fun things planned. Dinner with friends and babies at Pizza Ranch tonight, Date with Scott to *hopefully* see Skyfall on Saturday and Christmas with the Thompsons on Sunday.

A few of my recent favorite things. . .

Baby teeth! That’s right, not just a tooth anymore, but we have 2 baby teeth! That are very hard to photograph. ..


A new camera. To help capture baby teeth.


We finally decided that our iPhones and point and shoot camera just wasn’t going to cut it for taking pictures of a constantly moving subject! I asked for a recommendation from Beth, and she told me about this awesome camera. The Canon EOS Rebel T3. I double checked reviews on Amazon and Consumer Reports and pulled the trigger. I was looking for something that was user friendly and was not too spendy (for a DSLR camera). Check and check with this camera. I did have to actually read the user manual to even know how to use it at first, and I am sure I am only using about 25% of it right now. . . because I only know how to use 3 settings. But Beth promised to give me lessons and to have us go shooting together. I am hoping to do that with all this winter snow – such pretty backdrop for pictures!

Caribou coffee surveys. . . sometimes you get a survey and if you fill it out you get $1 off your  next drink. Smile 


ABC Family Holiday movies – perfect for putting in treadmill miles during the winter. Some of  my recent ones: Holiday in Handcuffs and Christmas Cupid. Adorable and everything always works out in the end!


Any big plans for the weekend???

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Quick recap

Happy Monday! Here’s a quick recap of my day.  . . 


Breakfast: Caribou medium caramel skim latte and kashi granola bar

Lunch: Turkey and provolone sandwich, carrot and celery sticks, baked sour cream and onion chips

Snack: Kashi granola bar

Dinner: 4 cheese ravioli with spaghetti meat sauce and salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sprinkle of cheese, balsamic vinegar) and garlic toast (featuring Dakota bread from Great Harvest!)

Dessert: Leftover pistachio dessert from ‘Easter’ dinner


Using a bosu ball and weight bar

Bosu ball!

Circuit 1
Run up and down bosu ball
Squat hold on bosu with bicep curl
Bridge with feet on bosu
Plank alternating hands/elbows on bosu

Circuit 2
Up and over bosu
Jump up and down on bosu
Lunges with front leg on bosu
Standing on bosu ball – upright row and overhead press
Back extensions

Circuit 3
Charleston on bosu
Step off side to side and tap floor
Triceps extension behind back with weight bar
Side crunches on bosu
Pushups on weight bar on bosu

Hope you had a great day. . . see ya tomorrow! Smile

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Surprise plates

We watched America’s Next Great Restaurant last night. . . they are opening up one of the restaurants in the Mall of America. When Scott and I are in the cities for Mother’s Day weekend, we are looking forward to going to the mall and checking out the winner’s restaurant. It seems like Soul Daddy is the favorite right now, but I think I am rooting for Spice Market, the modern Indian place. We’ll see!

I slept like a rock last night and this morning came way too early.

I stopped by Caribou to make my Monday morning more tolerable. My usual large caramel skim latte! I had a quick and fast start to work this morning, so I never got to add anything more to my breakfast other than the latte. So, by the time lunch rolled around, my tummy was hungry!


I made a quick trip to the hospital cafeteria. I had some Italian wedding soup – mini meatballs and orzo pasta in an Italian broth – not sure if that is traditional Italian wedding or not. . . either way it is still good! Added a string cheese stick. And an adora calcium chocolate. yum! I am saving the chobani yogurt until snack time!


It is gorgeous and 60 degrees here today! Spring finally. Smile 

Yeah! shorts weather.  ..



I tried out my new playlist on my iPod during a quick 3 mile run before heading to the YMCA to teach CTI tonight.

Highlights from my playlist included:

Show Me How You Burlesque – Dynamix Music          
Forget You  – Cee Lo Green           
Who Says  – Selena Gomez     
Till the World Ends  – Britney Spears          
On the Floor (feat. Pitbull)  – Jennifer Lopez        
The Lazy Song  – Bruno Mars          
Love Drunk  – Boys Like Girls           
Yeah 3X – Chris Brown          
Born This Way – Lady GaGa         
S&M (Remix) [feat. Britney Spears]  – Rihanna        
What the Hell – Avril Lavigne     

Highlights of my afternoon include:

My couch buddy


And my afternoon snack: Cinnamon toast crunch!




CTI tonight was awesome. I had some new members who really seemed to enjoy it and get their sweat on!

We only used a mat tonight and all of the moves (other than plank and pushups) were done running side to side in the aerobics studio.

Circuit 1
Running with random jumps when I called out “jump”
Alternating feet forward and back
Walking lunges
Plank position on elbows
Standard pushup – 10

Circuit 2
Squat hops
Walking front kicks
Shuffle jump
Triceps pushups
Side plank position

Circuit 3
Shuttle run
Walking steam engines – alt knee to elbow
High knees
Plié squat hops
Downward dog position pushups
Plank position with arms extended


After I came home and got showered, I got to work putting together surprise plate leftovers. When I was a kid, my Dad made ‘surprise plates.’ He would put all sorts of random things on the plate, we had to stay out of the kitchen while he prepared them, and we only had to eat what we wanted (aka no complaining). Really he was genius, because he got the kids fed, alone time to make the plates, and no complaining allowed.

BTW, shout out to my Dad who just subscribed to my blog! Smile 

Anyway, dinner = leftover surprise plates. . .

We had: enchiladas, stuffed chicken breasts, Asian mixed veggies, ribs from Famous Dave’s, and we shared some canned pears.

Here is what my surprise plate looked like.  . .



I ate most of the chicken, all of the veggies, only about 2 bites of the enchiladas (they were kind of mushy), and the ribs.

We also had 1 lemon hanging out in the fridge,  so I sliced that up for our waters.


Scott picked up some pretzel M and M’s at Target tonight, so I know what is for dessert tonight!

Have a great night. . . off to do some couch snuggling, TV watching and M and M eating! Winking smile

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Abby + Caribou = Good Monday

Happy Monday!

This morning was especially happy for me, because it started with this:

and this!


Caramel skim latte from Caribou!

Lunch was a buffalo chicken salad. The salad dressing was really spicy! My mouth was on fire when I was done. The salad had lettuce, carrots, celery, tomatoes and buffalo grilled chicken.


I cooled my mouth off with a Chobani black cherry yogurt. Sweet and tart together – one of my favs!


After work I headed to the YMCA to teach aerobics. We got sweaty quickly after our warm up.


Tonight we used a weight bar (I used 15#) and a mat. Each move for about a minute. Repeat each circuit x 2.

Circuit 1
Slow jog 45 seconds alternating with high knees fast run 15 seconds (we did this x3)
Walking lunge with torso rotation with weight bar on shoulders
Wall squat with bicep curl
V sit with bar twist

Circuit 2
Steam engines
Jumping jacks
plie squat with side kick – hold bar for balance
bridge position with chest press and tricep press
Laying on tummy – lifting heels towards ceiling – alternating

Circuit 3
Mini squat with front kick with weight bar on shoulders
Upright row and overhead press – standing on one leg for balance
Oblique side bends holding weight bar
Push-ups x10

After a quick shower and paying some attention to this little girl,


it was time for dinner. . . Leftovers.

This was the Italian turkey sausage with onions and peppers over pasta. I added some extra pasta sauce too.


Scott and I shared some chips and dip too.

Catching up on our Sunday night TV that we missed last night –> Amazing Race (I am rooting for the father/daughter team) and America’s Next Great Restaurant (I am all about the grilled cheese place!).

Have a great night. Smile

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We made it back to Mankato!

Road trip Day #7

This morning we left Keystone, South Dakota, drove 8 1/2 hours and made it back to Mankato, MN (Home!) about 6pm. Unfortunately, we lost an hour going from Mountain to Central time. . . but still made it home at a decent hour.

Thankfully, there was a Starbucks in Rapid City, just 20 miles down the road from the super small town of Keystone. When we stopped, the guy at the drive thru window asked us what our plans were for the day. We told him we were headed home to Minnesota. He told us he was from MN as well, and reminded us that the next Starbucks was about 330 miles away in Sioux City, South Dakota! I was bummed too because on the way to the interstate we passed a Caribou Coffee – now I like Starbucks, but I LOVE Caribou so I was a little bummed that I didn’t know there was a Caribou in town too!

The weather was not great. . . foggy in the morning.

Then, turned to rain.

It didn’t seem to bother the South Dakota cows!


Lunch was Scott’s favorite – Wendy’s!

He was excited to have me try their new fries. I always say that no fries are better than McDonald’s. These weren’t as good as McDonald’s but a lot better than their old fries!

I also had a fish sandwich, which was just ok.  .. nothing amazing!

I also helped Scott finish his chocolate frosty. 😉

We kept busy by playing “Who can name the most State capitols?”

Neither of us did very well - but it helped pass some miles!

Finally, back to MN – the best state sign!

We were quick to unload the car, start some laundry, and go thru the mail.

Scott made a quick run to Kwik Trip for us to pick up some milk and eggs.

I whipped up some french toast for us for dinner.

Eggs mixed with a splash of vanilla and sprinkle of cinnamon.

I love french toast – but let’s be real – it is just a syrup delivery system! I love syrup. YUM.

Check out this cute syrup holder I gave Scott for Christmas!

And I drank the rest of my diet coke from lunch. 🙂

Now, off to catch up on our DVR from vacation – first up: Survivor! Have a g’night!

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Pink Cupcake!!

Happy Friday!!!! I am so glad the weekend is finally (almost) here.

I celebrated Friday by getting my caramel skim latte from Caribou Coffee this morning. It was good! I also added a honey nut cherrios bar. Seriously delicious!

Confession: I L-O-V-E dessert! Hence the name of this blog – running 4 cupcakes – quite literally – I run so I can eat. Cupcakes, candy, chocolate, cake, brownies, caramel, ice cream, etc, etc!


Usually my running can keep up with my dessert addiction – but if not, that is the reason I will gain weight. About a year ago, I joined Weight Watchers to try to lose some of those dessert pounds. I was able to lose about 20 pounds, unfortunately I quickly gained 10 pounds back when I started to be more lenient in how much dessert I would have. I am (thankfully) still 10 pounds down from where I started a year ago, but continue my daily struggle with desserts!

My husband is NO help – he is just as into desserts as me – although he seems to have better control and is able to be satisfied with a smaller helping.

Very often, less than 10 minutes after finishing dinner, Scott will say “So, what’s for dessert?” We usually have dessert every night. Sometimes, it is sharing a couple of pieces of candy, other times it is large bowls of ice cream.

Ice cream. . . maybe just one scoop next time?

The key is moderation. As I commented here, I was able to lose 2 pounds, while eating dessert every night.

So, for me, the keys to be able to continue to enjoy dessert on a daily basis and maintain a healthy weight are:

  1. Moderation, limit dessert to 200-300 calories
  2. Healthy choices with the other meals of the day (i.e. following the 90/10 rule)
  3. Have dessert with only one meal (once per day)
  4. Make it count – don’t settle for something that doesn’t taste good or isn’t what you REALLY want.

How do you include sweets in your healthy diet?

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