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Friday Favorites: 3/21/14

Friday. So happy. That is all. Smile

Here are my favs from this week. . .

BODYPUMP! I taught BODYPUMP 4 times this week. My normal M/W night class and then I subbed for the T/TH 5:30am class. And man, I am tuckered out. But in a “I killed it this week” kind of a way. . . And it is nice to feel that way!


Spark sampler pack from Becky. Already have tried fruit punch and grape. Both delicious. I credit grape spark for getting me through my 4th BODYPUMP class without dying!


BOGO at Caribou. #happiness


Peanut butter + banana. My favorite part of lunch this week.




The last snow. Since this will (hopefully) be our last snow fall until next year, I decided to embrace and enjoy it. I wore my thick cozy sweater and took pictures of Abby being a snow puppy.


Cool down walk after our run. Love holding hands with this guy.


What are your favorites from this week?


Spreading the link love by linking up with Heather and Claire again this week.

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Friday Favorites: 1/3/14

Happy Friday!! The 1st of 2014! Got anything exciting planned? We have one more holiday party to go to on Saturday –> the white elephant gifts are always epic so I am really looking forward to it!!

Here are a few of my favorites from this week. . . as usual, feel free to link up with your Friday Favorites!!

New water bottle –> Luke gave me a new pink camelbak water bottle for Christmas.  My old water bottle just started leaking randomly on me leaving nice wet water spots on my pants when I tried to drink out of it. So, I was really really hoping that a new water bottle would be one of my presents. This one is the bomb. And pink. Smile 


Christmas food leftovers –> My Mom always makes a ton of food. ..  which is never a problem, because that means tons of leftovers, like we are still finishing them up a week later. Her meatballs and gravy, bacon appetizers and creamed onions. Love. love. and love. Smile Bonus because I haven’t had to cook at all this week.



The newest release. The new winter session starts on Monday at the YMCA and I am getting ready to start the new session with the newest release. To be honest, I wasn’t in love with it when I first listened to the music, but after a few times through and putting the choreography together – I LOVE it!! It also makes really good running music.



Scott and I have celebrated NYE the same way for the past 5 years. Papa Murphy’s pizza. Bottle of Asti. Home on the couch watching movies. And I love it.

This post by Becky. #nailedit

ScreenHunter_145 Jan. 03 08.49

The new Caribou Coffee Perks program!! <finally!>

ScreenHunter_144 Jan. 03 08.48

Impromptu date night –> getting started on my 2014 goals! I set up the babysitter and surprised Scott with the babysitter showing up just as we were thinking about what we were going to do for dinner. So, we went out to Olive Garden (those breadsticks – amazing!) and had a very nice dinner and conversation. No pictures because I was too busy enjoying a random date night during the week!!

Tell me one of your favorites from this week!!

And feel free to link up! Smile 



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Friday Favorites: 11/15/13

Happy Friday!!!! I know I don’t have to tell you how flippin’ excited I am for the weekend!! I am excited to do some catching up on sleep, sitting on the couch and watching some movies – just having some down time after being so busy this week! Laura is coming to visit too, so baking and crafts are on the agenda!!

Here are a few of my favorites from the week. . ..

**My schedule. . . like I mentioned in yesterday’s post –this week has been super busy. On Thursday,  didn’t even get to see Luke or Scott at all! They were sleeping when I left to teach bodypump in the morning, and off to daycare before I got back. And then with spin training, I was at the YMCA right after work, and home after Luke bedtime! BUT, it made me realize how awesome it is that most of the time, I am able to be home in the morning to get him up and ready for the day, and home at night to snuggle him and put him to bed.


**The Mankato YMCA


Since I have been there a lot this week, I had a chance to think about how much I appreciate that the YMCA is part of my life. I remember seeing that little sign up on the bulletin board 5 years ago looking for new aerobics instructors. And I remember how nervous I was calling to ask about it and then to start training and teaching! And now 5 years later, I teach water aerobics, land aerobics, bodypump and very soon – spinning! And I can’t imagine my life without it.

**This sign that Laura and I made with Luke last year for Thanksgiving.  .


**Initial necklace from simplyuboutique in  Etsy. I wear this all the time. It is simple and beautiful. And you can customize it with whatever letters you want. I got it before we had Luke, so it says my initials “KT.”


**Holiday cups at Caribou. . . I know it is early, but they still just make me smile. Smile 


And for some strange reason, it makes me smile to see the sparkles from my chapstick on my coffee cup.


What are some of your favorites from the week? What are you up to this weekend?

PS: Any interest in participating in a link up for Friday Favorites? I am thinking about starting one, but just wondering if there was any interest. ..  Smile


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Weekend Update: 4/28/13

I had the  best weekend! It wasn’t long enough, of course, but it was still a lot of fun!

Luke and  I hung out on Friday. . . emptied out the Tupperware cupboard about 6 times. . .


And had our last day of bottles!! No more bottles or formula in this house!!


Went on a beautiful 5 mile run after teaching body pump at the YMCA.


Met up with my friend Beth for a Saturday morning spin class. . . that totally kicked my booty! It was super fun and I was really glad that Beth brought an extra towel for me!!


We had lunch at a new to me place called The Bad Waitress and had a very delicious veggie omelet and good conversation with Beth.


Then, I hit up Caribou for my 1st iced latte of the season and sat outside in the sunshine for a while. . . it. was. the. best.


And something even better –> Cherry Berry with these ladies! Girls day out!


And some shopping. . . glitter ribbon for crafts and cute bracelets.


Luke had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa at the park while I hung out with the ladies!


Dinner at three squares restaurant. Burger with blue cheese, dried cranberries and candied pecans with sweet potato fries.


All of us together. . . Smile 


And if it is even possible, it was nicer on Sunday. . . I taught body pump in the morning. And then after Luke’s nap we headed off to DQ for a family ice cream date!


And right after these pictures, Abby totally stole Luke’s cone. He does like to feed her, so I am not sure whose idea it actually was. . .


And then about 5pm the rain rolled in. It was super pretty with lightning and big rain clouds.


Perfect end to a wonderful weekend. . . now, if only tomorrow wasn’t Monday again. . . Smile 

What were you up to this weekend? Did you enjoy the nice weather??


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Late to the Liebster Party

***Calling all Minnesota bloggers! Becky from Olives ‘n’ Wine and I are planning a fun Minnesota blogger gathering for April 6th at 2pm (that’s THIS Saturday!) at Sebastian Joes in Minneapolis (the one on Franklin). Contact me if you need more info and follow us on Twitter for updates! @runs4cupcakes @olivesanwine ***

Now I Run by Stephanie tagged me for the Liebster award (for more info, check out her post about it!). I am a little late to the Liebster party so I decided just to answer the awesome questions that Stephanie came up with for me to answer. . . feel free to pick 1 or 2 to answer in the comments section so I can learn more about you too! Smile 

1. What is your favorite breakfast food? I have the same thing for breakfast pretty much every morning – a caramel skim latte (from Caribou if I am lucky!) and a LUNA white chocolate macadamia nut bar

2. Where would you travel on a dream vacation? New Zealand –> I think we might go there for our 10 year anniversary!

3. How many concerts have you been to? Which was your favorite? Every year, my sister and I go to Country Fest in Wisconsin – it is like 16 concerts in one weekend. It. is. awesome. This will be our 7th year!


4. Where were you born? St. Paul, MN

5. What is your all-time favorite movie, book, and/or song? Tough question! Off the top of my head: Pretty Woman, Hunger Games – book 1, and anything Brad Paisley.

6. Do you embarrass easily? Most embarrassing moment? Hmmm I don’t think I embarrass too easily but I plead the 5th on the second part of this question!

7. Did you go to college? Where? What did you study? I went to undergrad at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and I studied molecular biology and biochemistry with a minor in Spanish.

8. Do you have pets? What kind(s)? Duh- Abby!


9. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate.

10. If you could only go to one store for the rest of your life which one would you choose? Target. I. love. that. store. Especially Super Target. And it’s a MN company!

11. How often during the day do you check your email? Too many.

Now, it’s your turn – pick a question and share! Smile


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Weekend Update: 10/7/12


As always, a caramel skim latte from Caribou for the car ride up to the cities


First stop: MOA (Mall of America). . . Luke and I kept ourselves entertained in the dressing room with Dad was trying on pants.


They were having a competition – making structures out of canned foods – with local architectural firms to support a local food shelter. . . they were still early in the building process. Le Sueur –> represent!


But had some cool photos from years past. . . IMG_1981IMG_1982

Then, off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. . .

Grandma Mary just got back from Seattle and brought back a super adorable toy airplane for Luke. IMG_1988

Which he loved for about 2 minutes and then the rug was much more interesting! Oh the life of a almost 6 month old. Smile 


Abby did not appreciate having to share attention with Luke – and also he was on her rug.  ..


Then, we all went and had lunch at Scott’s favorite restaurant – Chili’s – where he always gets the same thing. . . chipotle chicken crispers..  . so boring! Love their chips and salsa though! And I had a fabulous bowl of potato soup and a yummy sandwich. Great lunch with great company.


Abby being cute in the car – love her paws together! IMG_2027

I had gotten Scott an arrangement from Edible Arrangements for our 4th anniversary, and we went a finally picked it up last weekend. (it is sorta out of our way, hence why we didn’t get it until then.) But they messed up the order and gave me dark chocolate strawberries. And the lady at the store wasn’t helpful at all. . . so social media to the rescue – I tweeted about it!

ScreenHunter_10 Oct. 08 12.10

And heard back from the company and they offered to make it right. . . another bouquet with all white chocolate strawberries – and they were delicious! Thanks again Edible Arrangements for making it right. Smile 


Dinner on Saturday night – squash! Abby has learned very quickly to be close by when Luke is in his high chair. IMG_2030

And she tries so hard. . .


notice the puppy nose in this picture! –>


Dad having fun with the camera. ..


And bummer. . . at Target on Sunday to pick up antibiotics for Luke’s 1st ear infection. Boo.


Thankfully, he was feeling good enough later in the day to put on his Packers sweatshirt and go for his 1st family run!


I bundled him up good – cause it was only 55 degrees out. . . and put some extra padding in to help keep him in place.


He did great! And even fell asleep on the way home. Winking smile 


Family pic… or as close as we could get! Winking smile 


And my calf stayed nice and quiet! 3 miles and no pain –> I’ll take it. Smile

Overall, a really nice weekend. .. and I think Luke is starting to feel better from his ear infection.

What were you up to? Any running? Eats at a good restaurant?


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Happy September!

Whoa how is it September already??? I can’t believe Labor Day is this weekend. . .

And I start my new job on Tuesday!!!

Catching up from August?

I read The Hunger Games
My sister, Jenny, came to visit – we went to dinner and had some adventures

I made chobani pancakes,


perfect cake mix cupcakes


and the best summer lemonade


Scott and I went to the great MN get together



And finally. . . today! I am having the best day ever. . . Smile 

I finally got myself over to Liv Aveda <—the best salon in Mankato – for an eyebrow wax.

And Caribou – just happened to be on the way home and it is crazy hot and humid today – perfect for a caramel cooler… complete with whipped cream and caramel! Yum! It may or may not have been my lunch today. Winking smile 


And then this afternoon, got a much much needed pedicure!





Sneak puppy paw. . . and this is what Abby was doing while I was trying to take a picture of my awesome toes. . . seriously, sometimes she is just too adorable.


Hope you are having a great 1st day of September! Smile


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Air conditioned house

Monday Monday Monday …. How is it Monday again???

Thankfully it went pretty quick!


Breakfast: CSL from Caribou = always helps to make Mondays much easier. Smile 

Lunch: Turkey and provolone sandwich, carrot sticks, Harvest Cheddar sun chips

Snack: Apple and handful of almonds

Dinner: Leftover lasagna and pepper slices

Abby was much cuter than my dinner!



Dessert: Smoothie with blueberry chobani, frozen peaches, mango and strawberries, and pineapple OJ. Topped with granola, coconut butter and chia seeds.




CTI class at the YMCA tonight. I am training a new aerobics instructor, so we split the class tonight.

Here are the 2 circuits I did tonight, we used a mat and weights:

Circuit 1
High knees
Semi-squat with forward punches
Static lunge with forward row
Pendulum lunge with hammer curls
Double crunch

Circuit 2
Jumping jacks
Front kicks with punches
Squat with overhead press
Oblique crunches

It was super hot in Mankato today – somewhere between 97 and 105 degrees here! It was nice to work out in an air conditioned room.

Now we are hanging in the air conditioned house and watching Greek.

Tomorrow is a very big day for Scott and I – stay tuned!

What was the temp where you are today?

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Couch time with 2

Back to work Tuesday. . .

I started my day with a medium CSL from Caribou for breakfast.

Lunch: From the hospital cafeteria: pita with hummus, carrot and celery sticks with ranch dressing and a string cheese stick.

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Let’s Dish Four cheese spicy chicken lasagna with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, Dakota ‘garlic’ toast from Great Harvest 





Dessert: None yet. . . probably have some more cookies!

Work it out: 3 mile run with Scott and Abby and Level 1 of Shred.

Extra long day of work tomorrow – 12 hours! Hope your Tuesday went well. .. Smile 

Off to spend some couch time with these 2!!!




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Birthday Wishes

Scott is still out of town at a conference for work. . . so I woke up all alone on my birthday today.

Well, not all alone!


First birthday wish from Abby via snuggling and petting in bed this morning at 7:32

Text from Scott at 7:54

Half hearted “Hope you have a good birthday” from the Caribou coffee lady when I used my birthday coupon to get a free CSL at 8:22

Text from my sister, Jenny, at 8:37

On tap for the morning: Enjoying my coffee while watching Dexter, then Shred before lunch.


I have to go into work over lunch (I took today off for my birthday) and so I picked up some treats to take in. . . my biggest problem – deciding which one I want to eat! White cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes and M&M cookies. YUM! Happy Birthday to me!



Then, Abby and I are headed up to the cities to meet up with Scott.


Looking forward to a run on Summit Ave this afternoon and then, Scott is taking me to Fogo De Chao for dinner. I have never been but heard good things so I am VERY excited! Smile 


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