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Weekend Update: 12/8/13

Hey guys. Happy Monday. Ya, I am not quite feeling it today either. Something about the first day back after a week of vacation. . . or it might be going from 80 degrees to -8 degrees. Either way, it’s Monday again. I am still trying to unpack, do laundry, find all the places in our luggage that Luke put sand, and on top of that, working today! So, here is a picture recap of the weekend. Smile 

















What were you up to this weekend? Do you have your tree up?


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Friday Favorites: 12/6/13

Happy Friday!!


Are you ready to link it up?

I know there are a couple of version of Friday Favorites around the blog world, but here on R4C, it’s all about the little things that made you smile over the past week. And anything goes! Because we all know that it’s the little things in life that make it count, right?

So feel free to join in with your own Friday Favorites post. I’d love if you grab the Friday Favorites image for your blog and please use #FriFavs when you tweet or instagram!! And since this is my 1st link up, please let me know if something doesn’t seem to be working. Smile

Although, I am super stoked that today is Friday, it unfortunately means that we are one day closer to heading back to the cold and snow in MN. . . boo.

Oh well. I am choosing not to think about that.

Instead, I am thinking about all my favorites from this week. . .

Running on the beach at low tide. I think it might be the perfect running surface. There is always something to look at – either people watching or the ocean. And the nice Florida weather doesn’t hurt either.


Dunkin’ donuts iced caramel skim latte. There are no words.


Morning snuggling. Usually we have to wake Luke up to head out in the morning or one of us tries to sleep in while the other gets up with Luke in the morning. Luke has been sleeping until a decent hour and so we both have been awake for mornings with him. It’s my favorite thing to pull him into bed with us and talk and snuggle while we all wake up.


Reading books. Catching up on my reading! Book of choice this week – Through the Ever Night –> the next book in the series after Under the Never Sky.

Luke giggles. Seeing his huge smile and hearing his laugh when he is splashing on the beach has just been heart melting this week.


Margaritas on a Wednesday night. I don’t drink a lot, maybe one drink per month, depending on if Scott and I have a date night. So, having an awesome margarita on a random Wednesday night on vacation – pretty sweet.


Publix –> oh man, this grocery store is like the best ever. I could wander around checking out all the cool products for a while. We don’t have Publix in MN, and I am going to be really sad to leave it here in Florida. We are in a condo this week with a little kitchen, so the first thing we did was go to Publix and stock up on food for the week. I am just sad that we were only here for a week, so that really limited all the stuff we could buy and check out. BTW – they have the best cheesecake!

Vacationing with my parents. And watching them be grandparents. They just love Luke so much and will pretty much do anything for him (like all good grandparents), but it just makes me smile to watch Luke digging in the sand with Grandpa or holding hands walking down the beach with Grandma.


Now, it’s your turn! What are you favorites from the week?


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Cocoa Beach II

The vacation continues. And keeps getting better. Luke has settled into his normal schedule. The grandparents provide extra hands. And the sun has finally come out!



Before my Dad came down, Luke wanted nothing to do with the beach or the ocean. Took my Dad all of about 5 minutes to get Luke into the water, playing and laughing. All it took was for him to dig a hole.




And more vacation coffee. . . man, that stuff is like crack, it’s so good! Smile 


The perfect time to run on the beach – right at low tide. My Dad, Scott and I tackled 4 miles on the beach during low tide and it was awesome.




Followed by more beach time and then dinner.

Margaritas –> vacation staple.


And we had really good drinks, great food (the grilled shrimp was ah-mazing) and nice conversation despite having a toddler with us. . . those extra hands are super helpful!!

Then, back to the condo for bedtime for Luke and Survivor with dessert for the adults!!

Hope your week is going awesome. . . it’s almost the weekend! Smile

And get ready for the start of Friday Favorites link up tomorrow –> I’d love if you’d join in!!


And congratulations to the winner of the Popsations giveaway –> Elizabeth.

ScreenHunter_140 Dec. 05 08.41ScreenHunter_141 Dec. 05 08.41

Please email me at running4cupcakes@gmail.com!!


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Yesterday we went to Sea World! And it was awesome!


We got to pet sting rays.


Get super close to dolphins.







We got to see Shamu.




And saw One World – the Shamu show. . .


And our day finished with picking up my parents from the airport.


Another great day in Florida!!

Hope your week is going well to0! Have you ever been to Sea World??


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Cocoa Beach

Vacation is wonderful. Sorry, I totally don’t mean to rub it in, but, it is awesome. Winking smile

We are having a great time so far. Well, full disclosure, it’s been great but also a little rough. . . someone (cough Luke cough), didn’t want to sleep either for nap time or at nighttime. .. it’s gotten a lot better as he is settling in, but man, that first day was rough. But a rough day in Cocoa Beach is probably better than a rough day in MN with snow, right?


We had a great 3 mile run.

And when all else fails, we do Luke’s favorite thing.  . . sit in the car and push ALL the buttons.


Sunday morning, someone was up bright and early, so I took that at my cue to take him to check out Dunkin’ Donuts – my 1st time!


He was a fan of the munchkins.


And this caramel skim latte – holy yum! I should not have let Scott try it because I am pretty sure he drank half of it.


We checked out a local art fair. . .


And finally took a nap. . . we had to be nap buddies to make it happen, but I was willing to sacrifice. .. ahhh the life of a Mom.  Winking smile 


And the night ended with this. .. #vacationperfection


Sunday night was a much better night for sleeping – still up way more than normal, but way better than the first night. . .


Another new to me place for my latte..  . and totally deliciousness again!!


And some playtime by the pool. . .


Not in the pool yet – still a little chilly for that. 68 and cloudy the past few days.


Another great run. . .


And more of Luke’s favorite activity. . .


And Abby seems to be doing ok too. . . she loves the snow!


And even though the weather is a bit “cold” here right now, it is better than snow!! It is supposed to get up to 77 with lots of sun over the next few days so looking forward to some pool and beach time!

We are headed to Orlando today to check out Sea World – I am so so so excited!! Smile If you have ever been to Orlando or live in Orlando – I would love any restaurant recommendations. My parent’s are coming down to spend the rest of the week with us, so we are picking them up at the airport on our way back to Cocoa Beach, and would love a place to stop for dinner on the way out of town!

Tell me how your week is going! How’s the weather where you are at. . . any snow??


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Weekend Update: 12/1/13

Hello hello from Cocoa Beach, Florida!!

But let me back up first. ..

My weekend started on Wednesday night with teaching BODYPUMP.


And puppy snuggles. ..


Thanksgiving Day was just spent with Luke, Scott and Abby. We hung out, worked on packing, ate leftovers, and checked out the progress on our house.


Friday, we headed to the cities to my  parent’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving #2!

Luke helped Grandpa make some pies.


I finally was able to check out Famiglia Meschini wine! We tried the Torrontes. . . . full review coming soon!


And of course, I had to put on some new Jamberry nails for my upcoming trip. They totally remind me of Minnie Mouse – unfortunately we aren’t headed to Disney on this trip. . .


And then it was bathtime and bedtime.


We had a very early wakeup call for our flight on Saturday morning. Caribou was very helpful.


We were super nervous about how Luke would do on the 3 hour flight, but overall he did pretty good. There was a time or two that he wasn’t really super excited to be confined to Mom and Dad’s lap, but then I would pull out a new toy, and he would be ok.


KIND bar for a snack. .. it needs to be like 6 times bigger because I had to share with both Scott and Luke because it was so yummy.


Luke isn’t quite sure what to think about the beach yet. . .


More vacay details tomorrow. . . off to check out the beach this morning. Smile 

Hope you had a great weekend!! What were you up to?? Have you ever been to Cocoa Beach? Any suggestions?


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