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Fall Favorites {recap}

Just popping in today to share with you a recap of some of my favorite fall posts – recipes, crafts and running! Enjoy! Smile

Crockpot cream cheese chicken chili . . . perfect for football Sunday!


Apple cheesecake bars  . .. drool. that crumb topping. just stop.


Pumpkin bars with salted caramel cream cheese frosting. fluffy bars with amazing cream cheese frosting. seriously, so good.


Halloween Trail Mix. . . simple, easy, delicious.


Mini pumpkin muffins. .. so cute, right? and delicious. and super easy.


Halloween baby craft project <—one of my all-time-favorites


DIY Fall Craft . . . so easy! one of my favorite fall decorations.


Why I love fall running . . .. umm basically because it’s awesome. Smile


And with lots of fall races coming up . . . my favorite spectator tips.


What are your fall favorites??

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Weekend Update: Klinger’s Family Farm

Hi! Gosh, it was such a good weekend, I don’t even mind that it’s Monday. Smile 

Family, friends, a Packers win. You can’t ask for much more!

I kicked off the weekend trying one of Starbucks new fall drinks. . . the Graham latte. Eh, it was just ok. It seemed to be missing something. . .


I also kicked off the weekend teaching 2! BODYPUMP classes. One was the kick off of 95 – amazing!

And then a 4 mile run with my friend, Sue, who was in town!


After that, it was a quick trip to Target and then some couch time (with Prison Break – onto season 4) to recover.

Then, up to the Lake for a family dinner.


And Aunt Jenny got major bonus points when she brought cupcakes for dessert.


Then, my Dad got out the guitar to play some songs for Luke.


On Sunday, Luke and I headed to Klinger’s Family Farm for some fall fun.

There was a duck race.


A hay bale jump.


A huge pumpkin – 740 pounds!



Then, we snuggled on the couch and watched the Packers play.

Followed by a family walk.


And ended the evening with some hot apple cider – one of my favs!

And now, off to work. Smile

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend??

I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Fall to-do List

Fall is one of my favorites. . .

but it always seems to go by so quick!

This year, I wanted to make a to-do list (you guys know how much I love my lists. . .) to try to take advantage of the 6-ish weeks of fall in Minnesota!

#1. Hiking. There is the beautiful trail between St. Peter and Mankato called 7 mile creek park. And with the fall colors.. . it is pretty amazing.

Nashville_Greeter_Falls_2007 090

#2. Apple orchard. Fresh apples.  Apple butter. Apple doughnuts. Apple cider. Apple everything. Yes please.


#3. Crockpot meal. Tis the season, right? I’m ready to embrace it, starting with this one.

Crockpot Chicken Cream Cheese Chili - running4cupcakes

#4. Go to a football game.


I love to watch my beloved Packers on the big ‘ol TV at home, but doesn’t an outdoor football game just scream fall? (Why do I live so far away from Lambeau stadium??) And we just happen to live within a mile of Minnesota State University football stadium. Go Mavs. Smile And I think Luke would love all the activity and let’s face it, he’s all boy, so he loves any sport with a ball these days. . .

What’s on your fall to-do list??

Also, I am linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday!


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{heart} fall running

Gosh, I love this time of year.


The pumpkins, apples and trying to put all meals into the crockpot. (and if you are looking for an awesome crockpot recipe –> make this Hawaiian BBQ Pork!)


Sweaters, boots, jeans and sweatshirt weather.


Yes. Yes. And Yes. I love it all.


So, it should come as no surprise that it is also my favorite time of year to run.

I know, I know, didn’t I do a post confessing my love for summer running?


And how about that post for winter running love?


Yes, ok, I really do love all the seasons for running, which is why living in MN is so perfect for me. . .

BUT, I really do think that fall is my absolute favorite.

My only complaint is that it never seems to stick around long enough. . . before we know it there will be 2 feet of snow on the ground and we will be wishing for summer again. Winking smile

I love fall running because. . .

Ideal running temperatures –> the best weather for me to run in is 60
degrees. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect for my favorite running
outfit shorts and long sleeve shirt.


The scenery is breathtaking. The changing colors, the falling leaves, the crunch of the leaves under your shoes. Running perfection.


After training in the hot summer heat, now is the time to get your race on. Scott and I did the Des Moines half marathon last year and we are doing it again this year (this weekend!!)!! I think the weather feels so good because after melting and sweating your face off all summer, the cool air feels so good and refreshing.


And in MN, we have to quickly enjoy it before we are trying to outrun frostbite.


Fall is the last season before I have to put the jogging stroller away for the winter. So, I get to savor those last few runs with Luke pointing at every truck, bus and car we pass before putting it away because of snow and ice and frigid cold. And Scott doesn’t run outside in the winter, so it is my last few runs with him too before he heads inside to the treadmill for the snow and cold months.


Do you love fall running? What’s your favorite part?


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DIY Fall Craft Project


As part of my #AugustPinterestChallenge, I wanted to make this fall craft project. . . but I never got around to it in August. And besides, it was still summer and I just wasn’t ready for a fall decoration yet. But this past weekend, I was all about fall when I busted out that can of pumpkin, so I decided to tackle this project too.


And it was so easy, and (IMHO) it turned out super cute. Pay no attention to my husband, who commented that while it is “super cute”. . . why did I make another thing that needs to be moved. . . men – they just don’t understand craft projects, do they? Winking smile 

The inspiration was from this on Pinterest.


All you need is
1. Hurricane glass
2. Green peas
3. Red beans
4. Yellow popcorn
5. Twine
6. Fall candle

*the amount of peas, beans and popcorn you need will depend on the size of your hurricane glass. For my project, I only needed 1 bag of each.
**You can find the hurricane glass at any craft store. I found this one at Hobby Lobby. <—BTW I LOVE that store. Winking smile 

And it is super easy.

Just layer the peas, beans and popcorn. Really, you could do them in any order. I put the candle in after the beans and poured the popcorn around it. And finish with the twine in a cute bow. Done and done. Smile Happy Fall.



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