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Life update–10 months, 13 years and Pumpkin everything!

Man, life is crazy these days! Two kids is no joke!!

I’ve been meaning to check in for a while. . . but life kept happening.

So, here is a quick picture post of our life lately. . .

Finally a haircut after 10 months!


Pumpkin Everything season. + a fun package from Krusteaz.


Fun (?) at the Pumpkin Patch





Current favorite thing


Oh the cuteness. . . I cannot wait until Halloween!


Abby turned 13!


Do me a favor and buy these muffins. They are so yummy! Seriously, a batch in our house lasts less than 24 hours. . . 5 year old, husband and baby approved!   Thanks again to Krusteaz for sending them!


Just a typical night. . .


Halloween trick or treat event


Spectating the Mankato Marathon


And 10 months old!!


Still soaking in all the baby snuggles I can!


Now, off to fold a load of laundry and get Luke over to swim lessons. Smile 

Hope you have a great night!!


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Friday Favorites: Bumpin’ in Charleston

Hey hey – Happy Fri- YAY!

I have to work all weekend long but that’s totally ok, because Scott and I just got back from a long weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. I was there for a medical conference and Scott tagged along. My Mom came and watched Luke and they had so. much. fun. And Scott and I enjoyed extra sleep, good food and quality conversation and time together. It was perfect. I think I took a total of 3 pictures. . .

Tour of Fort Sumter.


34 weeks.


Checking out the harbor and watching the dolphins swim.


Food highlights include Lewis BBQ {get the brisket}, King Street Cookies {two words – s’mores cookie}, Old Village Post House {delicious steak}, Another Broken Egg {get the biscuit beignets}, 82 Queen {brunch!}.

And I can’t believe I never shared any Halloween pictures. ..




And doesn’t Halloween seem like forever ago already??

And how is Thanksgiving next week?? This pregnant lady is SO excited for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m most excited for mashed potatoes and gravy. . . and pie. . . and Jennie-O sent me another turkey to make for Thanksgiving this year.


We made it last year and it was SO good. Juicy and delicious.

And SO easy to make!


Other life stuff. . .

I just finished this book and I can’t recommend it enough. SO good!


Trying to find a diaper bag..  . I think this one might be a winner.. .


Every night in our house. Candles forever.


I totally went out of my comfort zone with grey nails. And I love them!


And this latest package from Krusteaz makes me SO excited for Holiday baking!! This baby better stay in until I have a chance to get some baking done! Winking smile


I know Luke and I are going to have some fun with these decorating edible frosting pens!


And I’m still teaching BODYPUMP twice per week and loving it. Fingers crossed that I continue to feel good and can keep teaching until the end! I picked up  these old navy maternity workout pants a few weeks ago. love the subtle design and they are super comfy.

product photo

And now off to work. . . have a great one!

Whatcha up to this weekend? What have you been loving lately??

Linking up for Friday fun with Heather!


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TYT–Halloween Recap

Hey there. Happy Tuesday! Did you have a good weekend? A good Halloween? Everything was good in our house. Luke was a super cute Fire Chief. And we had a good balance of getting things done and quality family time.

I’m linking up with Becky today for Treat Yourself Tuesday for a Halloween Recap because there were lotsa treats. Smile 

My sisters came over for some pumpkin carving. . . and yes, Luke wore his costume all. day. long. He even took his nap wearing it!




#pumpkincarvingfail #nogoodstem


Grandpa Tom is in the hospital right now – he’s getting his bone marrow transplant tomorrow! – so he asked Luke to carve his pumpkin for him. . .


And some treats for after carving. . . pumpkin bars.


Ready to go!



We went to Aunt Jenny’s church first for “trunk and treat”


And, of course, Abby came too. Smile 


He lasted for about 12 houses before he had a typical three year old meltdown and was ready for bed!


And Mom and Dad enjoyed “checking” his candy bucket after he was asleep. #bestparentingscamever


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DIY Pumpkin Flower Vase

So, last week, ProFlowers sent me a beautiful Halloween inspired bouquet of flowers.


So pretty, right?


They had asked me to make a DIY pumpkin vase and they would send me some flowers to go in it.

And, honestly, when the flowers arrived, they were so pretty. . . I didn’t want to use the flowers to make the craft!

But, after a few days, I decided that I would give it a try.

And you guys, this was so easy and turned out so adorable!


It was really easy to make. Just cut a small hole in the top (like you would do if you were carving a pumpkin. Then, scrap some of the insides out. Cut a few flowers to fill the hole in the top. Add water. And done.


Luke and I delivered it to my Mom for a little Halloween cheer at their house!


In full disclosure, Luke totally dropped the pumpkin on the way into the house and cracked it!

But, thankfully, it was just a little crack and we were able to put the flowers back in and it held water. .. ahhh life with a three year old helper. . . Winking smile

I will definitely be making this little craft again next year for Halloween!

Thanks ProFlowers for sending me these beautiful flowers!

Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday .. . because flowers and crafts are definitely treats!!


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Weekend Update: 11/2/14

You would think that having an extra hour this weekend would make Monday a little less painful, but nope, not true. Especially because Luke did not get the daylight savings time memo. Yup, we were up at 5:30am on Sunday morning. Bonus that we got a lot done!

But backing up to Friday.

Luke went to school to have his Halloween party and I headed to Caribou to get some work done and enjoy the quiet.


Then, I hit up Liv Aveda for a much needed facial.


Cream cheese crockpot chili for dinner on Friday night.


It was cold and windy and I wanted to watch Heart of Dixie, so I hit up the treadmill for 7 miles on Friday.


Sadness for me. Happiness for Abby.




My adorable firefighter.


And the perfect post-trick’o’treating dessert – pumpkin bars.


Saturday included a very windy and cold run, practicing BODYPUMP (teaching 88 this week), cleaning, and driving up to the cities to celebrate my BIL birthday.

I knew I should have never introduced spark to my husband. . .he totally makes me share..  .






And games.


Sunday was productive but relaxing too. We finished up cleaning. I finally took pictures (of the clean house!) to share a house tour with you guys this week. We caught up on some DVR watching – who else loves The Blacklist? And Castle is my fav too.


And of course, eating Halloween candy.


And this silly boy. Took all of Abby’s toys out of her toy basket and then crawled in to play a game on the iPad. Abby was less than impressed.


Hope you had a great one! What were you up to??

And because it was pretty marvelous, I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Friday Favorites: 11/1/13

Happy Friday and Happy November!!! Did this week seem to take for-ev-er for anyone else? But that’s ok, because it is finally Friday and that means time for some favorites!! Here are a few things that I loved this week. . .

Our new place – the townhome


So, it was super hard to move into the townhome from our old house. BUT, I am so happy that we had such an awesome place to move to for the 3 months that we needed. When I first started looking for a place, I was not optimistic about finding a place that would let us have a dog, enough space for all of our stuff, a big garage for storage, and that would let us rent a short term lease. Thankfully, the 1st person (first!) I called was Becky and she had the perfect option for us. How perfect. I did make a few more phone calls just to make sure that this was the best option. And it was. It was such a big relief off of my shoulders to have a place lined up when we needed it and that fit our needs perfectly. Well, almost perfectly, it could have a bigger kitchen. . . Winking smile

My husband


Scott totally makes the favorites list this week. He has just been totally awesome with the entire move. He basically did nothing but moved for 4 days straight last weekend. And this week, he continued to help me organize, put away things, and to start to hang things on the wall so that this place feels like home for all of us. We worked great as a team. And he really looked out for the best interests of me, Abby and Luke. I think I will keep him. Winking smile

Snail mail


In today’s age of emails, twitter, blogs, instagram, it is so fun to open the mailbox and see something other than a bill or advertisement. I love getting snail mail. Melanie sent me a cute letter recently. My little sister sent a box full of goodies for Abby’s birthday and Halloween. And I sent some Halloween packages out to my friends –complete with cute cards, chocolate, and cupcake gum (because it is super hard to send cupcakes in the mail). And I loved getting the pics, texts, and instagrams of them enjoying their goodies.


Tigger – and Luke in costume


Total. favorite.


And Halloween this year. . .


Having a kid who is too young to eat Halloween candy but old enough
that you can take him trick or treating? Total score. Smile Hey – there has to be some perks of parenting, right? Winking smile 

The Pile on the Miles challenge

ScreenHunter_129 Oct. 31 20.48

Monica at Run Eat Repeat is doing this awesome challenge –>
Pile On The Miles is an annual event in blogland where we challenge ourselves to walk or run more during the month of November. The goal is to pile on extra miles not pounds during this food filled time of year!

What: FREE Online challenge to walk or run more during turkey month.
Who: Everyone is invited to join. Everywhere around the world!
When: November 1 – Nov 30.
Where: Virtual! Sign up on this form and go to RunEatRepeat each week to stay accountable and be entered in a drawing for prizes.
Why: To challenge yourself and encourage others to move more this month. This is about setting a goal and staying accountable with check-ins. It is not a competition for the most miles any longer – it’s about YOUR GOALS.

**My goal for Pile on the Miles is to run 100 miles in the month of November!

We are headed to the cities this weekend. We have some fun dates planned – both eating and running! And time with family. And looking forward to crepes with Scott’s family on Sunday morning – Scott’s Mom makes the best crepes!! Smile

What are you favorites from this week??? And what about the Pile on the Miles challenge – are you in?


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Luke’s 1st Halloween




Hope you had a great Halloween too! Smile

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Halloween Baby Craft Project


Laura and I made this craft project when she visited back in September. A perfect little project to do with your little one’s feet! Our inspiration was from Pinterest.


1. canvas board – whatever size you would like. Smaller if you are only doing your kids feet, larger if you are going to include your feet too!

Large. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Small

2. Black, Orange and White paint

3. Paintbrushes

4. Halloween colored or themed ribbon

5. Glue Gun


1. Paint canvas with layer of black paint. Let dry IMG_1477

2. Paint bottoms of feet with white paint and stamp feet onto canvas. IMG_1488

3. Fill in feet prints to make a full ghost – when I stamped my foot, I only got the heel and toes – a pretty funny looking ghost! So, just fill in with white paint so it looks foot-shape like. Let dry.


4. Dot black eyes on ghosts.

5. Using orange paint – add ‘Happy Halloween’ to sign. And if wanted your child’s name and date.


6. Using ribbon, make loops, I did 4 of each color and then wind the end of the last ribbon around the middle to hold tight. Using a glue gun, secure ribbon to corner of canvas. **See video for demo of how I made my bows.


How to make an easy ribbon bow–running4cupcakes.com

7. Take ribbon in whatever length you would like and glue to the back of canvas on each side to allow print to hang.


8. Admire your awesome craft project! Smile 


Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas foot print signs. . .



And also a cute idea for fall or spring. . . Luke did this at daycare.


Paint a leave on a piece of paper. Using kid’s toes, dip into paint and stamp middle of leaf, creating a caterpillar. Just add eyes and antennae. Super cute!

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Halloween Trail Mix


Every October (who I am kidding) September. . . as soon as the candy corn hits the shelves, I know I need to make this right away.

Halloween trail mix is super quick and easy.

Get the 3 ingredients: Candy corn, Peanuts, and M&Ms.

I usually get the largest of each bag available in the store. . .but you can get any size and as you get close to the end of the bag, just add whatever you might need to make it come out even!


Put it all into a big Ziploc bag. And mix together.


Done and done.


Eat and enjoy!


According to my husband (who can’t get enough!) the perfect ratio is 1 candy corn, 3 peanut halves, and 1 M&M. Winking smile


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