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Friday Favorites: 12/12/14

This week totally seemed like it took forever, but Friday seemed to sneak up on me and I can’t believe it’s here! Happy day! Looking forward to spending some time with friends (annual Christmas party!), family (headed to the Lake) and some sister time (going to a play).

Here are the things that made me smile this week. . .because you guys know, it’s the little things that make life wonderful!! Smile


My holiday Jamberry nails.


I’ve gotten a ton of compliments and they just make me smile. .  . I mean, come on, pink reindeer –> awesomesauce.

My latest favorite candy. Luke got some sour patch kids while trick or treating and it reignited my love for sour sweet candy. I. cannot. get. enough.


Visiting Santa! Seriously, he looks so grown up in this photo. Also, his little sweater vest + plaid button down (from Fabletics for Kids). I die.


Abby got groomed this week. She looks so cute and I love the cuteness of the Christmas flower on her collar.


Coffee Wednesday. Is that a thing? It should be. Smile


Listening to Pandora holiday at work. ‘Tis the season. Smile


And it helps to balance out when I am in the car with Luke and all he wants to hear is either the Chipmunks song or Hippopotamus song(I want a hippopotamus for Christmas) on repeat. and again. and again. and again. Super fun. Winking smile

Off to work and then headed to the Lake this afternoon. Hope you have a great weekend. What are you up to?? What made you smile this week?

Linking up with Heather and Claire this week!

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Weekend Update: 9/21/14

whew. another awesome weekend. the perfect mix of productivity and relaxation.

lunch date at Panera. And it’s officially fall with the return of the harvest squash soup. <—so delicious!


After work run.


Saturday morning we hit up a small town festival (New Prague Dozinky days).


And then headed up to the cities to the Mall of America. .. and of course, I had to hit up Lulu and Athleta. Details coming in a Treat Yourself Tuesday post!


An afternoon treat from Caribou. Shared with Scott. Smile 


The highlight of the afternoon for Luke – a new Lightning McQueen car from the Disney store.


Oh yes. The Cheesecake Factory. It was amazing. Well, the food wasn’t very good. . .


But all that really matters is this, right? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake. Amazing.


Sunday was being productive around the house + playtime.



I was getting some Jamberry samples (<—have you tried them? If not, email me and I’ll send you a free sample!) ready to send out and Luke came downstairs to help me. In PJs and his shark hat. Adorable.


And finished out the weekend with my first fall crockpot meal.


And because it was pretty marvelous, I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday!

What were you up to this weekend??


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Friday Favorites: 8/22/14

Happy Friday! Even though I have to work this weekend, I am still looking forward to it! We have a wedding reception, 3 year olds birthday party and after missing my long run last weekend – going for a long run this weekend!

Here are a few things that made me smile this week. ..

*Family runs.


*Teaching BODYPUMP. That’s my “I just spent the last hour shouting because the microphone wasn’t working” face. . .


heaven forbid I turn the music down – I like it LOUD! Smile

*Sending out Jamberry nail samples! Have you tried them yet? And almost 2 weeks later, I’m still rocking my stripes.


*A new to me afternoon snack. Quest chocolate chip cookie dough.


Ok, so it was good, but don’t be fooled – it does not taste like cookie dough. Winking smile


What made you smile this week? What are you up to this weekend?

Spreading the link love by linking up with Heather and Claire again this week.

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Friday Favorites: 8/15/14

Hey! Happy Friday.

I am working this morning but then after lunch we are headed back up to the Lake (story of my life in the summer, right?) for a long weekend. Looking forward to a Friday night Fish Fry (WI staple), long run (11 miles) on Saturday and some time on the water. I’ll be back on Monday with the details.

But, here are the things that made me smile this week. . . because we all know that it is the little things that matter. Smile 

–> This adorable bookmark that I got from my friend Judy at Success School last weekend.


It was so thoughtful for her to bring it and so perfect for me. Smile 

–> My latest Jamberry manicure – loving the stripes.


–> Blue diamond almonds.


The latest flavors –> Honey Roasted Vanilla and Honey Roasted Chipotle almonds. Loving the new honey flavors.


And they are the perfect afternoon snack!

–> Peek <—have you guys heard of this?? It is super fun! “Get a peek into the mind of your users. See and hear a 5 minute video of a real person using your site. It’s super fast and totally free.”  



Your turn. What made you smile this week? And what are you up to this weekend??

Spreading the link love by linking up with Heather and Claire again this week.

**This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds

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My birthday wish list

Did you know that May is my birthday month? May 26th is the actual day. Smile 

I thought it would be fun to put together a wish list for my birthday. And maybe a little hint hint for my family and husband. Winking smile 

Bolder Band in pink paisley. Size small. So cute, right? And they promise to stay put or your money back!


New crockpot. (Yup, I think this officially makes me an adult to have a new crockpot on my birthday list. . .) After making too many batches of balsamic chicken and sweet pork tacos, mine has a crack in it. And you know how much I love and use my crockpot, so that needs to be replaced ASAP.

Stitch Fix giftcard. With building the new house, budget has been tight and girlfriend needs some new clothes. And you know how much I love stitch fix. Having a personal stylist pick out and send you clothes that are perfect for you = yes please.

ScreenHunter_171 May. 09 15.48

This sign from Etsy. In pink. I think it would be perfect for my desk at work.

Doctor MD Custom Personalized primitive wood blocks

Pink calculator for my desk at work. All pediatric medications are weight based, so I have to do a lot of calculations when prescribing medicines to kids. Right now I use my iPhone, but I think a pink calculator would be pretty fun and cute on my desk.


This watch from Micheal Kors. Classic. Simple. Perfect.

Michael Kors Michael Kors Double-Wrap Leather Watch, Golden

Jamberry Nails Strengthening Nail Polish – you all know how much I love my Jamberry’s and my nails aren’t the strongest, but I have heard amazing things about this strengthening polish!

Lululemon gift card –> yes. I am a lulu addict.


Advocare spark. Yes, it’s on my birthday list. It’s that good. Smile 


New kitchen and bath towels. With the new house, it would be really nice to get some fresh new towels to go with it.



What’s on your wish list right now?

And I’m linking up with Becky today for TYT. Because any of these things would be a perfect way to treat yourself. . .


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Weekend Update: 5/11/14

Another weekend over. This weekend seemed long and short all at the same time. We did a lot of things, but didn’t get enough done – isn’t that how it almost always works? Oh well, there is always next weekend, right?

Here is what we were up to around here. ..


Drive up to the cities. Park time with Aunt Laura.


Dinner with my sisters.


Garage sales with Abby and Luke = new puzzle and new clothes.


There is still some work being done in the house, so we were hiding out in the downstairs bedroom drinking smoothies and watching Bob the Builder.


I was very productive during Luke’s nap time = fruit punch spark and a new Jamberry nails manicure.


Abby really enjoys nap time too.


The deck is almost done!


Happy mail day from Advocare. I couldn’t wait to try O2 gold.


So, I checked it out for my run on Saturday morning. 5 hilly miles done. I conquered this huge hill that I normally do everything I can to avoid. And it wasn’t that bad. I’d like to use it a few more times before I give a full review, but I liked it!


And I came home to this in my front yard. Luke was in little boy heaven.


In the afternoon, I headed off to a local winery where they had a women’s event to represent Jamberry nails. I handed out a ton of samples for people to check out.


And of course I was right next to the bakery table – yum! And we were in the barrel room, which was a super cool space.


More afternoon fun.


The project – building window wells.



Sunday was spent sleeping in! And then headed out for a gorgeous 5 mile run. 55 degrees and overcast was the perfect Sunday morning running weather.

My parent’s took Luke and Abby home with them on Saturday night. And then they brought them back on Sunday.

Lukie walked in the house carrying a bouquet of red roses. He handed them to me and said “flowers for Mama.” So cute!

We went out to 5 guys for lunch.


Then. .. more work outside.

My Mom watched Luke while my Dad, Scott and I continued to work on the window well project. Progress is slow, but we are getting there. They had said that it would rain all afternoon, but we lucked out with sunny skies and 65 degree weather. Perfect for working outside.


Sunday evening = laundry, cleaning up around the house, and Lukie snuggles.

What were you up to?


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Being a Jamberry Independent Consultant

Recently I have gotten some request for an update on being a Jamberry Nails independent consultant. . . asked and answered. Smile 

So, I signed up to be a Jamberry Independent consultant in November.

I decided to be a consultant because . . .

1. I LOVE Jamberry’s <—duh.


2. If you are a consultant, you get your Jamberry’s for a reduced price <—score


3. I wanted to share the Jamberry love


4. And maybe make a bit of money to pay for my Jamberry obsession


The sign-up process was easy. For $50 (Normally $99 but I used part of my party sales earnings to put towards becoming a consultant), I got all of this…

ScreenHunter_161 Apr. 18 12.32

And I picked my website name and that was it.

I got support from Jamberry and the consultant team I joined – Thanks Tara!

They also get you involved in a few Facebook pages where you can ask questions, get answers, and get advice.

The company is also pretty supportive in encouraging you to become active quickly and gives advice on how to do that.

From the Jamberry Nails website:

If you’ve already been wearing Jamberry Nails, you know they are addictively fun. Joining Jamberry Nails as an Independent Consultant gives you a flexible, social way to earn extra income selling a product that people are actually excited to buy. Our designs are natural conversation-starters, so just wearing Jamberry Nails means you’re marketing your business.

After that, it’s up to you.

With Jamberry, it’s all about what you want to do with it. You could probably spend hours upon hours doing marketing, selling, parties, etc. Or you can do as little as you want, depending on how much time you want to put into it. You can do Facebook parties, catalog parties or in-home parties.

I haven’t done any in-home parties yet, but Facebook parties are a lot of fun – they are basically like catalog parties for other products (like 31 or Pampered Chef).


I personally have been pretty low key with it. I try not to do too many Jamberry things on Facebook or the blog. I want people to know about how awesome and fun they are. . . but I also don’t want people to get annoyed hearing about them all. the. time. I have had a few Facebook friends who have gone way overboard with marketing and I have gotten pretty annoyed – I don’t want to do that to anyone!


As for me, I am glad (so far!) that I have become a consultant. I love wearing Jamberry’s and showing them to people. I also like handing out business cards and samples so that others can try them too. BTW – let me know if you want to be hooked up with a free sample to check them out for yourself!

Jamberry_free sample_pic

Want even more Jamberry information? Check out my Jamberry page. Smile 

Also, if you are interested in becoming a consultant, please feel free to email me questions about it! AND I would highly recommend having a Facebook or catalog party to get started. It can help gauge interest in your friends and family and you can use $50 of your party rewards to get your Jamberry nails starter kit.

Do you have a side business? What do you think about it – good/bad/worth the time?


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Friday Favorites: 4/18/14–Luke’s Birthday Day

Happy Friday!!

The house is starting to have less boxes, Abby is getting used to the wood floor, and I am in love with  my kitchen. All is good. AND I took off Wednesday and Thursday off of work – Wednesday for Luke’s birthday and Thursday spend more time with Luke at the new house and to continue going through boxes.

My favorites from this week are the memories we made with Luke for his 2nd birthday. Both, Scott and I took the day off of work so we could hang out with Luke. A trip to the MN Zoo was the only thing on the to-do list.

Sign for Luke at daycare this week. . .


super cute card from Laura. . .


the birthday boy (and a puppy nose)


Peek-a-boo bunny Jamberry accent nail for Easter.


birthday smoothies from Panera.


birthday haircut (his 2nd one!)


MN Zoo. . .






All tuckered out. . .



a trip to his favorite store – home depot. . .


and a necessary trip to IKEA after you move into a new house. . .


the day finished with teaching BP89.


Such a great day and all of my favorites from this week!


What are you favorites from this week? Easter plans? We are headed to the cities to celebrate with my parent’s on Saturday night and Scott’s family on Sunday.

And finally, the winner of the Feetures giveaway –> congratulations to Kate!! Email me at running4cupcakes@gmail.com!!

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Friday Favorites: 4/4/14

Happy Friday. <– yup no !!! even though it’s Friday, I am looking at a super busy weekend filled with work, lots of to-do tasks on the house (moving in next weekend!), and generally being busy. BUT, I am looking forward to finalizing details on the house, play time with Lukie, teaching BP on Sunday morning, running with a friend and making some delicious Advocare friendly recipes.

Here are my favorites from this week:

Hot water with lemon.


Something nice to sip on in the mornings. Perfect during the 24DC. My friend Nicole told me to add cinnamon to it as well – totally checking that out today!

Becky’s support during the Advocare challenge.


From listening to me complain about the fiber drink, to discussing recipes and providing support and laughs.

Interest in Jamberry. So, even though I am a Jamberry consultant, I try to not talk about it too much on the blog because I don’t want to be that person. You guys know what I am talking about. . . BUT, I do LOVE them and love when I get emails requesting more information or a free sample to check them out <– seriously, email me (running4cupcakes@gmail.com) to check them out. And I have gotten quite a few requests this week! Maybe everyone loves my latest manicure?


And I love how easy it is to host a Facebook party –> and some pretty sweet rewards!


I’ve also had some questions about becoming a Jamberry consultant, so I am working on an update post for that too!

Scrapbooking. I have been working on an making a photobook (on Shutterfly) for our family from 2013. I just love going through all the pictures and putting together a memory book.


What are your favorites from the week? Remember, it’s not the big things – it’s the little things!


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Easter Favs

Can you guys believe that Easter is just around the corner?

It is also that time of year for my favorite all-time candy.

Seriously, it is so good that they don’t have this stuff year round. no self control at all around them! Totally had some before my 24DC started. Winking smile 

And have you seen the super cute Jamberry Easter designs?


My sister and I got the peeking bunny ones to share!

And remember this cute craft Laura and I did with Luke last year?

011 (2)010 (2)



I pulled it out to hang up – I have one at the house and one at work. Love them!!

What’s your favorite thing about Easter?


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