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Friday Favorites: Life update

Happy Friday!! Anybody else so looking forward to the weekend?? I have to work on Saturday and Sunday, but I am looking forward to watching the Packers play on Saturday night and dinner with friends on Sunday.

I thought I would share a little life lately update today.. . 

After eating my weight in sugar cookies over the Christmas holiday, I am working to get back to healthy balanced eating.


More veggies, less dessert. And I’m trying out some new to me AdvoCare supplements. . . I’ll keep you posted on how they work for me! We are still using Hello Fresh. Meals this last week were amazing. I love that they are balanced meals and that we try new things. And we haven’t ever had a bad meal.  Use this code: QTHC5N to get $40 OFF your first box

Man, life after Dad died is tough. My heart is so sad. It’s the worst when I forget for a minute that I can’t just text or call when I think “oh, I need to call Dad about that.” and then it hits me all over again. I am so sad that he was taken away from us so quickly and we didn’t have a chance to say good bye. My heart hurts because I would have loved to hear the things he would have said to us and I can’t believe I’ll never hear them. I am so thankful for my family and the fact that this has brought us closer together.


I talk/text with my sisters and Mom way more now than I used to and I know we will be spending more time together. Hug your loved ones and never let an opportunity to say I love you pass you by. 

The one thing that keeps me from completely losing it is running. That’s when I feel the closest to him.


We had our best times pounding the pavement together. So, I’ve been running and running and running. And I love it. 

And I don’t know what I would do without BODYPUMP and my favorite people at the YMCA.


I’ve still been going about 2 times per week and teaching once per week. It just makes me happy. Smile 

And GRIT. Have you ever tried a Les Mills GRIT class? Whoa. It is the most intense thing I have done in a while. It’s only a 30 minute class which is nice, but your heart rate is sky rocketed the entire time. I need to start wearing a heart rate monitor during class and see how high it gets and how many calories I burn. Awesome cross training class. And just a warning – there are always burpees! 

I am still loving Le Tote. This sweater had the cutest ruching detail on the sleeves. 


And I loved this pink striped wrap top with pink stella pendant necklace.


Anyway. . . that’s life around here. . . oh yeah, AND we are headed to Key West in a week! To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. Smile Looking forward to getting this boy back to the beach + sand.


What’s new with you? Plans for the weekend??

Have a great one!

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Friday Favorites: Life helpers

So, as you guys know, life has been pretty busy lately. . .

And I just haven’t been interested in meal planning or making decisions in general. . .

So, I thought I would share a few things that are making life just a little bit easier right now. . . because I know that we can all use easy once in a while. Smile 

Hello Fresh.


While I think this service is a little spendy for every week ($69 for three 2 person meals), it has been perfect right now. I don’t have to think about what’s for dinner and I haven’t even had to go to the grocery store.


Everything I need for dinner in one box and super easy instructions to follow to make it. Bonus points because we have been trying new foods/techniques/meals that I wouldn’t normally make.


Want to try it out? Use this code –> QTHC5N for $40 off your first order.

Le Tote.

how it works

I’ve talked to you guys about this service before and I still love it.  $49 per month to have a box of clothes and accessories sent to you as often as you like. This is perfect for work for me. I often stand in front of my closet in the morning and waste a good chunk of time trying to decide what I want to wear that day. Well, with Le Tote, I always have 2 or 3 items in my closet from my recent box to choose from.


A new pink top on Monday, a super cute blue tie top on Wednesday and a burgundy chunky sweater for Friday. Send back anything I don’t want to keep on Saturday and get a new box next week!



I’ve had so much love and support around me, which I am so thankful for.  .. from blog comments, to Facebook messages, to emails, texts and phone calls. Flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and a running memory book. To friends bringing dinner by or putting together a “thinking of you” bag of little things to make me smile. It is such a blessing to know that I have so much to be thankful for right now. And thank you so very much.

Anything that you use to make your life a little easier?? Plans for the weekend?

We are going to be working on house projects – hoping to get the guest bedroom painted and unpack a few more boxes, a Christmas parade on Saturday and a Christmas fun run through the holiday lights on Sunday!

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TYT – Recent Favs

Hi! Tuesday already? Craziness. Scott took the day off yesterday and I am on my last week of medical leave after surgery, so we took the day to get things done around the house and enjoy some extra family time. The weekend was pretty awesome too. . . finally got out on the Lake for some water skiing!


Anyway, today I wanted to share with you a few of my recent treats and favorites. . .

Rocksbox earrings win.


Simple and classic and go perfectly with my diamond studs which were an anniversary gift from Scott. btw – did you know it is super hard to take a picture of your ear. #abbybomb


Did you sign up for your free month yet? Remember, use this code –> running4cupcakesxoxo

New top from Le Tote. Totally would have never picked out a top like this for myself in the store but I love it. Perfect for work and with the details in the back – so much more fun than just a button up shirt.


These aren’t new, but I can’t run without my Nectar sunglasses and the fact that they are pink – bonus! And I have a pair in black too!


New Lulu shorts. I have been basically living in lulu shorts since my surgery and I needed a few new pairs. These are my new favorite. So comfortable. Perfect for summer.

Tracker Short II

I also got another pair of these. in black. love the thick waistband and pocket in the back.


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Any recent favorite treats for you??


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Le Tote {Review}

Have you guys heard of Le Tote?

Basically, it’s a clothing subscription service. For $49 per month, you get a box filled with 5 items that you can wear and then return for another box, as many times as you want over the month. And you can keep any items you like, for a members only price (about 20-50% off retail).



your perks

how it works

There are no commitments or contracts.

Get totes as often as you want.

Shipping is free both ways.

You don’t have to worry about laundry. Wear it and send it back.

Basically, you sign up. Complete a style profile. And then pick items from their collection to add to your closet.

my closet

Then, a personalized stylist will pick out 5 items (3 clothing pieces and 2 accessories) to send to you. Some of those items will be from your closet and a few will be picked by your stylist for you to try.

tote swap

When your tote is ready, you’ll get an email to view your items and swap out any items you don’t like or don’t want. However, it appears that with some of my totes, an item was swapped out again without my approval. I am guessing this is because of availability, but I tended to get items that I didn’t love, so that annoyed me.


Once, your review and finalize your tote, you’ll get an email with your tote’s tracking info and within 2 days, your tote will arrive on your doorstep!

Tote #1



Tote #2
tote 2


And a lovely surprise (that I know Becky would approve of) when I purchased the scarf.


Tote #3


Overall, the service is super fun. I got a few new pieces for my closet. I was able to vary the clothes that I wore to work and it was nice to have a change up from just the usual clothes that are in my closet.

The service (IMHO) is a little spendy at $49 per month, but I think is a fun option to have to change up your wardrobe every once in a while.

I also really really liked the free 2 day shipping both ways, that was super easy. And no laundry!

Want to try it out?

You can use the code RUNNING4CUPCAKES to get 20% off!

**I was provided a free month of service to Le Tote in exchange for my review. I did pay with my own money for any clothing pieces that I kept. And I signed up for an additional month with my own money after my free trial month was up! And as usual, all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for your support.

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Weekend Update: 5/10/15

It was a long weekend. It is pretty late on Sunday night, and I need to get to bed to get a good night sleep for work tomorrow. . . so here is a quick look at my weekend. . .

A nice run = sunshine makes me happy.


Scarf winner from Le Tote.


A good visit with Dad.


Scott’s helper.


Time with Grandma Mary.



Lukie taking pics from his car seat. . .


Mother’s Day. Luke (Scott) gave me some new Feetures! socks (yes!!) and candles.

Laura made this super cute craft – with Luke’s help. ..


And Jenny and Luke picked out this balloon for me.  Smile 


Overall, a great weekend!

How was your weekend??

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Friday Favorites: 5/8/15

oh Friday. Finally!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Planning on hitting up a cross fit class – Saturday mornings are usually partner workouts and are pretty fun! Thinking about checking out the local farmer’s market, doing a few family runs, and enjoying the nice weather. And, of course, Mother’s Day on Sunday that hopefully will include a visit to the hospital to see Dad.

Here are the things that made me smile this week.


Dinner with my sisters.


Laura made nachos for dinner on Monday night. They were awesome. And it is so nice to be close to my sisters, especially right now.

Yasso frozen yogurt bars.


After seeing these around the blogosphere, I finally got to try them for myself! The company was nice enough to send me a few coupons for me to pick up 2 boxes. Salted caramel and cookie dough ftw. These fro yo bars are the perfect post-dinner snack. A little sweetness to end the evening. and only 100 calories. Winning.



Totally made my day. Thanks Melanie. XOXO

Good news. We heard this week that my Dad’s sister is a PEFFECT bone marrow match for Dad. So happy. . .

Grocery store helper.


He just L.O.V.E.S the little carts at the grocery store. And is so adorable with putting items in his cart and picking out things that we “have” to buy.

Le Tote. Have you guys heard of this? Basically for $49 per month, you have a personal shopper sending you items from your “closet”. You wear them, keep them if you want (for a discounted price) or else just send it back – no washing required, and then they send you another box with 5 more items to try out and wear. The company offered me a free month to check it out and I’ve just received one box so far (striped blazer and blue polka dot scarf), full review to come, but so far, I am loving it!


If you want to try it too, ou can use the code RUNNING4CUPCAKES to get 20% off!

Cross Fit. Still loving it. Smile


Whatcha up to this weekend??

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