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Les Mills SuperQ

On Saturday, I drove up to the cities with my friend and fellow BODYPUMP instructor, Chris, to attend the Les Mills Super Q! And it was so. much. fun.


A Super Quarterly is a day jam-packed with massive workouts, great education, and hundreds of fellow Les Mills Tribe members.

We started the day getting checked in and getting some new gear – a Reebok towel, water bottle and sweat wrist band.


Then, we choose our spots for BODYPUMP and snagged some pictures with the Les Mills Instructor team. .. They were all super friendly, nice and fun to talk to!

Chris and I with Jeremiah.


60 second selfie challenge. . .


Pump time! I’m super excited for 98 to come out. Triceps were super fun and biceps were killer!


Next I took BODYFLOW. And man, those instructors were bendy. Winking smile 


Up next – CXWORKS. OMG – my new favorite of the day. A 30 minute total core workout. It was fun, the time went quick and it was super effective. And the boys teaching weren’t too bad to look at either. . .


Then, I sweated it out on the bike with RPM. Les Mills never disappoints. Good, heart pumping music and a great workout.

Had to grab a pic with Sanna afterwards. . .


Finished the day with GRIT – Strength with Adam.


And all I have to say is the burpee challenge at the end is equal parts fun, challenging and evil!

It was an inspiring day to say the least. If you are a Les Mills instructor or fan, I highly recommend attending an event like this, you won’t regret it!

What were you up to this weekend??

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TYT#17 – Shopping!

Shhhhh don’t tell my husband. I’ve been shopping. Winking smile 

A new shirt from Reebok. Double score because it’s also a Les Mills tank.

IMG_3408 - CopyIMG_3409 - Copy

IMG_3416 - Copy

New shoes for teaching BODYPUMP from Asics. At first I thought they were too pink, but then I remembered there is no such thing as too much pink! Winking smile 

IMG_3459 - CopyIMG_3460 - Copy

And they have the cutest pink ribbon laces!!


My new favorite black leggings. OMG you guys. These salar leggings from Fabletics are literally my new favorite. I have been wearing them all-the-time. They look amazing. Super comfortable. And totally flattering. btw – it is super tough to take a good pic of black leggings. . . just trust me that my husband has been checking out my butt A LOT in these pants. . . Winking smile 

IMG_3479 - CopyIMG_3494 - Copy

New boots. The search is finally over. I had been looking for brown boots for literally the past 3+ years. I was super picky. They had to be the right shade of light brown, have a buckle detail and a zipper in the back. And be able to fit my athletic bodypump calves. Winking smile These Steve Madden boots are perfection.

IMG_3495 - CopyIMG_3496 - Copy

Lulu pink shorts. Another thing that has been on my “I want” list for-ev-er – a cute pair of PINK! lulu running shorts. I was browsing at Lulu last weekend and found this pair. Love love love love love them. Smile 

IMG_3550 - CopyIMG_3551IMG_3552IMG_3553

And for my husband’s sake, that is all. Smile 

Have you been shopping lately??

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Friday Favorites: 11/21/14

Whew. Friday. Yes!!

I have to work this weekend but looking forward to movie night tonight, grocery store shopping to stock up for Thanksgiving dinner and snuggling in front of the fire.

Here are my favs from this week. .. feel free to play along in the comments or by linking up!


#1. RunEatRepeat IG account  –> OMG hilarious-ness.



And are we friends on Instagram?? Smile 

#2. The newest Advo product. 


White Chocolate Peppermint Meal Replacement Shake. I know, right? Drool.

#3. Spark!!


I have been drinking spark on a regular basis for 6+ months now and I LOVE it. I couldn’t imagine my day without it. I start pretty much every day with one. I will drink a second one in the afternoon at work sometimes if I need some extra energy to get through my afternoon or to help avoid all the treats in the break room.


I will otherwise have a second one before/during/after my workouts. Usually with teaching bodypump after work, I mix up a full blender bottle (24 ounces) and drink about 1/3 before my workout, 1/3 while teaching and the last 1/3 afterwards. It gives me the perfect amount of energy and hydration to get through my afternoon, teach and get home! 

#4. Les Mills Good Protein Energy Balls.


OMG love. Like so so so good. The chocolate ones are like a chocolate dream and the vanilla has a great flavor and pairs so great with the peanut butter. I have been eating them for breakfast and afternoon snacks. Delicious. Super glad I made a double batch last weekend. Winking smile 


And the wonderful people at Les Mills have offered an amazing giveaway. One lucky R4C reader will win two pouches (1 of each flavor) of LES MILLS™ Good Protein, valued at $140 USD! 

Awesome, right?

**Just leave a comment below telling me how you would use this amazing protein powder. To fuel before a workout? Energy balls? Saturday morning protein pancakes? 

The contest closes at midnight on November 25, 2014 and I’ll announce the winner shortly after. If I don’t hear from the winner within 48 hours, I’ll pick someone new.

Good luck!

If you don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won the giveaway, you can buy Les Mills Good Protein here. For more nutritional information and resources, check out this page.

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Have a great weekend! What are you up to??

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Les Mills good protein powder {review}


Good Protein is low carbohydrate, dairy-based protein powder, sweetened with stevia leaf extract. It contains the same ratio and types of proteins found in real milk, whey and casein. Whey gives a fast release of amino acids, and casein provides a slower release over several hours. Together, they provide optimum muscle recovery. Les Mills Good Protein is protein as nature intended.

So, I am pretty much a protein powder newbie. Yup, you all know how much I love AdvoCare’s post-workout recovery – but honestly, I just usually use that for energy balls (either this recipe or this one.) And I have never really drank protein powder or used it in anything else. Also, as you guys know, protein powder is spendy! Unfortunately, this protein powder is too – each pouch costs $69, and there are 30 servings in each. . . but honestly, I am willing to spend the money for a great product. And this one only has 6 ingredients. How amazing is that?

Just opening the bag, you can tell this powder is GOOD. The smell is wonderful. The chocolate smells like a chocolate bar and the powder looks nice and fluffy. Same with vanilla. Pure vanilla flavor. No artificial or fake anything.


Of course I tried them first in my favorite energy balls.


–> OMG great flavor. The chocolate made the balls really chocolaty and helped when I was craving leftover Halloween candy. And the vanilla was the perfect complement to the peanut butter –  it almost made me think that I had made these with vanilla almond butter!

and then in my favorite smoothie  concoction –> almond milk + banana + chocolate protein powder


–> LOVED this one. The chocolate was super yummy. The powder made my smoothie super thick so it was like drinking a chocolate banana milk shake.

I really want to try protein pancakes next. I have this recipe to check out:

3 eggs whites
scoop of powder
almond milk

The highlights of Les Mills Good Protein

  • 26 grams of protein and 120 calories per serving.


  • There are only six simple ingredients, nothing artificial


  • Milk protein concentrate (whey and casein proteins from the milk of grass-fed cows)
  • Stevia leaf extract
  • Natural flavors
  • Guar gum
  • Salt
  • and the last ingredient depends on your flavor of choice – chocolate protein contains cocoa powder and vanilla protein contains natural vanilla flavor with real vanilla.


What’s your favorite protein powder? Favorite way to use protein powder??

*This post was sponsored by Les Mills. But as usual, all opinions are my own.

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Friday Favorites: 11/14/14

Whew. Friday. Thank goodness.

I have the day off from work and I am super excited to have a lunch date with Melanie and her new beautiful baby boy! Of course I am going to bring her one of her favorite treats – Special K bars. Smile And then tonight – the GARTH BROOKS concert! Yup. Super excited.

Here are the things that made me smile this week. . .

–> teaching BODYPUMP + new workout shirt from Reebok (bonus points because it’s a Les Mills tank!)


–> Smoothies + helpers. Luke loves to help me make smoothies in the morning. We make one for Mom, Dad and Lukie. This week I’ve been adding in the new Les Mills Good Protein powder. Full review coming next week – but spoiler alert – everything you’ve heard so far is true, it’s awesome!


–> Girl talk time. Peggy (who lives in Colorado) was randomly in town this week for a convention. Thankfully she had a few hours on Wednesday night for us to sit and chat. SO nice to see her!


–> AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake mug cake. Have you tried this? So good and so simple. Easy, quick, complete breakfast.


Step 1: put shake mix into mug. add 1/4 cup water.  Step 2: mix.


Step 3: put in microwave for about 75 seconds.


Step 4: serve with a spoonful of almond butter.


–> puppy kisses.


–> long runs on the treadmill.


–> cool down buddy. Seriously he thought the treadmill on the slowest setting was the most fun. And his giggling was hilarious.


*no toddlers were harmed in the taking of these pictures. Winking smile 


–> these posts:

The natural sugar halo from Kim
Transformation Tuesday: I’m calling bullshit from Carly
Help! What do I do? I’m a runner/BODYPUMP-er/sorer than I’ve ever been… from Becky   (psst – I have the same bundles on my AdvoCare site too)

Alright, off to get ready to go. . .

Have a great weekend!!

Linking up with Heather and Claire this week!


What are your favorites from this week? What are you up to this weekend?

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How to get stronger in BODYPUMP

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday. I am guest posting on Daily Cup of Kate about BODYPUMP today. . .. the basics, your first class and what to expect.

But, if you have been doing BODYPUMP for a while. . . you might be wondering, now what? How do I increase my strength and continue to challenge myself in my 60 minute BODYPUMP class.


And that’s what today’s post is about – exactly how to get stronger in ‘pump.

And it’s pretty simple –>

add more weight.

duh, right?

well, it really is that easy.

you know those little 1kg weights? add those. Winking smile


Ok, but seriously, let’s break down on exactly how to increase your weights. . .

1. ask your instructor for  help. that person who teaches bodypump for you has been specially trained. and they can be a wealth of knowledge for you. also, if I know that someone is trying to add more weight, I am going to pay specific attention to their weight selection and form during class (of course, I watch everyone’s form during class), but if I know you are trying to get stronger and better and are open to critique and help. I am going to give it you! So ask!!


2. don’t do too many tracks at one time. So, you decide, yup, I want to increase my weights. Now what? Pick 1 or 2 tracks to focus on increasing. Say squats and biceps. Increase those. But. . .

3. Either don’t change or back off on other tracks. If you are really pushing yourself on squats, you probably don’t want to go hard core on the next track (chest), so either stick with your normal weight, or if you are really tuckered out, go a little bit lighter. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your strength in chest just from going down in weight for a class or two. . .


4. Ok, so you increased your weight in the squat track and now it’s the middle of the song and you are dying. . . it’s ok to use the break in the middle of the track to take off that extra weight. You are now stronger than when you started that track because you used a heavier weight for at least part of the song. Good for you. Now, in the next class, see if you can squat that heavier weight for even farther into the song. Remember, it’s always form first. So, if you feel you are really struggling and your form is suffering, drop that weight. And try again next time. Slowly you will get stronger and be able to squat the heavier weight through the whole song.

5. You added more weight, got thru the song, had awesome form, now what? Add more weight to another track – maybe chest or back. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Until you have added weight to the whole workout. Then, start again. That is the awesome thing about bodypump, the workout is 100% customizable depending on what weight selection you put on the bar and you can always be pushing yourself to the next level.


Be strong my friends. Smile


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