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Netflix – Recent Favorites

It’s no secret that I love Netflix. It’s how I survive running on the treadmill. And I’ve logged A LOT of miles on my treadmill. . . which means, I’ve watched a lot of Netflix. Smile Some good, some not so good. Today, I’m sharing a few of my recent favs. The ones that make me want to run more miles because they are that good.


Orange is the new black . . . totally inappropriate but fun. I liked the first 2 seasons more than the 3rd season. Waiting for the 4th season to come out!

Revenge – this show is totally a soap opera but is so. much. fun. and I love how it keeps you guessing right from the beginning. The last season just came out on Netflix, so I am looking forward to watching that soon!

Pretty Little Liars – so, this show is probably for teenagers, but I still loved it. I’ll be honest though, I got a little bored by the 5th season and stopped watching, but the first 4 were fun!

House of Cards – you guys, seriously, check out this show. Probably my most favorite show recently. There are some “WFT” moments, but overall, a super interesting drama. Now, they need to come out with the 4th season asap!

Sherlock. A contemporary twist on the classic. And the actors that play Sherlock and Watson are really really good.

Prison Break. If you’ve read my blog at all over the past few months, you know that I loved this show. The first 2 seasons are AWESOME. I didn’t love the 3rd and 4th season as much but I watched them because I am in love with Michael Scofield. Winking smile

And Luke watches my iPad for his allowed time for the day. Netflix Kids is great. Lots of good options for all age groups. We keep an eye on what Luke picks to watch because some of the shows are for older kids and could be a little scary. But, otherwise, it’s a great option for kids shows. And a few of my favorites are:

Princess Sofia – although Tim Gunn is the voice of one of the characters and that always throws me for a loop to hear his voice on a kids show.

Octonauts. So, this show is just fun. They travel around the ocean, learning and helping other sea creatures. And their ships that they travel in are called “Gups” and they have a GUP A and GUP B and even a GUP E. Adorable. Smile

Do you watch Netflix? Recommendations for me??

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Netflix Instant Play

Being a stay at home Mom with a newborn means you can watch quite a bit of tv. . . while feeding, while he is sleeping, during tummy time, etc. I got tired of daytime tv pretty quickly. . . I can only watch The Chew so many days in a row

(which actually bums me out because I really like Michael Symon!), same for The Price is Right!

So, I quickly turned to Netflix Instant Play to keep me entertained!

Here are some of my recent favorites:

How I Met Your Mother

NPH –> seriously hilarious character (and he has a blog!) Winking smile 

Drop Dead Diva

ABC Family Movies


I also watched an episode or two of Mad Men and Gossip Girl but I just couldn’t get into them. . . am I missing out?

And for anyone who has a new baby –> you MUST watch The Happiest Baby on The Block. . . seriously changed our lives = more sleep! Smile Available on DVD thru Netflix.

Have you ‘found’ any good tv shows or movies lately?

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Stuffy Nose

Highlights from the past day:

1. Breathing through your nose is kinda a big deal. . . my sore throat has now moved into a head cold complete with the worst stuffy nose!

2. Afrin is the best thing ever.  . no really – it is! I had never used Afrin before meeting Scott, but was quickly introduced when I got my first stuffy nose after getting married. Just have to remember not to use it for more than 3 days!

Afrin  Afrin Nasal Spray Selectable Amount

3. Beware if your husband makes fun of your Netflix watching choices, ahem – Glee. . . and then sits down and watches pretty much the first season with you and then makes us watch more episodes last night during dinner.

4. Eating is totally over-rated when you can’t taste your food

5. I don’t know what people did before Netflix Instant Play . . . so nice to watch TV shows without commercials and something you actually want to watch, instead of the Price is Right, while you are sick or just being lazy too!

Off to spend some more time on the couch (thankfully I have this morning off of work!). . .

Hope you are having a better start to the week than me! Smile


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