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Road Trip 2013–Day 2

Today we traveled from Rapid City, South Dakota to Casper, WY.

IMG_3612South Dakota_2013 007South Dakota_2013 002

About a 5 hour drive with a stop at Mount Rushmore.

South Dakota_2013 009South Dakota_2013 020

Just a little different than our last time here. . .

South Dakota_2013 023

Overall, another good day in the car. Luke slept most of the way from Mount Rushmore to Casper and we were able to make that 4 1/2 hour trip in one shot.

South Dakota_2013 003South Dakota_2013 004South Dakota_2013 006

Some yummy car snacks. . .


The only downside to our day was when we got to Casper. I had it in mind all day long to go for a nice hour long run when we got into town. I had planned to do some treadmill miles and catch up on some Netflix Instant play watching – currently loving Heart of Dixie! – but the “workout center” only had one horrible treadmill. It was old, clunky, and the belt didn’t move smoothly. No go. I tried the elliptical, but again, not a good machine. So, I tried not to be deterred, leashed up Abby for a run outside. Although, it ended up being colder than I thought and I didn’t have any hat or mittens, so, I knew we weren’t going to make it very far with a chilly wind and 27 degree weather. But, Abby wasn’t interested in any of it and refused to go any farther than 0.25 miles down the road. So, we walked around the hotel for about a mile and I called it quits! Looking forward to a good long run tomorrow when we reach our final destination in Jackson, WY. . .

After a long, hot shower. . . we hit up Famous Dave’s for dinner – one of Scott’s favorites.


And then back to the hotel for bed. Traveling is hard work! I think Abby would really like it if we had a king bed at home. . . more than enough room for me, Scott and still room for her to hog the middle of the bed. . .

South Dakota_2013 030

5 1/2 hour drive to Jackson tomorrow, where we will meet up with some friends to hang out with for a few days! Smile


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Day of firsts

Gosh, today was a day of firsts. . .

Luke’s 1st bad hair day


my 1st time trying a this smoothie place (yummy!)


Luke’s 1st road trip


Luke and Abby’s 1st time to South Dakota


Luke’s 1st Happy Meal – chicken nuggets – most ended up on the floor. . . he loved the apple slices though..  .


Car snacks for the road. . . my 1st time having this trail mix from Target (dark chocolate espresso – yum!)


Spent some time hanging with Luke and Abby in the back seat. . .


they were both super excited. . .


And Scott and I had some fun in the front seat during nap time. . .


My 1st time not giving my traffic engineer husband a hard time about taking pictures of traffic signs on our vacation. . . <sigh>


And both babies settled right in at the hotel. . .


Overall a really great travel day. Spent about 8 hours on the road with only one stop! Luke got super fussy about 30 minutes away from our final stop of the night and of course fell asleep about 10 minutes away from the hotel. But otherwise he did really well. Abby too! He got to watch “TV” (via Netflix Instant Play on the iPad) for the 1st time too- an episode of Veggie Tales!

On our way to Wyoming tomorrow with a stop planned at Mount Rushmore!


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South Dakota Fun

Happy Monday!

Road Trip Day #6

This morning, after a quick stop at Starbucks for my caramel macchiato, we hit the road for South Dakota.

Wyoming was more cows,

wyoming cows

oil wells,

oil well

and long stretches of nothing-ness.

at least the speed limit was 75!

we played "guess which cereal has the most fiber, calories, fat, etc" to help pass the time through Wyoming!

South Dakota!

hopefully by the end of this trip, I will be able to get the whole sign!

We made a quick stop at Dairy Queen for lunch.

appetizer = oreo blizzard

I also had the chicken finger basket. . .

Then, we went to the Jewel Cave Tour in Custer, SD.

waiting in line for our cave tour

Jewel Cave

Then, went to Mount Rushmore. Scott had been there as a kid, but I had never been. Pretty cool.


Checked into our hotel room in Keystone. Super small town – probably really busy during summer but not during winter/spring. There was no fast food places and only 3 other family-type restaurants. We went for a four mile run checking out the town, with a view of Mount Rushmore (pretty cool!) and perused the dinner options.

We picked one.  . .

It turned out pretty well. Scott had buffalo chili and I got the “special” – hawaiian meatballs with salad bar. Scott helped me eat my meatballs and I helped him with his biscuit. We are a good team.

We also took turns playing the IQ game – Scott won with just one peg left.

Now, we are chilling in the king size bed at our hotel and having dessert. Cashew turtles from a candy shop in Colorado. Yummy!

Back to Mankato tomorrow. We both don’t have to work until Thursday, but we are looking forward to having a day to chill at home!


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