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Friday Favorites: 5/29/15

Whoa. The last Friday of May. Seriously? Where is the time going??

Looking forward to some fun activities this weekend – Cross Fit, Farmer’s Market, movie night, and some baking! And maybe if the unpacking gets done, some adult beverages on our new screened in porch! Smile 

Here are the things that made me smile this week. . .


Nut thins


Have you guys had these? Blue Diamond sent me two boxes as part of their Tastemakers blogger program. And I was totally going to take some cute pictures, paired with yummy cheese. . .. and ummmm, the next thing I know, I was finishing off the second box. They have been the perfect crunchy evening snack lately.


So, if you have more willpower than I do, pair with some cheese. . . otherwise, straight out of the box is awesomesauce too. Winking smile 

this sign from my gym that I shared on Instagram this week. #truth


this cartoon. 


My sister sent it to me after my blog post last week. Perfect, right?

View from our new dining room window. 


I just love the woods behind our house. We see deer and wild turkeys every day. And I saw a doe and fawn last week. Adorable.

Luke swimming in the cold lake. 


When we were at the Lake last weekend, Luke really really wanted to go swimming, but didn’t realize the lake was freezing. He basically clung to Aunt Laura for dear life. Hilarious.

Birthday cake. Oh ya. Those pink roses = so good!


stitch fix. yup, this is happening. hoping for some new jeans!


Laura and I are going to be starting a 24 day challenge with AdvoCare on June 8th – done in time for the Fourth of July! If you want to join in or more details, shoot me an email.

030 (3)

What are you loving this week??

And what’s up for the weekend??

Linking up with Friday fun with both Heather and Clare!

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Friday Favorites: 12/5/14

Finally! Friday!! And a week that didn’t seem to totally drag by..  . of course I have to work this weekend, but I am not letting that ruin my happiness for Friday.

I have lots of plans this weekend including the start of holiday baking, a Christmas parade and a Christmas lights in the park 5K on Sunday. Fingers crossed that it will be warm enough to take Luke in the jogging stroller.

Without further ado, here are the things that made me smile this week!!


#1. Delivering hot milk chocolate with 1/2 pump of peppermint to my husband at work.


#2. My new favorite pants – from my latest Stitch Fix.


Black “Ecru – Mark Pull-On Ponte Pant”.


The perfect pant for work or running errands. Not super tight – a little loser fit than my favorite Fabletics yoga pants.

#3. Flannel sheets. Is there anything better in the winter?


#4. Leftover apple pie. Seriously, the best.


#5. These ladies AdvoCare 24 day challenge recaps. They both did the challenge with me in October and had awesome results. (pssst – interested in joining in all the AdvoCare fun???  New Year 2015 Challenge starting on January 5th –> email me for details!!)

#6. My new 2015 planner. Pink + chevron. In love. Smile


Your turn –> What made you smile this week?? And plans for the weekend??

Linking up with Heather and Claire this week!

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Stitch Fix #3

My latest Stitch Fix has arrived!!


And I need your help. Smile

What should I keep?

Teal Green Connely Horse Bit Bangle – $32


Navy Filbert Polka Dot Print 3/4 sleeve blouse – $58


Navy Redhouse striped hooded sweatshirt – $108


Coral bowie solid dolman sleeve top – $58


Navy Johnny skinny jeans – $88

So. . . . what do you think??

Thanks for your help!!


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Friday Favorites: 8/1/14

Happy August! Did that sneak up on anyone else? I cannot believe that it is August already? Seriously, wasn’t it just the 4th of July last weekend? Craziness.

And happy Friday!! Oh man, this week seemed to take for-ev-er, right? I think it was because I was post-vacay. . .

But we all survived. . . and now it’s the weekend!

Luke and I are hanging out today, getting some stuff done around the house, I teach BODYPUMP tonight (locals – 5:30pm at the YMCA), and then we are headed back to the Lake for the weekend!

So, I have to get to it, but here are my favorites from this week. . .

–> Sunshine lunches.


Usually my lunch time is taken up by catching up from the morning, returning patient phone calls or working on my never-ending pile of paperwork, so it was a nice treat to be able to eat lunch outside in the beautiful sunshine!

–> Being back to BP after being on vacation last week.


And it’s amazing how just missing a week can bring back that muscle soreness again. Whoa quads.

–> Crepes from my MIL.


She brought some leftover crepes and filling when they visited last weekend. And it was so nice to have a quick, easy dinner on Tuesday night. And they are super yummy. Smile

–> Smoothie stop.


Luke was having a sad morning, I was having an “I can’t wake up” morning, so a stop at Caribou was much needed. Caramel skim latte for me. Kids banana strawberry smoothie for him. Immediate mood booster for both of us.

–> AdvoCare meal bar – chocolate and peanut butter. IMG_1988

So, I had literally nothing in the house for lunch on Wednesday, so I threw one of these in my bag and hoped for the best. It’s supposed to be a meal replacement bar, but I was super skeptical and really worried about dying from hunger in the afternoon. But, it was amazing. Chocolate and peanut butter for lunch = yes please. And it kept me full for hours with it’s 16 grams of protein. The only thing that was a little strange was the texture of the peanut butter filling. . . it was sorta chewy, not in a bad way, but not what I was expecting either. I will totally keep these on hand for quick breakfast and lunches in the future!

–> My pink problems.


I snapped this picture after BP on Wednesday night. Pink spark, pink lululemon top, pink apera bag. I just had to take the picture and laugh. Smile I love it.

–> And this email.


Eeeeek!! SO excited for my next Stitch Fix! Look for a post next week to help me decide what to keep. Smile 

What are you up to this weekend? Your favs from the week??


Spreading the link love by linking up with Heather and Claire again this week.

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My birthday wish list

Did you know that May is my birthday month? May 26th is the actual day. Smile 

I thought it would be fun to put together a wish list for my birthday. And maybe a little hint hint for my family and husband. Winking smile 

Bolder Band in pink paisley. Size small. So cute, right? And they promise to stay put or your money back!


New crockpot. (Yup, I think this officially makes me an adult to have a new crockpot on my birthday list. . .) After making too many batches of balsamic chicken and sweet pork tacos, mine has a crack in it. And you know how much I love and use my crockpot, so that needs to be replaced ASAP.

Stitch Fix giftcard. With building the new house, budget has been tight and girlfriend needs some new clothes. And you know how much I love stitch fix. Having a personal stylist pick out and send you clothes that are perfect for you = yes please.

ScreenHunter_171 May. 09 15.48

This sign from Etsy. In pink. I think it would be perfect for my desk at work.

Doctor MD Custom Personalized primitive wood blocks

Pink calculator for my desk at work. All pediatric medications are weight based, so I have to do a lot of calculations when prescribing medicines to kids. Right now I use my iPhone, but I think a pink calculator would be pretty fun and cute on my desk.


This watch from Micheal Kors. Classic. Simple. Perfect.

Michael Kors Michael Kors Double-Wrap Leather Watch, Golden

Jamberry Nails Strengthening Nail Polish – you all know how much I love my Jamberry’s and my nails aren’t the strongest, but I have heard amazing things about this strengthening polish!

Lululemon gift card –> yes. I am a lulu addict.


Advocare spark. Yes, it’s on my birthday list. It’s that good. Smile 


New kitchen and bath towels. With the new house, it would be really nice to get some fresh new towels to go with it.



What’s on your wish list right now?

And I’m linking up with Becky today for TYT. Because any of these things would be a perfect way to treat yourself. . .


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Friday Favorites: 8/16/13

  Happy Friday!!! We are headed up to the Lake again this weekend. I am looking forward to a staple of WI Friday nights – a local fish fry! And time on the boat soaking up the sunshine and working on getting rid of my runner’s tan line. Also, hoping to get in a long run, and maybe make a new Pinterest recipe or two for #AugustPinterestChallenge. <—have you joined in yet??

Anyway, here are a few of my recent favorite things. ..

Stitch Fix. . .

I love getting clothes in the mail that my personal stylist picks out for me. I mean, how cool is that!

ScreenHunter_90 Jul. 19 13.37

And I have an upcoming one that I just scheduled! I am hoping for some cute new summer tops. I’ll make sure and share the goods with you when I get it!! Check out my first Stitch Fix. Use this link if you are interested in checking it out for yourself!!

Water skiing –> there is nothing quite like it and nothing says summer like a good loop around the lake on water skis.


New running gear –> I have been #runhappy in this new Brooks running top lately. . . It’s the Women’s Glycerin Print Support Tank II. . .


Baby naps –> I know the sad day is coming when Luke will go to just one nap per day. But for now I am enjoying that he still *usually* takes 2 naps. And even though I know he is just recharging and planning what he is going to get into next. . . I still love it. Winking smile  **And can you believe that he is 16 months old today??? Man, time is flying!!


The newest Ellie workout gear .  . . just released for August, called Bon Voyage. I am in love with all the tops!! 

I especially love the Ibiza Loop Tank <—how cute is that back!

ScreenHunter_101 Aug. 10 13.09

and Saint Tropez Tank – again looks super cute, comfy and cute back!

ScreenHunter_103 Aug. 10 13.10

and Goa Long Sleeve looks so comfy!!

ScreenHunter_102 Aug. 10 13.10ScreenHunter_104 Aug. 10 13.11

Have a great weekend!

Are you planning anything exciting? Have you even been to a Friday night fish fry??


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Friday Favorites: 3/15/13

We all know that it is the little things that add up to the big things in life. . . so this week a few of the “little” things that are making me happy lately. . . . Enjoy!

My mug from the Winter Carnival Half Marathon – perfect to fit my morning caramel skim latte!


LUNA bars – especially white chocolate macadamia nut – I eat one of these almost every morning for breakfast – LOVE!

My cardigan from my most recent Stitch Fix – still in love!


My iPad


I got my iPad thru a continuing medical education audiodigest program. Basically, the ability to have access to listen to hundreds of lectures from medical conferences around the world. Which as you can imagine, was sorta spendy (but good for my education). .. anyway, to entice you to buy the program, they offered a “free” iPad with purchase. So, I got one. And I love it. I seriously use it all the time. On the couch, reading blogs. On the treadmill, watching Netflix. In the kitchen, to view recipes online. In the bathroom, to listen to Pandora while I am showering. In the baby’s room, playing music during playtime.

Napping baby


I love my child, but I really love when he takes a long nap. . . anyone who has a little one who is mobile (i.e. into everything and can’t be left alone for one minute because otherwise he is elbows deep into the dogs water dish), knows that nap times are when you get stuff done! I usually use the first nap of the day to try to get in my run. It is a great day when he naps long enough for me to run and shower!

And Happy Birthday Ellie!!! (My sister’s border collie) Make sure Jenny gives you lots of extra treats and belly rubs today. Smile 


What are the little things that are making you happy today???


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My 1st Stitch Fix


Have you guys heard of Stitch Fix?

From their website:

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers a truly personalized Fix of accessibly priced items directly to doors across the United States. Stitch Fix hand picks pieces for each client, to ultimately help them look and feel their best.

Over time, Stitch Fix tracks and learns from each client’s preferences, likes, and dislikes making it the only shopping experience that can know women’s tastes even better than their friends.

Stitch Fix works with over 200 brands, from up-and-coming labels to more established designers. Based in San Francisco, Stitch Fix has over 50 employees and ships throughout the U.S.

And oh goodness – it is awesome, fun, exciting, and convenient.

I got my 1st Stitch Fix a few weeks ago. And here is what I got. . . 069

A cute striped top. A fun and comfy (seriously the material was awesome) dress.

A sweater with a fun bow detail in the back. 073

A scarf.

And a cardigan.
They include “styling cards” to give you ideas of how to wear each item. Or ideas of how it might supplement things you already have in your closet. 021022

You try everything on in the privacy of you own home. .. or if you are me – in front of Scott and Laura in the dining room. Winking smile And then you pick what you want to keep, the others you send back within 3 days in a pre-postage paid shipping bag. There is a $20 ‘styling fee’ but that is applied to whatever items you want to keep. I decided to keep the cardigan. Which I just love! It is perfect for work or over a t-shirt with jeans for the weekend.


There is a nice detail on the back, and it has pockets! 016021

After you decide what you are going to keep, you go onto their website and comment on the other things that you sent back, so that your stylist can get to know you and your style better. I also have a “To Wear” board on Pinterest that my stylist can look at. You can request certain things for each ‘Fix’ if you want/need. i.e. work clothes, fancy dress, specific occasion coming up. Can you tell that I am just in love with Stitch Fix?

Check it out here, if you’re interested!

Have you ever done Stitch Fix or something similar?


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