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Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

We had lunch with Scott’s family yesterday. . .


And I’m feeling pretty darn thankful for both of my turkeys.


Also, I’m just thankful for our every day memories. . .

Having lunch with Luke at school.


Jake falling asleep while eating dinner {something that Luke never did!}


Playing at the Children’s Museum


Teaching BODYPUMP 


Fun with Aunt Jenny at Underwater World at MOA




And these. . . living in these slippers from Target. Love the price tag too!


And living in these out of the house.  ..  <—25% off right now with code Thankful


And decorating the Christmas tree as a family this morning.


my heart is happy.

hope you had a great thanksgiving with the ones you love.


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So, I have been quite the complainer lately. . . How much painting sucks, how busy we are trying to get everything with the house done, I even complained about our vacation because of that darn whale watching trip. . . Well, I am done complaining today because you know what?? The fact that I have all of these things to complain about, means that I am so blessed. And so today, I am doing a thankful post. All of the things that I am thankful for in my life lately that make life great and worth the hassle, long days and being busy!

1. My Husband. . .you guys, I seriously don’t know where I would be without this guy by my side. He has been a rock star with the house, being a Dad, working full time and is always amazing at checking in with me to make sure I am still doing ok. I appreciate and love him more than I think he will ever know.


2. cute baby – again, how did I get so lucky? Waking up to his smiling face every day (ok, most days.  . ). This morning, I was rubbing his back and I squeezed his booty and said “who’s booty is this?” and without even opening his eyes, but smiling, he said “Lukie’s.” Heart melting every day.


3. new house – I feel so fortunate that we are in a place in our lives that we can build a new house. And while it is 100% stressful and busy, it is also so much fun and so exciting. And I can’t wait for all the new memories that will be made in this new house.


5. bodypump – this is awesome for 2 reasons, #1 – I get paid to work out and #2. I get to teach the best class ever. I can be having the worst day and within the first few beats of the warm up song = total turn around. It just makes me so happy. And I feel so good when I am done with that hour. And since I have been teaching it for a while now, I have my regulars bodypumpers and it is just so nice to see them every week.


6. my treadmill – when we moved into our townhome, we didn’t know where we should put the treadmill. We finally decided to drag it all the way upstairs into the office. And I am SO glad we did that. I have put on quite a few miles this COLD winter and am so thankful that my run is just steps from my bed.


7. running – ahhh my main stress reliever. And all that running helps to offset my sweet tooth that has been going crazy on the weekends!


8. weekends – I am thankful that I have a job where I only have to work about one weekend a month and I have that time to dedicate towards working on the house, hanging with Luke and laundry!

9. family – both Scott and I have such wonderful families. Both of our parents have given up multiple weekends already to help with the house. Both Grandmas have watched Luke and provided lunch for us while we are busy working. So blessed to have them.


10. friends – AND we are so thankful to have so many friends who have given up their Saturdays to come paint or put in flooring or anything else we need. We would not have been anywhere close to getting everything we needed to get done in time for closing without them.

11. this puppy face. she makes any day better.


12. this blog and your support. I appreciate all the warm wishes and good thoughts that have been sent my way via this blog when I have complained about painting, building the house, being busy, and life in general. You make me smile. And for that, I am truly thankful.

What are you thankful for today?

And finally – the winner of the Apera Bag giveaway is. . . Emily!! Please email me at running4cupcakes@gmail.com and we will get you your bag!!


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Friday Favorites: 4/19/13

This week has been a long one. . . right? But I have taken a lot of time to think of some of the things that I am thankful for. . .

Tuesday – that I had the day off of work to spend it with this little guy on his 1st birthday


More snow. . . it just keeps coming in MN, but gosh, it is pretty. And soon enough it will be 90 degrees and humid. So, I am enjoying it while it lasts. And it helps that I probably won’t have to shovel with warmer weather coming hopefully soon! And I might be taking a hint from the weather gods that I need to buy that pair of boots I have been drooling over. . .


Teaching Body Pump – I don’t have a regular class this session and it was a nice change to sub for the 5:30am class on Tuesday and Thursday. Yes, I had to get up at 4:43am and that was super tough, but I felt ah-mazing afterwards. . . well, after a quick stop at Caribou. . .


Speaking of Caribou – I am thankful for our neighborhood coffee shop, that it is sorta on my way to work, that the ladies who work in the morning know my drink – large caramel skim latte – and that it just makes me happy.

Running. No words. I just love it. so much.

My husband. He stopped by work on Thursday and took me out to lunch. Best. idea. ever.


Abby’s puppy face. Yes, she may have gotten up on the table and took a bag of cheese curds last night, but gosh, I love her. And she is so soft and smells so good after being groomed!


This picture. . . I took it during Luke’s birthday party last weekend. All these people who came for his party and the love that was in the room was just wonderful.

Luke's 1st Birthday Party 249

What are you thankful for this week?


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