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Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

We had lunch with Scott’s family yesterday. . .


And I’m feeling pretty darn thankful for both of my turkeys.


Also, I’m just thankful for our every day memories. . .

Having lunch with Luke at school.


Jake falling asleep while eating dinner {something that Luke never did!}


Playing at the Children’s Museum


Teaching BODYPUMP 


Fun with Aunt Jenny at Underwater World at MOA




And these. . . living in these slippers from Target. Love the price tag too!


And living in these out of the house.  ..  <—25% off right now with code Thankful


And decorating the Christmas tree as a family this morning.


my heart is happy.

hope you had a great thanksgiving with the ones you love.

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Friday Favorites: 11/28/14–Thanksgiving!

Hi!! Happy Friday. Smile

Just popping in to share a few of the highlights from celebrating Thanksgiving yesterday with my family. Hope you had a great one!!

Driving up to the cities.




Ellie puppy snuggles (with my sister, Jenny)



Enjoying the fire.


Abby puppy snuggles.


Sadie puppy. And my little sister, Laura.


My Dad, who loves to play/tease the puppies.




And Lukie.


Who insisted on using the gravy spoon as his utensil of choice.


The family. My Dad, Lukie, Mom, Laura, Jenny and Scott.


My plate.


Grandpa and Lukie making pie.


And Grandma helping too.


The finished product.




What made you smile yesterday?? Highlight of the day?? Weekend plans?

Linking up with Heather and Claire this week!

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Happy Thanksgiving–2014!

Just popping in today to say


From my little turkey to you. Winking smile 

throwback to Luke’s first Thanksgiving. ..

Hope you have a great day!! Smile


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Hey! Happy Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving Eve. Wait, that isn’t a thing, is it? Well, it totally should be. And we should probably get the day off work for it. Whose with me? Because we all know that food prep starts way before Thursday anyway. . . btw – isn’t it crazy how much cooking and planning goes into one! meal. Thank goodness there are always tons of leftovers. Smile

In honor of Thanksgiving Eve, I thought I would share the typical dishes that make up my family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Turkey. Duh, right. Have you guys seen the Jennie-O oven ready whole turkey? As a member of Jennie-O switch circle team, I was sent one to check out!


A whole turkey that comes all ready to go in it’s own bag. Pretty amazing. All you have to do is poke a couple of holes in the bag and put it in the oven. I’ve always been super nervous about making my own turkey and screwing it up, but I am pretty sure I could handle putting it in the oven. . .


bahahahaha – they even call the bag “The fool proof bag.” Yup, perfect for me. Winking smile

2. Mashed Potatoes and gravy. My Mom rocks these out. But doesn’t this recipe for crockpot garlic mashed potatoes look amazing?

Slow Cooker Garlic Mashed Potatoes

3. Stuffing. Does your family call it stuffing or dressing? I think in mine we call it both, it depends on which recipe my Mom makes. . . My Grandma Christine’s recipe is dressing, but the other recipe Mom makes (Mark Consuelos stuffing recipe) is stuffing. Craziness. This year, we are trying something new. I am going to make this recipe.

Slow Cooker Cranberry Pecan Stuffing

Double score for a crockpot recipe on Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed that I don’t ruin Thanksgiving.

4. Crescent rolls.

5. Canned cranberries. That no one really eats. . .

Jellied Cranberry Sauce

6. Corn.


7. PIE.


My Dad makes the best pies. His apple is amazing. Seriously, I wish I could send you a piece. .. but then there would be less for me, so I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. Winking smile

What’s on your menu for tomorrow??

I am linking up with Peas & Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday this week!!

Finally, my winner (according to my random number generator – aka my husband) for the Les Mills Good Protein giveaway is AMY! <– check your email!!


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Weekend Update: 12/1/13

Hello hello from Cocoa Beach, Florida!!

But let me back up first. ..

My weekend started on Wednesday night with teaching BODYPUMP.


And puppy snuggles. ..


Thanksgiving Day was just spent with Luke, Scott and Abby. We hung out, worked on packing, ate leftovers, and checked out the progress on our house.


Friday, we headed to the cities to my  parent’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving #2!

Luke helped Grandpa make some pies.


I finally was able to check out Famiglia Meschini wine! We tried the Torrontes. . . . full review coming soon!


And of course, I had to put on some new Jamberry nails for my upcoming trip. They totally remind me of Minnie Mouse – unfortunately we aren’t headed to Disney on this trip. . .


And then it was bathtime and bedtime.


We had a very early wakeup call for our flight on Saturday morning. Caribou was very helpful.


We were super nervous about how Luke would do on the 3 hour flight, but overall he did pretty good. There was a time or two that he wasn’t really super excited to be confined to Mom and Dad’s lap, but then I would pull out a new toy, and he would be ok.


KIND bar for a snack. .. it needs to be like 6 times bigger because I had to share with both Scott and Luke because it was so yummy.


Luke isn’t quite sure what to think about the beach yet. . .


More vacay details tomorrow. . . off to check out the beach this morning. Smile 

Hope you had a great weekend!! What were you up to?? Have you ever been to Cocoa Beach? Any suggestions?


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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

From my family to yours. . .


Happy Thanksgiving!



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Weekend Update: 11/24/13

Hey! How are you? How was your weekend? Ours was really good!

Started out Friday morning with an hour long spin class, that was the final part of my spin training! It went really well!! It has been a busy past 3 weeks trying to fit in spin training in addition to everything else going on, so it is really nice to have it done! And also super awesome to be a spin instructor now. Smile 

And Abby went to The Paw on Friday to the groomers – and got the cutest bows in her hair. Love it.


Nap time run success. . .


And the best ever delivery. I won the Kind bar giveaway on Lauren’s blog and she was so generous with everything that she sent!! And I couldn’t wait to dig in. .. Madagascar vanilla almond –> deliciousness. Winking smile 


Then,  my Mom came down to hang out for the afternoon. . . we went to the mall.



And took her to check out the new house progress. ..


And then she was awesome and watched Luke while Scott and I went out for a date night. Boulder Tap House has the best burgers!


Saturday morning – quick 3 mile run while rocking out to my favorite Christmas songs. . .


Fruit salad to take for Thanksgiving dinner with The Thompsons.





And a great afternoon hanging out with family. . .



Even the dogs got some Thanksgiving treats. 




Sunday morning was spent with these two while Scott slept in. (I slept in on Saturday – we try to take turns. . .)


And I made some banana bread – with a twist – recipe coming soon!


9 miles on the treadmill while watching my first Christmas movie of the season –A Christmas Kiss. Totally chick flick and totally predictable, but still good.

Then, I made these for lunch. With my own twist of pineapple and pepperoni – our favorite pizza toppings. We ate them too quickly. No pictures. Smile 

And then rode the rollercoaster ride that was the Packers/Vikings game with these two.  .


Followed by more play time, taking some Christmas pictures of Abby and Luke, and getting ready for work. 3 day work week!! woo hoo!! Smile 

Hope you had a great one too – tell me the best part!!


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Friday Favorites: 11/15/13

Happy Friday!!!! I know I don’t have to tell you how flippin’ excited I am for the weekend!! I am excited to do some catching up on sleep, sitting on the couch and watching some movies – just having some down time after being so busy this week! Laura is coming to visit too, so baking and crafts are on the agenda!!

Here are a few of my favorites from the week. . ..

**My schedule. . . like I mentioned in yesterday’s post –this week has been super busy. On Thursday,  didn’t even get to see Luke or Scott at all! They were sleeping when I left to teach bodypump in the morning, and off to daycare before I got back. And then with spin training, I was at the YMCA right after work, and home after Luke bedtime! BUT, it made me realize how awesome it is that most of the time, I am able to be home in the morning to get him up and ready for the day, and home at night to snuggle him and put him to bed.


**The Mankato YMCA


Since I have been there a lot this week, I had a chance to think about how much I appreciate that the YMCA is part of my life. I remember seeing that little sign up on the bulletin board 5 years ago looking for new aerobics instructors. And I remember how nervous I was calling to ask about it and then to start training and teaching! And now 5 years later, I teach water aerobics, land aerobics, bodypump and very soon – spinning! And I can’t imagine my life without it.

**This sign that Laura and I made with Luke last year for Thanksgiving.  .


**Initial necklace from simplyuboutique in  Etsy. I wear this all the time. It is simple and beautiful. And you can customize it with whatever letters you want. I got it before we had Luke, so it says my initials “KT.”


**Holiday cups at Caribou. . . I know it is early, but they still just make me smile. Smile 


And for some strange reason, it makes me smile to see the sparkles from my chapstick on my coffee cup.


What are some of your favorites from the week? What are you up to this weekend?

PS: Any interest in participating in a link up for Friday Favorites? I am thinking about starting one, but just wondering if there was any interest. ..  Smile


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Weekend Update: 11/25/12

This weekend was a long weekend of highs and lows.

High: Spending time with Luke and Scott and Abby on Thanksgiving Day.


Low: Trying 2 new recipes – an egg bake and coffee cake – that were only just ok.  (pretty though!)


High: Getting new kitchen countertops.


High: Arranging for a babysitter to come over on Friday so Scott and I could have a date night.

Low: Having our movie that we were going to see on our date night (Skyfall) be sold out.

High: Wandering around the dollar store and sharing a white hot chocolate at Caribou with my husband for date night.


Low: Running late on our way to Thanksgiving with Scott’s family.

High: Being the first ones to arrive anyway! And enjoying Thanksgiving with his family.


Low: Luke being fussy.

High: Luke taking a nap during Thanksgiving dinner. (Even the dog’s Thanksgiving dinner!)


High: Luke waking up just as dinner was over and being a much happier baby. Even able to eat cheerios and carrots while we ate dessert. IMG_2660IMG_2664IMG_2651IMG_2659IMG_2654

Low: Trying to listen to an audiobook on my iPod on the way home and accidently pressing a button, losing our spot, and for the love of it, couldn’t find our place again.

High: We gave up and listened to Christmas music instead!

Low: Luke must be going through a growth spurt, because he has not been sleeping well at night!

High: We all slept in until 8am on Sunday morning.

High: Finding joy in a box!


High: Family play time on the floor.


High: 6.5 miles on the treadmill while watching a ABC Family holiday movie.

High: Decorating our Christmas tree.


Low: Coming down with the stomach flu and spending all of Monday in bed feeling awful.

High: Having a wonderful husband who takes care of me . . . and feeling much better today! 


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Mommy’s Little Turkey


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are celebrating with those that are closest to you today. We are having a low key day at home, just the 4 of us. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family last weekend and will be celebrating with Scott’s family on Saturday. Planning to make a breakfast feast (Scott’s favorite meal!), playing, cuddling, and going for a family run!

We have lots to be thankful for this year! #1 on our list – this little guy!


Who turned 7 months last Friday!

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 050_thumb[1]Thanksgiving weekend_2012 057_thumb[1]Thanksgiving weekend_2012 046_thumb[1]Thanksgiving weekend_2012 045_thumb[1]

New things this month:

    • Getting up on his knees and rocking back and forth and sometimes moving a knee –> crawling is just around the corner. Baby gate is installed!
    • Blowing raspberries
    • Pulling himself up on anything! The coffee table, the fireplace hearth, the bathtub, the dishwasher. . .
    • Now is eating 3 meals a day. Cereal for breakfast, fruit for lunch and veggie for dinner.
    • Had his 2nd ear infection. Boo.
    • Sits all by himself in the bath tub and loves it!
    • Loves stroller rides, “petting” Abby, eating paper, getting raspberries blown on his belly, bath time.

Looking forward to. . .

  • Crawling???
  • More new foods!
  • Getting baptized in December
  • Continuing to see his personality develop

When Laura was here last weekend, we did some more crafts. We made a Thanksgiving Turkey craft using Luke’s hand prints and a foot print.


It was super easy. Here’s how you do it:

  • To make the Turkey ‘feathers’. Dip baby’s hand in red paint and stamp 4-5 times on canvas or cardstock. Let dry.
  • Repeat with orange paint and stamp 3 times, just overlapping the red hand prints. Let dry.
  • Repeat with yellow paint and stamp 2 times. Let dry. Thanksgiving weekend_2012 034_thumb[1]
  • Finally, dip baby’s foot in brown paint and stamp in the middle of hand prints to make the turkey’s body.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 068_thumb[2]

  • After the foot print is dry, use white paint to make the eyeballs, and after dry, dot with black paint to make the eyes. Thanksgiving weekend_2012 069_thumb[1]
  • Dot of orange paint for the nose and a swipe of red paint finishes the turkey face!
  • Add ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ and ‘Baby 2012’ if you want.
  • I bought some sparkly brown ribbon to hang it with. Just glued to the back with a hot glue gun.
  • Easy peasy and super cute!

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 084_thumb[1]

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