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TYT–Labor Day Treats

Hey! Happy Tuesday. Smile 

I thought I would share some of the highlights from the long Labor Day weekend and link up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Treat #1 – date night! My sister, Jenny, was super amazing and watched Luke for us on Friday night so we could go out to dinner.


Treat # 2 – post- teaching BODYPUMP latte.


Treat #3 – play time at the Lake.


Treat #4 – time with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Mary


Treat #5 – reading a really great book.


Treat #6 – cookies. thanks to Krusteaz.


Treat #7 – boat time.



Treat #8 – nap time.


Treat #9 – spending time with my boys.


Treat #10 – family time.


What have you been up to??


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TYT – Recent Favs

Hi! Tuesday already? Craziness. Scott took the day off yesterday and I am on my last week of medical leave after surgery, so we took the day to get things done around the house and enjoy some extra family time. The weekend was pretty awesome too. . . finally got out on the Lake for some water skiing!


Anyway, today I wanted to share with you a few of my recent treats and favorites. . .

Rocksbox earrings win.


Simple and classic and go perfectly with my diamond studs which were an anniversary gift from Scott. btw – did you know it is super hard to take a picture of your ear. #abbybomb


Did you sign up for your free month yet? Remember, use this code –> running4cupcakesxoxo

New top from Le Tote. Totally would have never picked out a top like this for myself in the store but I love it. Perfect for work and with the details in the back – so much more fun than just a button up shirt.


These aren’t new, but I can’t run without my Nectar sunglasses and the fact that they are pink – bonus! And I have a pair in black too!


New Lulu shorts. I have been basically living in lulu shorts since my surgery and I needed a few new pairs. These are my new favorite. So comfortable. Perfect for summer.

Tracker Short II

I also got another pair of these. in black. love the thick waistband and pocket in the back.


Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday.

Any recent favorite treats for you??


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Our current place + life update

I cannot believe I’ve been living in Eau Claire for 3 months now! Time is just flying by lately.

While we looked a lot before I started my new job in February for a house, we just couldn’t find anything. Thankfully, I was able to find a nice (almost brand new) townhome 2 weeks before I moved to rent for a few months. There are almost no rental options in this town if you have a “large” dog  – like over 25 pounds. It was crazy and stressful. But, it all worked out! The townhome ended up being just 2 miles from where my sisters live, and it is so nice to be close to them!!

Anyway, I thought I would give you a little tour of my current place.

Master bedroom.


Master bathroom + closet


Open concept – kitchen/living room/dining room



kitchen ( + spark and bodypump choreography)


Luke’s bedroom


Front door/entry + garage entry + laundry room


Overall, it’s been a great place to live while checking out potential houses in town.

And we found one!


Moving in next week. I am so excited. Smile

While, I am super sad to be leaving our brand new house in Mankato (we sold it!), I am looking forward to new opportunities and adventures in Wisconsin.

Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday!


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Birthday List {33}

It’s my birthday month!

May 26th is the actual day. 8:22 am, if you really wanted to know. Winking smile

What’s the best part about birthdays? Putting together your birthday list, right? Hmmmm, now that I think about it, I think cake is actually the best part of birthdays. . .


Anyway, I always like seeing what items are on other people’s wish lists, and I know that my family always likes to have a list for ideas.  . . so I thought I would share what’s on my birthday list for my upcoming 33rd birthday.

Feetures! socks – high performance, light cushion. These are seriously my all-time favorite socks. The perfect sock for working out – running, bodypump or cross fit. And it is my go to sock for just wearing around the house. Seriously, like 10 pairs please. Winking smile


Bath and Body Works lotion. My fav. Smile


New flats for work. .. I have been drooling over these for years.

Image result for tory burch flats tan

I’ve heard good things about these ones.

Image result for tieks

And these are always a winner. . .

Candles. I love candles. They just make the house feel warmer. I love all candles but my favs are from Bath and Body Works.


Couch pillows. So, we got a new ottoman a few months ago and I *almost* bought the matching pillows at the same time . . .but I didn’t want it to be too matchy-matchy. . . but now, after having the ottoman, I totally need want the matching pillow.


They had these nice big fluffy ones that I think will look perfect on the couch.

Pink rain boots –> I’m on the fence for plain pink or striped or polka dots.

Women's Classic Knee High Rain Boots

Food Processor. . . I have no idea what brand. Something with good ratings? I for sure want it to have a tube at the top so I can put things in while it’s running. . . ideal for making my favorite homemade mayo.

Gift cards – Lululemon, Athleta, Caribou, Starbucks, Fabletics, Stitch Fix

Alex and Ani Cupcake Bracelet ..  . totally torn between the gold and silver!


Pink pens with pink ink. They just make work more fun, right?

Image result for pink ink pens

New workout tops/shorts/capris #necessary #bodypump #crossfit #running I am still in love with this top that my favorite blends got me for my birthday last year!


A new watch. . .so hard to pick one out online but I love Fossil watches. This one or this one caught my eye. . .

A new water bottle. I don’t even know how old my current water bottle is that I have a work right now. . . but filling it up 2-3 times per day and working 40 hours a week = time for a new one.

What’s on your wish list right now??

Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday!!


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Trip Recap–Wisconsin Dells

For Luke’s 3rd birthday, we took a family trip to the Wisconsin Dells. For non-WI folks, the Dells is basically an area in the middle of WI that has tons of water parks, attractions, shows, restaurants, and is a total touristy summer vacation destination, especially for families.

We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was overall decent. Obviously, the outdoor water park area isn’t open yet, but the indoor part was more than enough to keep Luke entertained. We totally lucked out and went in the middle of the week, so there weren’t too many people around. The front desk people told us that the following weekend, they were 100% booked. Crazy!

Anyway, we got there on Wednesday afternoon. Luke got Wolf ears.



We hit up the water park for a few hours. Luke loved that they had water slides that were small enough that he could go down alone with Scott or I catching him at the end. He also did pretty good “swimming” around a bit in his life jacket.

Afterwards, we hit up Famous Dave’s for dinner.


Luke wanted a drink of Scott’s beer, and so we figured for his 3rd birthday, why not. .. . haha. He took the smallest drink ever and then spit and wiped his tongue. Hilarious.




Water park = amazing naps.



And for Luke’s birthday dinner, we took him to a train restaurant where all food and drinks are delivered via train. It was basically a 3 year olds best day ever.


And it delivered birthday ice cream.


And no birthday trip is complete without birthday doughnuts with sprinkles, right?


It was a great family trip!!

We got there on Wednesday afternoon and headed out Friday morning which was a good amount of time for us and Luke. The Great Wolf Lodge was just ok – the water park was pretty good, but since there are SO many options at the Wisconsin Dells, I would probably check out another place before going there again.

Have you ever been to “The Dells”??

Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday. Smile


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Beat Treadmill Boredom Workout

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday. Smile


As you know, I love my treadmill. Words that I never thought I would say, but with the cold and icy MN winters, I have become a treadmill lover. Only with Netflix instant play on my iPad though. . . otherwise I would die of boredom. Winking smile

psst – looking for a cheesy Holiday movie? Watch The 12 Dates of Christmas! I love watching cheesy Holiday movies during the month of December. . . and that has been my favorite one so far this year!!

I wanted to share with you the treadmill workout that I have been doing lately to help beat treadmill boredom. We all know the key to running on the treadmill is to mix it up.

How boring is it to stay at the same pace the entire run? I know, right! Horrible.

But I also get a little bored and burnt out by interval work depending on the timing. . .I am not a fan of having to mess with pace and press buttons up and down every minute. . .


So, I came up with something that is easy to do, not too tedious, and helps me to increase my speed and intensity.

Now, I realize that what I am about to share with you is nothing earth shattering and you’re probably already doing it, but it was new to me and I am really loving it, so I thought I would share.

It’s so simple.

Basically, you start at any pace you’d like. For simplicity sake, let’s say 6.0, Do your warm up, then when you are ready, increase the pace by “0.3”. So, up to 6.3. And stay there for 2 minutes. Then, bump back down by “0.2” – so 6.1 and “recover” for 3 minutes. Then, increase by 0.3 again (- 6.4) x 2 minutes, then back down by 0.2 (- 6.2) for 3 minutes. So, every 5 minutes you do a cycle of 2 minutes faster and 3 minutes slower, but overall, every 5 minutes you are increasing your base pace. By the time I get to 5 miles, I am doing a pretty decent pace, but I am not dying with super hard intervals, more of a slow and steady increasing intensity.

Warm up – 6.0
Increase to 6.3 x 2 minutes
Decrease to 6.1 x 3 minutes
Increase to 6.4 x 2 minutes
Decrease to 6.2 x 3 minutes
Increase to 6.5 x 2 minutes
Decrease to 6.3 x 3 minutes
Continue until you reach your desired miles.
Cool down! 🙂

Let me know if you give it a try!

Want to make it harder? Increase the intervals to 3 or 4 minutes of the faster pace and then 2 or 1 minute recovery (slower) pace!!

What’s your favorite workout to beat treadmill boredom??

Linking up with Becky for TYT. .  . because not having to run in the snow and ice and cold is definitely a treat during the winter in Minnesota! Winking smile


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Winter & Holiday Favorites

Just a little recap post of some of my winter and Holiday favorite posts. Enjoy!


Baby Foot print (or puppy paw print) ornament

IMG_2719_1 IMG_2716_1


DIY {and super easy!} crafts


Holiday gift jars {perfect for teachers!}



Winter running love


Treadmill love



Cinnamon Roll French Toast  {the perfect Christmas morning breakfast}


Taco Pasta Bake {comfort food at it’s best}


Rolo Pretzel Sandwiches {make these!!}


The perfect party dip {for that Holiday party!}


Party Pretzels {yum!}


My Holiday Favorites

Christmas_2012 019

What’s your winter or holiday favorite?? Feel free to add links in the comments!!

Linking up with Becky for TYT because favorites are always a treat. Smile


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TYT#16 – Garth Brooks!

Last Friday, I had the day off work and so I used it to have a great treat yourself day. . .

started with a 5k run.


Then (after my post-run spark), picked up Caribou for the drive up to the cities.


I dropped Luke and Abby off with my Mom.


And hit up Chipotle. Picked up lunch for Melanie and I. And then I got my new baby fix. Her little boy is the most precious baby. And it was so wonderful to see and catch up with Melanie – she is doing amazing as a new Mom!!


Then off to the Mall of America. Being alone was wonderful.

Browsing at Sephora.


Having time to try things on. . . and finding new pink! lulu shorts.


And a little afternoon shopping treat. The cupcakes looked yummy, but I was in a turtle cookie mood. Totally hit the spot. . .


Then, it was off to meet with my friends (actually Scott’s group of friends from high school, that I feel lucky to call my friends now too), for dinner – Hell’s Kitchen. The juicy Lucifer with tater tots. For the locals – not as good as the juicy Lucy at the 5-8 club, but still yummy.



And then time for the main attraction. . . GARTH BROOKS!!



He puts on a great concert! So many amazing songs. And with SO many people at the Target Center, you could pretty much sing at the top of your lungs and no one could hear you.

So, it was basically like Garth and I were singing together. Winking smile 


Such a fun day!! Thanks again to my Mom and Dad for chasing after Luke all day. Smile 

Linking up with Becky for TYT  – thanks for hosting!!


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Last weekend, Scott and I took a quick overnight trip to Madison, WI.

And thanks to some amazing suggestions from Kate and Kim, we had a great time.

For dinner we headed to The Old Fashioned.


And enjoyed some amazing (yet cold) views of the capital.


But the hour long wait was 100% worth it for these amazing, life changing cheese curds. Probably the best ones I have ever had. #truth


And then thanks to an Instagram suggestion from SuzLyfe, we ended up at The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. Probably the best ice cream ever. No pictures, because let’s be real, it was shared and devoured in seconds. Winking smile But if you are ever in town, get this flavor.


Treadmill buddies.


And then Bassett Street Brunch Club.



The doughnuts are yummy. But the lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes are amazing.


It had been years since I’ve been to Madison. My sister graduated from there, so when I was younger, we made quite a few trips. It was fun to check it out and do some exploring with Scott. And with quite a few yummy treats too. Smile 

Linking up with Becky for TYT. Thanks for hosting!!


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No bake chocolate protein balls


So easy.

So good.

And good for you.

Only 5 ingredients.

And only takes 5 minutes to make.

You can’t beat that.

Best snack ever.


1 1/2 cup oatmeal
1 scoop chocolate post-workout recovery
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup honey
2 T chia seeds

1. Mix all ingredients together.
2. Mix and mix and mix until all combined.
3. Roll into balls.
4. Try to store in fridge.  .. honestly, they might not make it to the fridge. Winking smile 


Linking up with Becky for TYT. Because these are am amazing way to treat your taste buds. Smile


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