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Friday Favorites: 11/15/13

Happy Friday!!!! I know I don’t have to tell you how flippin’ excited I am for the weekend!! I am excited to do some catching up on sleep, sitting on the couch and watching some movies – just having some down time after being so busy this week! Laura is coming to visit too, so baking and crafts are on the agenda!!

Here are a few of my favorites from the week. . ..

**My schedule. . . like I mentioned in yesterday’s post –this week has been super busy. On Thursday,  didn’t even get to see Luke or Scott at all! They were sleeping when I left to teach bodypump in the morning, and off to daycare before I got back. And then with spin training, I was at the YMCA right after work, and home after Luke bedtime! BUT, it made me realize how awesome it is that most of the time, I am able to be home in the morning to get him up and ready for the day, and home at night to snuggle him and put him to bed.


**The Mankato YMCA


Since I have been there a lot this week, I had a chance to think about how much I appreciate that the YMCA is part of my life. I remember seeing that little sign up on the bulletin board 5 years ago looking for new aerobics instructors. And I remember how nervous I was calling to ask about it and then to start training and teaching! And now 5 years later, I teach water aerobics, land aerobics, bodypump and very soon – spinning! And I can’t imagine my life without it.

**This sign that Laura and I made with Luke last year for Thanksgiving.  .


**Initial necklace from simplyuboutique in  Etsy. I wear this all the time. It is simple and beautiful. And you can customize it with whatever letters you want. I got it before we had Luke, so it says my initials “KT.”


**Holiday cups at Caribou. . . I know it is early, but they still just make me smile. Smile 


And for some strange reason, it makes me smile to see the sparkles from my chapstick on my coffee cup.


What are some of your favorites from the week? What are you up to this weekend?

PS: Any interest in participating in a link up for Friday Favorites? I am thinking about starting one, but just wondering if there was any interest. ..  Smile


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Friday chaos

Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to pop  in and share some of my morning with you.  . .


We are in the midst of getting packed up to go to Florida for a week! As you can imagine, trying to get myself, a 9 month old and my husband packed for a full week –> a little stressful! Not to mention, getting stuff together for Abby to spend the week at my parent’s house. Ok, well she is the easy one – food and leash, but still it is one more thing I have to remember! Our dining room table is packing central.


In the middle of all of this, I took Luke to the YMCA and taught my first full body pump class this morning. Luke hung out in Child Watch and did really well. Smile And the class went pretty well too. I messed up in some spots, but was able to get back on track fairly quickly. I was super nervous, and I have a cold too – so that made it hard on my voice and energy level. I am looking forward to a couple weeks from now, when I am teaching it twice a week at the YMCA! (If you’re in the area – I am teaching the M/W 6:45pm class!) After the YMCA (did I mention it is –3 degrees here today?), we headed over to the library to pick out some new books.


And now we are back home. Doing laundry, trying to continue to get things together for our trip and playing!



Nap time for everyone!

We head to my parent’s house tomorrow night and then leave bright and early on Sunday morning! So, the next time you hear from me – I’ll be blogging from beautiful Marco Island! Hope you are having a *slightly less* chaotic Friday. Smile


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Abby + Caribou = Good Monday

Happy Monday!

This morning was especially happy for me, because it started with this:

and this!


Caramel skim latte from Caribou!

Lunch was a buffalo chicken salad. The salad dressing was really spicy! My mouth was on fire when I was done. The salad had lettuce, carrots, celery, tomatoes and buffalo grilled chicken.


I cooled my mouth off with a Chobani black cherry yogurt. Sweet and tart together – one of my favs!


After work I headed to the YMCA to teach aerobics. We got sweaty quickly after our warm up.


Tonight we used a weight bar (I used 15#) and a mat. Each move for about a minute. Repeat each circuit x 2.

Circuit 1
Slow jog 45 seconds alternating with high knees fast run 15 seconds (we did this x3)
Walking lunge with torso rotation with weight bar on shoulders
Wall squat with bicep curl
V sit with bar twist

Circuit 2
Steam engines
Jumping jacks
plie squat with side kick – hold bar for balance
bridge position with chest press and tricep press
Laying on tummy – lifting heels towards ceiling – alternating

Circuit 3
Mini squat with front kick with weight bar on shoulders
Upright row and overhead press – standing on one leg for balance
Oblique side bends holding weight bar
Push-ups x10

After a quick shower and paying some attention to this little girl,


it was time for dinner. . . Leftovers.

This was the Italian turkey sausage with onions and peppers over pasta. I added some extra pasta sauce too.


Scott and I shared some chips and dip too.

Catching up on our Sunday night TV that we missed last night –> Amazing Race (I am rooting for the father/daughter team) and America’s Next Great Restaurant (I am all about the grilled cheese place!).

Have a great night. Smile

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The running sickness

Let’s go back first. . .

After working Friday morning, I had some frosted mini wheats for a snack. I had the afternoon off of work, so I headed to the YMCA to go for a run.
I was hoping to put in a long run, but wasn’t sure how busy Friday afternoon would be at the Y. I couldn’t believe my good luck when I got there. Treadmill #4 – the one RIGHT in front of the TV was open, HGTV was already on, and I was able to sign up for it for 2 hours!
The run itself went pretty well. Around mile 6, I got pretty hungry and was regretting not having some more food in my belly, but by mile 7, I was feeling good.
It was warm at the YMCA so I was VERY sweaty by the time I finished – ran just over 12 miles!

Then, I came home, took a nice long, hot shower. Put on my comfy Green Bay Packers sweatpants – an after run must -have for me!
Then, I hit up the couch. My tummy was a little upset but I figured at this point I was just beyond hungry.
So, I had a raspberry Chobani with the best granola (sold by a lady at the Mankato Farmer’s Market – last summer I bought like 6 bags to get me through the winter!), and 2 clementines.

Granola and yogurt

yummy bite

Yes, that is Piglet, Tigger and Pooh you can see!

After I finished eating, I felt awful! My tummy was upset, I was nauseous and pretty much was not a happy camper. I was especially bummed because Scott and I had plans for a date night!

Change in plans, I spent the whole night on the couch, in my sweatpants!
We watched half of season 2 of The Office on Netflix -Instant Play (best thing ever!).
We had planned to go to the grocery store together after our dinner date. So, about 7pm Scott decided he would run to the store and pick up some food for me on the way home.
At lunch today, some of my co-workers had chinese and so of course I was craving that all day!

Abby was very attentive

Scott is the best! He brought home some crackers and ginger ale. I don’t know about you but for me ginger ale/sprite/7-up cures everything! It’s what we always got as kids when we had upset tummies. It’s probably all psychological now, but I don’t care, it works.

the cure!

He also brought back some chinese.

wonton soup

Sweet and Sour Chicken, rice and an eggroll

And by 10:00 we were both in bed!

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Goal #2

So, if you have been following along, you may remember that I set the following goal for myself last week:

Katie’s Goal for this week: Eat something in addition to the caramel skim latte (CSL) for breakfast.


I was actually suprised at how well it went. I was afraid that adding calories at the begining of the day would make it harder for me to stay on track for total calories throughout the day. NOPE! It actually helped! Eating a little bit more for breakfast, help me get to lunch and not be starving, so ate less at lunch. Then, because I didn’t overeat at lunch, I would be hungry for my afternoon snack, which would then get me through my workout and to dinner – again not starving! Eat a normal dinner, without my normal 2nds, and even have room for some dessert! Awesome. I ate dessert every night and still lost 2 pounds this week. By far, a banana is the easiest thing to add to my morning latte, but I am hoping to further expand my breakfast as I continue to work on this goal.

Now, week 2!

My goal for this week is to get a fitness assessment at the YMCA.

 The YMCA is really nice, they will do a full fitness assessment, including measurments, body fat/muscle analysis and a fitness eval, all for free! The problem is I have always been too embarassed to do it. .  . it’s hard to get on a scale in front of another person, no matter what your size or weight! But, I have always wanted to do it and thought it would be a good goal to do this week! Many thanks to Tina from Carrots’N’Cake for inspiring me to do this via her own ‘Lose the Dough’ challenge.

My plan will be to do it this week and then in about a month (begining of April) repeat it. I think that will be good motivation to up my workout game!

Have you ever done a fitness assessment?


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23rd Birthday Celebration

Last night, Scott and I drove to my parent’s house for my little sister’s birthday. Yesterday was her 23rd birthday!

We started with some yummy bread with parmesan cheese olive oil.

Then, I started on dinner. Laura really likes my Chicken Parmesan that I make, and requested that for her birthday dinner.

Pounding the chicken breasts thin with a rolling pin

Dipping and breading


Dinner also included salad with my Mom’s homemade thousand island dressing and Dad grilled texas toast. YUM!

Fresh pasta!

chicken parmesan!

waiting for dinner. . . wait did you take the picture, I wasn't ready!

smiles, much better

Laura and Abby pre-dinner

Dessert was the best part.  .. Mom got a variety of mini desserts from Byerly’s, which we all shared.

Of course I had 2nds!Jenny and EllieCan I open them now??Mom and Ellie