The Quest for Easy

So, I read this blog post a few months ago and while there was nothing earth shattering in the information, I found that the one simple trick of picking out your clothes for the week, really changed my life.

Ok ok, it wasn’t that dramatic, but it made the week run just a bit smoother and I spent less time in the morning looking at my clothes wondering what the heck I was going to wear that day.


And that got me thinking about the other things I do each day to make my life easier. . . and I thought that I would share a few of those things with you today in the hopes that I will make your life just a little bit easier. …

1. Meal planning.

I seriously don’t know what we would eat for dinner every night if I didn’t meal plan. Actually, I do. Cereal. Winking smile Every weekend, I sit down and meal plan based on what we have on hand in the pantry, freezer and fridge in addition to new recipes I want to try. I always sit down with my calendar and factor in plans for each evening. Like if I am working an Urgent Care shift, I won’t be home until after 8pm, so that means leftovers, on your own, or something super easy in the crockpot. Or if there is a day that I am not working, that is usually a perfect opportunity to have a little extra time in the afternoon/evenings to spend on making dinner.

2. Do 1 thing around the house each night.

Like a load of laundry, wiping down the kitchen counters, cleaning the bathroom toilets, running the vacuum etc. I find that the house stays cleaner for longer and doesn’t overwhelm me if I just pick one task to do – and bonus that it usually takes less than 15 minutes. Extra bonus if I can get Scott to do one thing too. Winking smile


And this handheld vacuum is a life changer. Perfect for picking up stray dog fur or granola bar crumbs. Yup, totally keeping it real on the blog today by talking about vacuums. #adulting

3. Unsubscribe.

I try to unsubscribe from at least one email service per day. Seriously, I get SO many emails per day that are just junk. And it gets overwhelming to delete delete delete. And while it is quicker to just delete, I try to make sure that I unsubscribe from at least one per day – sure it takes an extra minute, but then I don’t have to worry about getting those emails anymore. And slowly but surely, my email has gotten better!

4. Getting everything ready for the morning and put by the door before going to bed.


Luke’s backpack packed and ready to go. Coats, shoes, my lunch, workout clothes. Anything that I will need to take with me in the morning, I get organized the night before. I do this for 2 reasons -1. I like to sleep in as long as possible and if I can do things the night before so I can sleep 10 minutes longer – win win. 2. Mornings are always rushed in my house. Scott and I trying to get ourselves ready, Luke up and dressed and out the door on time. Chaos. And if things are organized, I am bound to forget something. Heaven forbid I forget Luke’s backpack and have to deal with a screaming toddler on the way to school. Or if I forget my lunch? Sadness and granola bars for lunch. Not cool.

5. And my last thing for making life easier – dry shampoo.


This stuff has seriously changed my life. See above about sleeping longer. Winking smile No time to shower, spray in, massage down to roots, style and go. More sleep and great hair. Win. win.

Do you have any tricks for making life easier??

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11 Responses to The Quest for Easy

  1. Yes to all of these! I usually leave the meal planning to Riley, but I’m always on board with prepping stuff the night before.
    Have you ever used unroll me for your email? It scans your email for all your subscriptions and you can unsubscribe to a bunch all at once. It’s amazing and a life saver!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..My disappearing act + WIAWMy Profile

  2. Holy moly, that’s awesome and I’m glad to hear it’s making your life so much easier. Anything for simple and comfort is good for me.

  3. Love all of these! Doing things at night is HUGE for me. I force myself to spend at least 15 uninterrupted minutes of cleaning and tidying after I put m son to bed – that way I know he won’t undo everything within 2 minutes of it being done and I can relax for the night.
    Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood recently posted..5 Things to Decide Before Starting a BlogMy Profile

  4. The unsubscribe tip is such a great one – I really need to start that! Thanks 🙂
    alexandra @ my urban family recently posted..Free Quote Printables #6 & a Thank YouMy Profile

  5. Love it! I need a good small vacuum! I don’t do a full out meal plan because then I tend to buy too much food as my plans change, but its really important for me to make a good meal on Sunday or Monday with plenty of leftovers. Of course its just me in my world, so it’d be a different story if I needed to feed others as well!
    Katie recently posted..February 2015 RecapMy Profile

    • KT

      Yup – I totally did the same thing when I lived on my own during medical school – leftovers for the win!

  6. I do a lot of these things too – especially in the last two weeks since I started going to yoga in the morning! I do my meal planning Friday nights (super exciting haha) and lay out clothes and do meal prep Sunday night. I noticed someone above mentioned unroll me – I use it and it’s sooo helpful! I should start trying to do one household chore a day so I don’t waste my Saturday afternoons catching up on that stuff!
    Kelsey @ Chatterbox Blog recently posted..TOL – What I Eat and Why I Don’t Define ItMy Profile