Things I’ve googled recently–2

I shared a “Things I’ve googled recently” post back in October and it was fun to share the random things I type into google and then hear craziness from you guys too. . . so here we go again. Smile 

short hairstyles.


I am *thinking* about cutting my hair short. Some days I am SO over long hair especially with the warmer weather but then I know how much I love and depend on my pony tail and I just can’t decide! haaalp please! 

target weekly ad. . .

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because Sunday. Every Sunday, I sit on the couch and scroll thru the target ad while watching HGTV. #reallife 

are scorpions deadly?

we have some friends who are moving to Arizona and got into a debate about scorpion stings and of course I had to look it up. 

The venom of most scorpions is only potent enough to kill the small insects or animals that they feed on. In fact, the United States has only one type of scorpion that is considered deadly to humans. The Arizona bark scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus) is the only deadly scorpionpresent in the U.S.

expedia flight deals. I was really hoping that I could find some cheap tickets to a beach somewhere because I really wanted to take a spur of the moment trip, but no luck. . . Sad smile 

sweet tooth sweet life garbage bread. . .


I was trying to find this recipe so that I could use up some pizza dough I had on hand. I did my own spin on it with pizza sauce, pepperoni and pineapple <– our favorite pizza toppings. 

plank jack knife – I had to double check that I knew how to do this move when I was doing Becky’s core boot camp workout. Whew, that was hard and amazing. I can’t wait for her to do another one! 

movies in Mankato. I’m always checking out the movies at the local cheap theater in town – they have the best recliner seats and lots of room = perfect for a rambunctious little boy at the movie theater. I am anxiously awaiting Zootopia – I’ve heard it’s really good!

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ideal macro breakdown. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal lately to keep track of my eats and exercise. It gives you a macro breakdown, but I wasn’t sure if the recommended percentages was correct. . .. and they aren’t exactly, from what I’ve found it looks like 40/30/30 carbs/fat/protein is the ideal for building muscle. 


Anyone else see her on American Idol? It drove me crazy to not see her whole face. . . I know, I know, it’s all part of her “act” but I couldn’t handle it and had to look her up. 

how long does a 6 pound chicken take to cook? #Easterdinnerproblems. Answer – 20 minutes per pound. 

President Obama oval office. . .

I’m not sure where I heard this, but apparently each president can pick how the oval office is decorated. Some pieces have to stay, but otherwise, they get to decide how it looks and since I am currently watching all the white house shows (West Wing, Madame Secretary, Scandal, House of Cards) and each one shows a slightly different version of the oval office, I was interested to see how the real one looks! 

crocodile monkey song because I have a three four year old. Winking smile

Peyton manning twins.

Did you know that Peyton Manning has twins? And that they are the cutest things ever? 

Your turn – what random things have you googled recently??

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