Things my Dad has taught me about running

I don’t think I would be the runner I am today if my Dad wasn’t the runner he is. Growing up, I wanted to be just like him. I would wear his marathon medals around the house. Ride my bike along with him on long runs. And when I went out for track in junior high, he was right there to run those first miles with me. I have learned lots of running rules from Dad over the years and I thought I would pass on the ‘knowledge!’

And today is his BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday Dad. Smile 

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During my 1st marathon – Green Bay 2008. Dad ran from mile 11-25 with me! Best. Marathon. Ever.

1. It’s ok to take a DWA. DWA = designated walking area. When I was first starting out with running, I was going to join the junior high track team and planned to do distance running. So, to get in shape, I started running. Dad would come with me and I still remember those early runs. He would tell me that it doesn’t matter how fast you go or if you need to walk as long as you put in the miles. It was one of the best first running lessons I could have learned. Now, over 15 years later, I don’t beat myself up if I need a quick breather or don’t run the pace I thought I should .. .as long as I got out there and put in the miles, that’s really all that matters. And it is always ok to walk up the last part of a steep hill – that’s usually where the DWAs hide out. Winking smile And if there isn’t one there, look out for one after you get to the top!

2. You always feel better after a run –> along the same lines as you never regret a workout.  Unless you are talking about my 2nd marathon in Green Bay, WI –> and in that case, this does not apply. Worst. Marathon. Ever.

during my 2nd marathon – Green Bay 2009

3. The weather is always better after a run. Whether it is hot or cold out, it never seems as bad after you have been out for an hour long run in it.

4. Go for a run, you’ll figure it out. doesn’t matter what it is. just go.

5. Helps with your waistline, especially for Holidays. . . you have to stop eating a few hours before your run. And you can’t eat while running. . . prevents you from grazing all day long and not being hungry for dinner.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 123

6. If you have to lie down, you should probably be checked for mono. Ahhh – there was one epic summer where my energy was just zapped. And one particular run where I stopped before the turnaround and told Dad that I was going to walk for a few minutes and he should go to the turnaround and then come back and I would be ready to go again. When he came back, I was totally laying down on the grass, because I was so tired! And yup – I had mono!

7. Fritos –> the perfect after marathon snack. Salty, crunchy, perfection.

8. Buy ugly shoes. Well, not really. Basically, the point was, it doesn’t matter what your shoes look like, they have to feel good as soon as you put them on. Seriously, this one was a hard one – try explaining to a teenage girl that it doesn’t matter what your shoes look like! But one of the best lessons.

9. It’s always better with a dog. So. true.


10. What happens on a run, stays on a run. Much like Vegas, long runs seem to bring out more stories than you thought possible. . . and it is probably better if they stay with that run. Winking smile 


Thanks Dad for all the miles. . . looking forward to lots more.

And Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day. Looking forward to celebrating with pound cake, strawberries and whipped cream. .. mostly the whipped cream! Winking smile 

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10 Responses to Things my Dad has taught me about running

  1. Happy birthday to your dad! This was a sweet post, I hope my kids want to run with me someday.
    Jade recently posted..Weak and squishy + a hike.My Profile

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad! Thanks for sharing his running wisdom with us. It’s so cool that he’s been a part of your running journey from Day 1. I hope my girls feel this way about me when they’re older!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Girls on the Run is So Much Fun!My Profile

  3. I love this ode to your dad!! Sadly no one in my family runs except for me but I can imagine that learning to run with a family member would be amazing!
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..“Beauty and the Blog”My Profile

    • KT

      Bummer! If it wasn’t for my Dad, no one would run in my family either. I also really like when Scott runs with me. That’s fun too!

  4. These are such great tips/reminders! Thanks so much for sharing. No one in my family runs and think I’m crazy when I tell them I absolutely love going out for long runs because you get lost in your thoughts. They just don’t understand that feeling 🙂 Haha. I love this tip about running ” Go for a run, you’ll figure it out. doesn’t matter what it is. just go.” Whenever I find myself getting stressed out or unsure about something in my relationship, it always helps going for a run. I’m always able to think about things more clearly. Thanks again for sharing these! And happy birthday to your dad!!!

    • KT

      That is one of the reasons why running is so great. It has helped me make so many decisions in my life. I don’t know what I would do without it!! I had a stress fracture once and couldn’t run for 6 weeks and that was super tough.

  5. Awww! I am so happy you blogged this. I’ve been missing my dad a lot lately and it was good to read another person’s great dad-experiences. Happy Birthday to your dad and here’s to years of running together in the future! recently posted..Signs You’re a RunnerMy Profile