Thursday Confessions III

1. I really need to wash my car again. I just wish it lasted longer than 5 minutes.


2. I am a bit obsessed with Jamberry nail designs. I am part of a facebook page where everyone posts pics and they give me so many good ideas. A few of my recent favs. . .

Kat from The Bachelor rocked Jamberry nails on her date with JP.

Veronica Porche's photo.Tara Garufi's photo.

New Valentine’s Day designs.. .

OMG baby toes!

**NOT Luke’s nails. Winking smile 

3. I am thinking about doing the 24DC (Advocare 24 day challenge)  but I don’t know if I can give up my daily caramel skim latte, and it’s pretty spendy.  #keepingitreal #truth


4. I am so glad that this episode of teething is done. For some reason this most recent tooth was the worst one yet. . . days of not sleeping, being extra crabby, by Friday, I was just about ready to lose it. And I think I did once or twice. But, now that we are back to sleeping through the night =  much better. Someone please tell me how I survived having a newborn? I can’t even fathom going through that again.


5. I am so excited about having NOTHING on our schedule for this weekend. But I am already sad about how fast it will go.

6. I love water chestnuts. Like seriously, love. We were eating them in a stir fry the other night and all I kept thinking was, man, I just LOVE water chestnuts. #crazy

7. My favorite part of cheesecake is the thick crunch graham cracker crust. When I share with Scott, I’ll start from “the back” so I can get more of it.

8. I’ve been loving Adora calcium chocolate discs. I know, I know, didn’t I just confess that I don’t take calcium. . . well, I don’t. Unless I have some of these around – and then I usually will have one after dinner for a little bit of sweet with a hit of calcium too. 


9. I hate to admit how much I love watching The Bachelor and am loving this season so far.

10. We had a potluck at work yesterday. While they aren’t good for my waistline, I love potlucks and they make any work week better!!

What do you need to confess today??


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17 Responses to Thursday Confessions III

  1. ADVOCARE!!! You can do it 😉 It is pricey but think how much you’ll save by not spending $5 on those lattes every morning plus Spark is a pretty fantastic replacement, haha. No confessions today… maybe next week 😉
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Birthday Dress – I need your help!My Profile

  2. I agree with so many of these things. I love Adora discs, especially dipped in PB. I have all of the Bachelors taped and can’t wait to watch them this weekend because I also have NOTHING to do for the majority of it! I am also thinking about doing the Advocare 24 challenge but don’t think I can give up lattes OR wine…yikes.
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted..Guest Post: Cold Weather, Sweaty Workout: 5 tips to keep you motivated this season!My Profile

    • KT

      Dipped in peanut butter – totally going to check that one out!! And I would totally be all over the 24DC (well except it is super spendy) but I just don’t know about my morning latte!!

  3. I don’t really like cheesecake all that much, but it’s my husband’s favorite dessert. The graham cracker crust though?! yes please! it’s a perfect dessert for us to share 🙂
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted..{vlog} let’s talk….my history of hormonal imbalance and the birth control pill.My Profile

  4. I just bought my advocate 24 day challenge supplies today!!!! You should do it! It’s on sale until the 21st so at least that helps a little.
    Confession…. I’m going on a cruise the first week of february and I’m not looking forward to being in a swim suit…. wish I would have done the 24 day challenge in January 🙂
    Alex @ Alex Runs For Food recently posted..Weekend Update 1/12/14My Profile

  5. I LOVE that picture of Luke!! He looks so serious! 🙂
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..The 3pm Snack: How to Make it Healthy + Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding & Blueberry Trail Mix RecipesMy Profile

  6. I had to chuckle at your hashtag crazy comment because I hear you saying it as you go on about water chestnuts. You’re so adorable. I miss you.
    Confessions: Today I took the spoon to the peanut butter jar and it wasn’t pretty. I really need to cut my toenails but I’m going to get a pedicure on Monday so I’ll just let the ladies take care of it. I enjoy shoveling the driveway sometimes and think of all of the calories I’m scorching as I do it.
    Melanie @ BeautifullyNutty recently posted..Spin Class with Dara Torres Again!My Profile

  7. I need a carwash too and I live in Arizona where it doesn’t rain or snow or do much of anything at all so I really have no excuse!

    Kudos to you if you can give up coffee but I’ve tried it once and was nauseous, had migraines, pretty much had the symptoms of withdrawal that any major drug user has…I’m sure it’s great for you though!

    Potlucks are the greatest thing ever! Your work sounds like a great place.
    Carley @ Optimistic Health recently posted..Turkey Stuffed PeppersMy Profile

  8. i LOVE water chestnuts too! Love them in stir fries, but my favorite way to eat them is an appetizer–bacon wrapped water chestnuts dipped in barbeque and baked for about 20 minutes. SO GOOD. 🙂
    Emily @ More Than Just Dessert recently posted..Veggies— they’re not just for salads anymore!My Profile

  9. Haha every time I see people doing well with plans like Advocare, I remember I’d have to give up coffee and wine and it’s just not worth it! I take terrible care of my car (which is really weird since I’m a neat freak about everything else), so I haven’t gotten it washed since the summer. Whoops!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..You can do anythingMy Profile

  10. I am still trying to think of something good to do with my nails so they look halfway decent under the document camera that projects my BIG HAND to the entire room. I did the shellac nails 3 weeks ago ($35 + $5 tip) and they are truly done. I need to pay to have them “removed.” While other nail options seem pricey, maybe they are more middle-of-the road than I’m thinking. How long can you wear Jamberry nails? How much do they cost? I should probably just click the link, right?!
    Andrew would have loved to have his nails Jamberried! 🙂
    I, too, love water chestnuts! recently posted..PerspectiveMy Profile

    • KT

      I hope you clicked on the link to check them out. . . but you can wear Jamberry’s for about 2 week, some people can have them on longer, but I find that mine last about 2 weeks. They are $15 per sheet – which is 2-3 manicures or 2 manicures and 1 pedicure per sheet. They have a buy 3 get 1 free deal so for $45 you can get 4 sheets.. . WAY cheaper than shellac! let me know if you have more questions! 🙂