Thursday Confessions V

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared some confessions. . . so here we go. Smile

1. I don’t like kale. I know, I know. What kind of strange breed of blogger am I? I *think* I just haven’t had it prepared in the right way BUT it always makes me gag a little bit when I see other bloggers put it in their smoothies. Spinach yes. Kale no.


2. I’m afraid of Canadian geese. I had a bad experience once where I was running past a pack of them and I think I got too close to their nest and they basically tried to peck off my knee caps while I was running past. So, now I run faster when I see them and go out of my way to avoid them. . . and yes, I totally used zoom to take this picture.


3. I don’t know my right from my left. Ok, well I do, but I am super bad at giving directions. There has been more than once that I have told Scott to turn left and then been confused when he turns left and I really wanted him to turn right. I honestly don’t know why he puts up with me sometimes. Thankfully, I am pretty good about using L = Left. Winking smile Yup, I’m special!

4. I love iced caramel macchiatos but really don’t like hot ones. Strangeness, right? So, basically, I only go to Starbucks in the summer, because let’s be real, nobody wants an iced drink in MN in the winter, am I right?


5. I eat Oreos while watching Biggest Loser.Yup. And I think it makes them taste better. Winking smile


Your turn – what’s your confession?!?

Linking up with Amanda today for Thinking Out Loud!


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35 Responses to Thursday Confessions V

  1. Yes, kale in smoothies nast-ayyyy. The texture makes me gag. Kale chips and well-prepared kale salads are pretty good. But I’m lazy so I refuse to eat it at home… only when I’m out 😉 And I’m dying and the L/R comment!
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Pregnancy Update – 17/18 WeeksMy Profile

  2. LOL I agree with #1 (it also makes me want to gag) and #2 (when I am forced to run by them I close my eyes and sprint).
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted..Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Butterscotch CookiesMy Profile

  3. Haha that’s so funny about the geese. On our campus we have a statue of Canada geese because they apparently represent unity and all kinds of great things. Turns out they’re just assholes haha.
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..A little Christmas cheer at workMy Profile

  4. I prefer iced coffee too, but I still get them through the winter. Am I nuts?!
    Christina recently posted..Because it is a ClassicMy Profile

  5. Haha I think that Canadian Geese are terrifying too. One of my favorite running trails goes around a pond that usually has a pack of geese, and I’ve ran away screaming (a few times) from angry, hissing geese
    Karen recently posted..studying, Frosty, and froyoMy Profile

  6. I agree on kale. Yuck!! Geese, the Canadian Honkers are nasty. Oh and I binge on popcorn with real butter when I watch BL.
    Dawn recently posted..Monday Montage #4My Profile

  7. Chris

    Keeping it real – I love it!

  8. I always eat the worst food while watching Biggest Loser too!! SO funny!
    Leslie @ Life Begins @ 30? recently posted..12 Days of HappinessMy Profile

  9. I hate kale too! I’ve tried it every way possible and still can’t stand it. Kale chips? No thanks! They taste nothing like chips, and I don’t know who other bloggers are trying to kid!
    Shelly recently posted..A Day in My Travel LifeMy Profile

  10. Omg kale. No. I had a bad smoothie experience with it when I first started my healthy living journey, and let’s just say it traumatized me for life. Spinach I can do, but kale I refuse. That and collard greens — I’m not quite sure how people can put that in their smoothies either.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... thinking out loud #108 .My Profile

  11. Geeze are evil awful creates and I hate them.
    Ange @ Cowgirl Runs recently posted..15 Facts About Me!My Profile

  12. Although I don’t mind cooked kale or kale chips I hate kale in smoothies too! It gives the smoothie such a bitter taste! I don’t understand it!
    Hilary recently posted..Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

  13. I’ve had a bad experience with Canadian geese as well. One flew from across a lake to come honking and charging at me. Crazy!!!
    Jen @ SavedbytheKale recently posted..Leftover Turkey and Vegetable SoupMy Profile

  14. I always eat ice cream while watching Biggest Loser. #truth
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Inspirational Quotes from my iPhoneMy Profile

  15. Kale takes a while to get used to for sure. You know, I think that being a group fitness instructor really messes with your head when it comes to directions. Because I’m used to mirroring the class when teaching BODYPUMP or BODYATTACK, I often have to think twice about directions in real life. You’re not alone!
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted..Thursdays are for Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

  16. Is it just me, or are the Halloween Oreos better than the other versions??
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..A Three Cooks One Kitchen “Be Our Guest” Tea Party {+Giveaway}My Profile

  17. EVA

    ICK. KALE. NO! It’s good REALLY sauteed with some sesame oil or garlic, but raw or “massaged”….oh god, it gives me the shivers.

    And isn’t it pure nature to eat shit while watching The Biggest Loser? I seriously think everyone does it!

  18. Haha, I love #5! Been there, done that! And as far as left and right go, I’m happy I’m married for many reasons and especially because it reminds me which hand is left and which is right! 🙂
    Kate @ Baking in Yoga Pants recently posted..Try Just Being YouMy Profile

  19. Hahaha I eat ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser and I would have to agree. I’m glad I’m not the only one!!
    Erin G. @ Treats and Sneaks recently posted..Five Things Friday #19My Profile