Thursday Random Thoughts

I’ve had a bunch of random thoughts lately and I thought I would put together a post to share them all with you. . . and let me warn you, these are totally random, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. . . Winking smile

How come I haven’t been using a cookie scoop before? It’s the perfect thing to use for cookies (duh) and recently I used it to scoop muffin batter and it was amazing. No drips and all the same size. brilliant.


Did you know they make “slow melt” popsicles now? They have gelatin in them so they take longer to melt. Perfect for little kids. These were a life saver when Luke was sick with strep throat and was eating these on the couch!


Highlander buddies.


Scott and I would always comment on people’s cars in their garages while we are out on runs and would laugh when they had 2 of the same cars or 2 cars from the same car company, and say something like “oh man, they must really like Toyota, Subaru, Honda, etc.” and now, we are totally those people. we not only have 2 cars from the same company, but we have the same car – the Toyota Highlander. what can I say, it’s an awesome car. And in our defense, they are two different model years. Winking smile

Baby nail clippers.


Where have these been all my life? They work way better than normal nail clippers. The handle is way better for gripping and the small clipper part makes it way easy to clip just the part of the nail you want. Seriously, even if you don’t have kids, pick up a pair.

And random laugh for you today. Please excuse the language. Winking smile


I cannot sleep without white noise and this app saves my nights when I am traveling.


So, super embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I snore. . . usually after eating sugar. . . like a bowl of ice cream before bed. And my friend, Melanie, hooked me up with this essential oil – Valor.


And OMG it is amazing. I have no idea how it works and my medical brain says it shouldn’t, but I put a drop on my big toe and no snoring. Craziness.

So, there you go. Randomness for your Thursday.

Do you have any random thoughts to share??

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8 Responses to Thursday Random Thoughts

  1. Whaaa? I need to get that oil for Riley, cause he snores so loud I wear earplugs at night.
    That alligator pic is too funny!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..Killer Legs Halloween Kettlebell CircuitMy Profile

  2. Slow melt popsicles – they are just coming out with this now? That is awesome! I am going to need to find those…..yes, for myself!
    Torry @ A World Without Wheat recently posted..WIAW #2My Profile

  3. Ooh I have a 4Runner and I love it! I’m a repeat Toyota customer..not sure if I can convince my husband to follow suit. We have those clippers! They’re a god send for those tiny fingers and toes!

  4. That oil thing is crazy! And I love the idea of slow melt Popsicles! I had no idea.
    Alexandra @ My Urban Family recently posted..What I Learned From My Job as a Newborn PhotographerMy Profile

  5. HAH the alligator. that’s hilarious.
    Mary recently posted..Marvelous in my… Wait, it’s Tuesday?!My Profile

  6. Haha, Dan and I both drive a Camry! Mine’s a but older, so when we were in the market for him to get a new car we decided to get another. I’ve got a post like this saved somewhere, I’ll have to post it soon. I always think random thoughts are fun to read!
    Kate @ Baking in Yoga Pants recently posted..Not My First {Pumpkin} RodeoMy Profile

  7. 😆 That alligator thing seriously got a laugh out of me. Thank you 🙂 And I had no idea about the slow melt popsicles, but it makes sense. I’m kind of curious to see if it would change the texture at all…
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... thinking out loud #154 .My Profile

  8. Aunt Jenny

    I just read this post to Dad and said, “OK now let’s comment with a random thought.” Ummm… well this isn’t a comment but it IS random — we’ve just learned that Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. #passingthetime