Weekend Update: 11/25/12

This weekend was a long weekend of highs and lows.

High: Spending time with Luke and Scott and Abby on Thanksgiving Day.


Low: Trying 2 new recipes – an egg bake and coffee cake – that were only just ok.  (pretty though!)


High: Getting new kitchen countertops.


High: Arranging for a babysitter to come over on Friday so Scott and I could have a date night.

Low: Having our movie that we were going to see on our date night (Skyfall) be sold out.

High: Wandering around the dollar store and sharing a white hot chocolate at Caribou with my husband for date night.


Low: Running late on our way to Thanksgiving with Scott’s family.

High: Being the first ones to arrive anyway! And enjoying Thanksgiving with his family.


Low: Luke being fussy.

High: Luke taking a nap during Thanksgiving dinner. (Even the dog’s Thanksgiving dinner!)


High: Luke waking up just as dinner was over and being a much happier baby. Even able to eat cheerios and carrots while we ate dessert. IMG_2660IMG_2664IMG_2651IMG_2659IMG_2654

Low: Trying to listen to an audiobook on my iPod on the way home and accidently pressing a button, losing our spot, and for the love of it, couldn’t find our place again.

High: We gave up and listened to Christmas music instead!

Low: Luke must be going through a growth spurt, because he has not been sleeping well at night!

High: We all slept in until 8am on Sunday morning.

High: Finding joy in a box!


High: Family play time on the floor.


High: 6.5 miles on the treadmill while watching a ABC Family holiday movie.

High: Decorating our Christmas tree.


Low: Coming down with the stomach flu and spending all of Monday in bed feeling awful.

High: Having a wonderful husband who takes care of me . . . and feeling much better today! 


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2 Responses to Weekend Update: 11/25/12

  1. Despite the lows, it sounds like a wonderful weekend! I hope you’re feeling better! Your tree looks amazing & Luke is adorable as always! 🙂
    Ashley@cupcakesncrunches recently posted..Last WeekMy Profile

  2. Love the new countertops! And that white hot chocolate looks delicious!
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..Healthy HolidaysMy Profile