Weekend Update: 11/4/12

Another weekend already over –> it seems like they are going by so fast lately! I was hoping this one would be better with an extra hour from daylight savings time, but nope! Just up way too early on Sunday morning because someone (cough cough Luke) didn’t get the time change memo.

Abby started out on Saturday morning being ridiculously cute. . . first getting on the couch with her birthday bunny. . . then promptly falling asleep.


I have discovered another awesome use for my iPad –> watching Netflix while on the treadmill. Love!


5 sweaty miles done and someone waiting to play!


Luke is so much fun to play with these days. He is so intent on his toys and loves to sit and play with them.


Abby always wants to be part of play time too –> seriously Laura – she loves her birthday bunny!


Because one toy just isn’t enough –> both hands need a toy!


Luke started to get stuffed up this weekend so we let him have a few naps in the swing. .. I think his days in the swing are very limited – just look at his feet hanging over the edge!


Trip to McDonalds – fries for Mom and Dad, bottle for Luke.


We went up to the cities to have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Thompson and Uncle Adam and Ashley – to celebrate Adam’s birthday.


He was very interested in helping with presents – especially when the tissue paper came out!


And the best part of all… Cookie Cake!!! It is the best thing EVER. M&M cookie topped with gobs of frosting. We have it at every Thompson family gathering. A birthday staple!


That might have been the highlight of the weekend! Winking smile Hope you all had a great one too – did ya do anything fun???

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