Weekend Update: 1/20/13

It was such a great weekend here. We didn’t have any specific plans, no places to go. .. we kept busy, but it was the perfect weekend to re-charge, have lots of play time and lots of laughs!

Luke got to hang out in Child Watch at the YMCA while I co-taught my 2nd BODYPUMP class. Yeah! It went really well and is so much fun! Smile 


It was 44 degrees here on Friday afternoon, so I had to take advantage and take Luke for a run. He promptly fell asleep for the whole time! It was still crazy windy – as it always is here in Mankato – but still you can’t complain about running in shorts in January in MN!


He was sleeping so hard that he didn’t even wake up when I took him out of the stroller, carried him into the house, took off my shoes, and carried him to the nursery. He slept like that for another 2 hours!


And then we had Luke’s 9 month check up. He is doing great! Really liked the paper covering the exam table!


Errands on Saturday – Menards, Target, the Mall, Sam’s Club. . . IMG_3145IMG_3146

First yogurt at Sam’s club – thanks to sample day!


Then, lunch at the new BBQ place in town – Dickey’s. IMG_3151IMG_3153
Someone had his first ice cream cone.
He loved putting his hands in it.  ..

but not so much in his mouth. . . IMG_3160IMG_3161

he was much happier with just the cone – no ice cream! IMG_3162IMG_3163IMG_3166IMG_3167

And on Sunday morning, we had lots of fun playing. . . just an idea of how busy he is!


And his new favorite toy. .. an empty toothpaste tube – seriously, it is like all he has played with this weekend! Winking smile 

photo (1)

Other happenings this weekend: Taught water aerobics Saturday morning, 9 mile run this morning (half marathon next weekend!), lots of body pump practicing, made a yummy cheesecake, and we booked a trip to Jackson Hole, WY with some friends in March.

And finally a random picture from a few weeks ago when we were at Scott’s brother’s house – his girlfriend, Ashley, got an inverter for Christmas to help with her back. And of course, I had to try it out. . . and Scott had to take a picture! And he told me that it needs to go on the blog. . . so here we go! You basically hang upside down and it is supposed to take the stress off your back. . . It was a weird feeling! But obviously fun, based on my expression! Smile 


Did you have a good weekend? What were you up to?


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8 Responses to Weekend Update: 1/20/13

  1. Your family is so busy, but it all looks really fun 🙂 Yay for a healthy 9 month check-up, but something must be wrong if Luke doesn’t like ice cream?! This has me concerned!
    Jade recently posted..More skiing + dogtivities + weather talk = what you expected?My Profile

    • KT

      There totally must be something wrong with him! LOL. He really liked eating some bites of my cheesecake last night so maybe he will turn out ok. 😉

  2. Oh my goodness! What a great weekend and what amazing pictures! It is obvious that he goes a mile a minute 🙂
    Kate @ quartercenturysouthernliving.wordpress.com recently posted..Weekend LovesMy Profile

  3. Luke’s face eating that ice-cream is priceless! We used to give my nephew a lemon to suck on and then snap a photo. His facial expression was similar to Luke’s and it was hilarious!

    And 44 degrees in Florida would mean everyone was running in pants, long sleeves and a jacket (if they even wanted to ‘brave the cold’)! Too funny that you ran in shorts! I think 44 degrees is chilly, but still good running weather!
    Ashley@cupcakesncrunches recently posted..ZOOMA Half Marathon PlaylistMy Profile

  4. How cute is your little dude! You’re brave running in shorts in 44 degrees…that would still warrant pants for me;-) I ran my first marathon in Mankato in ’12; very windy, but a great experience!

    • KT

      oh thanks! it is always windy in mankato. I haven’t run the marathon here yet – it does run right past my house though!