Weekend update: 12/2/12

Lunch with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Tom

Trip to the Mall of America – love the decorations and lights at Christmas time.

Keeping myself entertained while Scott tried on shoes – and check out my super cute new iPhone case! Love the pink. Got it from this etsy shop.

Christmas party at Nichole’s house.

Luke loved their amazing wrap around fireplace – I did too! Super jealous.

Christmas Party 2012
Beth rocking our the best white elephant gift ev-er! Well maybe second to the crockpot from last time that “only works on high.” Well played Sarah, well played.

Christmas Party 2012_2
Luke playing with my white elephant gift – a Jewel and Spinal Tap CDs.

Christmas Party 2012_3
The kids hanging out in the pack and play while we played a very fun, intense game. Winking smile We totally won!

Luke’s current favorite place to hang out. . . at the end of the coffee table.

And Abby’s favorite spot – jumping up on the couch where Luke can’t get to her. . . well at least she hopes!

Trip to Target – such a big boy sitting in the cart.

Beautiful weather on Sunday night – 54 degrees = family run!


Picked up Luke’s 1st ornament at the mall.

My new favorite snack! Recommended by one of the other aerobics instructors at the YMCA – picked it up at Sam’s Club.

photo 4
We are in sooo much trouble with this little guy! Smile

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  1. You guys are too cute with your family run! Looks like a great weekend!
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