Weekend Update: 1/6/13

We had a wonderful weekend here. No plans, nothing much to do, other than hang out and enjoy family time. Here are some pics of our weekend. . .

Yes that is the end of the window blinds. . . in his mouth! Who needs toys? Winking smile





The view from my treadmill during my 10 mile run on Saturday. . . IMG_3059IMG_3062

Baby’s 1st grilled cheese and tomato soup

My favorite: snuggle time with Mom


My lap was a busy place on Sunday morning. . . IMG_3078IMG_3080IMG_3082

Our favorite activity on Sunday was to crawl and explore. . . especially the bathroom. I don’t think he understood why there wasn’t water in the bathtub!


With all the Holidays lately, it has been a while since we have had such a quiet weekend. And it was perfect! In our busy lives, it is nice to have time together. Smile Hope you all had a great weekend as well. Up to anything exciting or just hanging out like us?


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5 Responses to Weekend Update: 1/6/13

  1. Look at your little guy! He is so cute. And into everything, huh? Nice 10 mile run, I can’t make it that far on the treadmill but maybe if I had that entertainment I could 🙂

    • KT

      Having something to watch makes it so much better running long distances on the treadmill. .. I also called and talked to my sister for about 45 minutes so that was key too! I have a half marathon coming up in the end of January.

  2. I love weekends that aren’t filled up by plans and busy schedules, where you can just relax and decompress!
    That’s awesome that you did 10 miles on the treadmill! Do you have another half marathon coming up?
    I love the photos of Luke – they always make me giggle. He’s such a cutie!
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  3. Grandma B

    love the pic of Luke with the blind string in his mouth!!