Weekend update: 8/26/12


Quick run in the rain to stretch out my legs after running 7 miles on Thursday and walking around the fair for 5 hours on Friday!



First night in the crib ***dramatic re-enactment during naptime


all dressed up for Brynn’s 1st birthday party!


Laying on my back is so yesterday


. . .still trying to figure the whole rolling over thing though.

***Edited to add: Luke rolled over today (Monday)! Smile 



Sunday morning in my jumper. . . *I just love his little bear feet. Smile



PicMonkey Collage


And I think someone was looking for attention this morning. . . the first baby toy to pay the price. poor turtle tail! I am actually really surprised this hasn’t happened until now, because a lot of baby toys are similar to dog toys. But Abby has been pretty good leaving Luke’s toys alone and just playing with hers. . . I guess the hot pink turtle tail was just too temping. Winking smile 


All that chewing is tiring work.


Nap time in the swing. . . I know he should be starting to take naps in his crib, but I also know that his time in the swing is limited so I can’t help but let him sleep in there for now – especially cause he is so stinkin’ cute.


Luke’s new favorite thing is to turn himself sideways at his piano bar activity mat and put his feet up on the bar.


Overall, another good weekend, just hanging around home. After being at the Fair on Friday, it was good to relax and get stuff done around the house (laundry and cleaning bottles never ends!). And I don’t think it will ever get old to watch Luke continue to discover new things every day.

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  1. I thought we’ve been over this: blue toys are for Luke, pink toys are for Abby. She was just following the rules.