Weekend Update: 9/28/14

what a great weekend. it was everything I needed.

I had Friday off, so I took the opportunity to pick up an iced caramel macchiato and head up to the cities.


I dropped Luke off with my Mom.


And I went to  hit up the trail with my Dad. Remember how I said that I need to make some big decisions? Well, for as long as I can remember, I have always done the best making those decisions on long runs with my Dad. Having my Dad to listen to my dilemma and give advice/suggestions was exactly what I needed.


Lunch with Mom and Luke at the park.


I told Scott that I was heading to the cities to run with Dad to try to make a decision. So, in the morning, he wrote down which choice he thought I should make and told me to open it after my run with Dad.

And I opened it and saw this. . .


He figured that I would open it as soon as he left for work. . . but I didn’t! So, of course, I texted him and was like “WTF?” – well he wrote his choice in little letters on the back of the “cheater” post-it. Such a prankster.

Luke and I celebrated making a decision by using these Lindor Sea Salt Milk Chocolate truffles to make cookies.. . .


Well, they were a fail, the chunks of truffle didn’t hold up in the cookies and totally melted. So, probably won’t be doing that again, but at least they are edible and still pretty darn good.

Saturday morning = pancakes. Luke was watching Dad very closely to make sure that there was syrup on each and every piece of pancake.


6 mile run and trying to get a toddler to look for a picture is almost impossible these days. . .


After run walk. And seriously, toddlers in overalls. . . is there anything cuter?


play time. one of my favorite things these days. Luke is at such a fun age of playing and making up stories and having great ideas. We were roaring at a stuffed alligator behind the couch yesterday because it was going to come get us. Seriously hilarious.


Date night. Mexican Style. Heck yes to a big margarita. Smile


Sunday morning = bodypump + running.


And then ready for the big game. Packers win!!



Abby chased wild turkeys through the woods behind our house and we almost disowned her because she was full of burs and a complete mess. Thank goodness she is so cute. . .


My “helper” while I was photographing this amazing apple cheesecake (recipe on Wednesday!). . .


I don’t think there are too many things that are better than after-nap snuggles.


Sunday night always means getting ready for Monday, laundry, making lunches, meal planning, etc. And then some couch time to relax before bed!

Hope you had a great one! What were you up to??

And because it was pretty marvelous, I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday!


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17 Responses to Weekend Update: 9/28/14

  1. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    I need a text message about this decision ASAP!! I’m so happy your run with your dad helped you sort everything out… And hopefully there were a few DWA’s in the run 😉

  2. Jodi

    Ok, now I’m super curious about this mysterious decision! 🙂 I’m glad you had a good weekend and it was so much fun to see you last Wednesday!!

  3. What a fabulous weekend except for your Packers beating my Bears 😉 And I am also very curious about this new big decision!!
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted..Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort in ColoradoMy Profile

  4. Long runs with Dad seem to sort everything out for me too; I’m sure you made the right decision!
    Karen recently posted..13 miles and a studious weekendMy Profile

  5. Even though the cookies didn’t hold up, I bet they still tasted amaaazing!! Also, you now have everyone majorly curious about what this big decision is!! 😉
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Pizza Farro Skillet (Vegan)My Profile

  6. An extra day for the weekend always makes it better! I’m glad a run with your dad helped you sort things out. We were back in WI visiting family this weekend. So nice to relax and let the grandparents play with the girls 🙂

    Also, we need to plan a time to get together soon! I’m starting to get this 3 kid thing under control 😉
    Danielle recently posted..Me at 7 Weeks PostpartumMy Profile

  7. Running is the best time to make decisions!! Looks like another great weekend! 🙂
    Leslie @ Life Begins @ 30? recently posted..Weekend RecapMy Profile

  8. I can’t imagine that those cookies turned out anything less than amazing, even if the truffles did melt. Sea salt and chocolate is an freaking incredible combo 🙂 Also you Packer fans had a great Sunday – unlike us Bears fans 😉
    Lauren @ ihadabiglunch recently posted..newsflash: I’m not 21 anymoreMy Profile

  9. Ok, the suspense is killing me. You’d better fill us in on this big decision of yours!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..A short weekend, but at least there was beerMy Profile